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Revisit Parkerburg with @leebrazil and me #coverreveal

Think fast! Cover reveal!

Wow look at that, this blog can still be used for my stuff – not just all these terrific book tours I keep posting. (If you could see me you'd see my lopsided grin and just a hint of an embarrassed flush on my cheeks) I know…I KNOW – I got to get my head outta my ass and start posting more about my endeavors and well, me. How about if I start today? lol

That's right, I'm here and I've got goodies! Even if my writing pen has slowed down—and quite frankly stalled on a few occasions—it hasn't ceased completely.

Hell no! Lee Brazil and I have been working on our next Parkerburg book. We've mentioned it a few times in our Facebook group Crawl in bed with Lee and me.

Oh you got me again – it's actually Crawl in bed with Lee Brazil & Havan Fellows, but it sounds weird for me (um…Havan Fellows) to say my name in 3rd person and whatnot. Havan doesn't work that way. (What? Too corny? I agree, and I make no apologies…lol)

On a side note, I was supposed to type up and schedule this blog post yesterday but once again life got in the way, so I'm sitting at 5a doing this before my first cup of coffee (you see how dedicated I am?). Point being, I am not responsible for any confused, pointless rambling that goes on. Oh, unless this post turns out utterly brilliant, than yes…it was all on purpose!

Soooooo…back to Parkerburg – and what a nice place to go back to! Let's strut down memory lane for a sec…

Bk 1 – Christmas in His Heart starring Dermot & Xander
            (think the Grinch & Santa's most determined energizer elf)

Bk 2 – Heart on the Run starring Chaz & Sprocket
            (think the boy who cried wolf & the playful wolf he can't run from)

Bk 3 – Fire of the Heart starring Craig & Melrose
            (think hot fireman & a human flame that burns in all the right places)

Bk 4 – Spark to the Heart starring…


Thirteen years later, Rosy owns the local pub on Maple Street and makes a good show of how he's recovered from tragedy. He even convinces himself…until he meets the new man in town and realizes just how okay he isn't. With the demons of his fatal past still stalking him, Rosy has no idea how to switch from simply existing to actually living.
Angus “Jet” Manheim—famous for his smooth, sexy voice and notorious for his hard partying ways—sped through most of his adult life on stage and in the recording studio. Sober and retired to the quaint New England town of Parkerburg, Jet’s ready to slow his soundtrack…until his compelling neighbor—a grumbling, muscular mountain of a man with an odd name—ups the tempo.
Frequently absentminded, Jet finds Rosy an easy object of focus, a solid center around which Jet hopes to build a future. But retirement isn’t easy. The entertainment industry doesn’t stop knocking just because you hang a do not disturb sign.
When Rosy’s and Jet’s pasts try to harmonize with their present, they might have to decide whether the chorus is worth repeating.


So, it sounds good, right! I can't tell you how much I loved writing about Rosy and Jet, they were so much fun—when they weren't driving me completely nuts lol.

Okay, when will it be released? Well, Lee and I realize this one does occur during the 4th of July. If you're new to this series it seems that all the books basically happen during a holiday, not that the holiday is the center of the book always…but it's a thing that seems to keep happening and so far works. One day there may not be a holiday in the book, but until then… BUT, we aren't waiting until July to release this. Nope, nope, nope. We're looking early April, and the pre-order links should be up real soon.

P.S. This whole blog post was meant to be a cover reveal that I…uh…took care of after the first 4 words. Well damn, that seems awfully succinct for me. How out of character is that??? Good thing I rambled on and on afterwards or you might think I'm sick or something. Anyway, that cover way up there… The beautiful one that ties into the series perfectly… It was designed by the brilliant Author Services, and I love it and I love them.

P.S.S. Oh, and about the whole me having to post more about me thing…I'll try, honest I will! Thanks for hanging in there with me. The year 2016 kicked my ass from January all the way through to December. I'm hoping 2017 doesn't see my derriere's appeal and leaves me the hell alone, or buys me flowers and a nice dinner first at least.

