Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #8...

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Soooo...what I'm doing here is taking a picture of my choice (scary now...huh? *giggles*) and writing a short 200 word scene to it.

That's it...*claps hands up and down* 200 words, no more and no less. Yes you can count them and keep me honest...and if I slip you can punish me too...*winks* Now you're wondering how many times I might 'accidently' slip aren't you? *chuckes*

And before this intro becomes longer than the main attraction (*gasps* shame on you all for thinking that way...oh you make me so proud! *big smiles*) Let's get on it...

A foreign place...a rainy night...a little you've got my teaser...hehe

A Welcome Interruption

copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

It was dark, but Jon wasn't scared. Really, what was there to be afraid of? So what if he was walking on a stormy night in a foreign country hoping to accidently bump into Jiro, the sexiest man he'd ever seen. Yeah, he shrugged, no biggie.
A noise from the left had him jumping to the right.
"A little nervous tonight?"
Hot putrid breath wafted over him, causing him to hold back a gag.
He clamored to the side while twisting his body to see who invaded his space.
A hand snaked out and grabbed Jon before he could retreat properly. "What are you doing walking around here at this time, boy? What are you looking for?"
He pulled Jon close to him and that horrid breath once again assaulted. "Well you found me."
Jon tried to pull away but the grip on him bruised. He jerked and wiggled, but realized the only thing his movements got him was a hard poking high on his hip.
"Hey now. I don't have to be scary."
A deep rumbling voice from a dark alcove rang through the air. "No, you aren't. But I am."
Jon whipped his head around and whispered, "Jiro."


Well about right in the nick of time...*winks*

But guess what...I'm not the only one to do this Tantalizing Tuesday blog! No...honest I'm not! *giggles and grabs you* Get ready...get set...let's go!


  1. But...then who's... I already commented once, but then something weird happened, so I just wanted to see if it went through :D

  2. I want to know more...You left me wondering...Fantastic post.

  3. Oh Havan, loved it! Creepy and scary with a sexy hero at the end. :)

  4. Great tease hopefully there is more to come

  5. Now, that's a tease! It gave me delicious Goosebumps reading the danger and suspense. I want to know what happened! You drew me in with the story and now I have to know - why IS Jiro so scary, and who had Jon? Oh, you're such a tease! More please :)