Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #10...

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Soooo...what I'm doing here is taking a picture of my choice (scary now...huh? *giggles*) and writing a short 200 word scene to it.

That's it...*claps hands up and down* 200 words, no more and no less. Yes you can count them and keep me honest...and if I slip you can punish me too...*winks* Now you're wondering how many times I might 'accidently' slip aren't you? *chuckes*

And before this intro becomes longer than the main attraction (*gasps* shame on you all for thinking that way...oh you make me so proud! *big smiles*) Let's get on it...

copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

The small voice begged for mercy. "Please no more...I'm sorry...I won't be bad again...I won't do it again." But after the fist fell for the third...fourth time the cries ceased. Little hands and knees scurried to the corner where he immediately curled up in the fetal position to protect his head and groin.
The blows finally stopped, just to be replaced with kicks. He knew his punishment for spilling the grape juice on the carpet. He tried not to be naughty, but his baby sister was crying. He shouldn't have rushed to pour her drink. Finally the pain subsided as it always did. His mind rested. Blackness sheltered him.

"So, this is the place you bought? Why not repair it? It's in a prime location, you could get top dollar."
He looked at the foreman of the construction crew. "This has nothing to do with money."
The man shrugged, his hard hat tipping to the right a bit. "Have it your way boss." He waved his hands to encompass the area and projected his voice. "You heard the man, assholes and elbows let's git it done."
His sister's hand grabbed his tight. "It's over. Time to tear down our past."


Survivors...facing their past and moving on.

But guess what...I'm not the only one to do this Tantalizing Tuesday blog! No...honest I'm not! *giggles and grabs you* Get ready...get set...let's go!

Naomi Shaw:


  1. Time to move on yes. Some things are best forgotten and buried. Great tease

  2. Nice job Haven. It's good to see something non-sexual in the midst of all the teases. Very well written and powerful.

  3. I like this story. The action and end speak clearly to forget the abuse.

  4. Moving, impassioned, hopeful. Splendid:) xo

  5. Clever and effective movement between time. A whole story of tragedy and renewal in miniature. Well done.

  6. Damn you Havan! You made me wanna cry. I read this two times it was so deep. This pulled at a special place. Wonderful posts!

  7. Love this- so much emotion, so swiftly conveyed