P.S.S.S. Wow did my sailor mouth come out during this blog post. I normally censor myself better. So that's coffee's super power? Toning down my gutter talk? Well fuck, I really need that first cup like now. J

Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to Raven McAllan's dark side #KeraFaire #goodreads #bookcontest #winabook

Hi, I’m Kera Faire, Raven McAllan’s alter ego. Or if you want, her dark side.

Nudges Havan who is giggling

Yeah, she evidently does have a dark side. Not content with writing all romance from sweet to smoking hot, she discovered an urge to go dark, and elected me to do it.

Originally, I don’t think we thought there would be a lot of Kera books. The first one, a Regency story called Vampire’s Breakfast, was originally published by the now sadly defunct Breathless Press in a shortened form, for an anthology.

When the rights reverted the story went onto the simmer pile, until the light bulb moment hit. It would be lengthened and their mind and motives accessed a bit more.

Rolls eyes and sniggers with Havan.

Okay not just their minds and motives.

I was smitten. But what else could Kera write?

For a while I had no idea. I knew I’d enjoyed writing something a bit different, but my muse insisted it wasn’t the time for anything else.

Then one of my publishers put out an anthology call for dark romance.

Ms. Muse, decided now was the time to move and dig me in the ribs, yeah, just like Havan has done now.

Typically though, Muse didn’t let me write in the way the antho needed, or indeed stick to the length required.

The Dark Isle was born.

Well maybe not born, after all do we know how long The Dispatchers have been around?

Let’s say Dark Isle was made available for me to write about. After all, an island on Loch Lomond in Scotland, where the government extracts information from traitors, and then, ahem dispatches them, via an unusual method, (think pigs) has to be somewhat dark and secretive.

Even so, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, let Ms. Muse, have her way, and wrote the first book, The Dispatcher.

She understands things I get very passionate about. Like Scotch Whisky has no E. Whiskey no E is very dear to me. No, I don’t drink it but boy do I get mad when someone puts an E in there. E is for Bourbon and Irish not scotch. Okay rant over, I’ll move on.

The Jeweler, and The End Game followed and I thought, well that’s it. The series is finished.

Wrong. Luckily, boy was I wrong.

Just in time for Christmas Rio discovers Andie is working as a hooker in Amsterdam.


But what sort of hooker?

As Rio is a Dispatcher, and there are worries about what exactly Andie is doing, it’s up to him to sort it out. Before Christmas.

Thus, Killer at Christmas was born.
And now, I’m 15+k into the next story, which is partly set in a Glass Works. After all bodies have to be disposed, right? And did you know that...nope not going there.

Anyway, Raven and Kera are happily living together, (no not like that, sheesh wash your mind out) side by side, in tandem, and letting whoever’s muse shouts loudest have first dips on the lap top.

Long may it last.

All Kera and Raven books can be found on, and they (or is that she? I?) is/are/am on Facebook as

Not only that, I (I’ll stick to I) love to hear from people.

Oh and if Havan is happy, I’ll give a copy of the first eBook, The Dispatcher to one random commenter who can say where in Scotland they would like to visit.

Happy reading,
Love Raven x

You saw it…Raven is giving away a free eBook to a commenter, so remember to leave a comment. J

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Monday, December 12, 2016

The King and the Criminal @Cobwebsandashes @interludepress

Let the touring begin…

The King and the Criminal
Charlotte Ashe
Series: The Heart of all Worlds, book two
Release date: December 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Flying Without a Net @embenshaul @interludepress

Let the touring begin…

Flying Without a Net
E.M. Ben Shaul
Release date: November 17, 2016

“May the words of my lips match the words of my heart.”

Friday, November 18, 2016

Surrender to Claire Thompson @CThompsonAuthor #BDSMConnections #newrelease

Let the touring begin… 

Surrender to Me
Claire Thompson
Series: BDSM avec le Milliardaire, book 2 – can be read as a standalone
Release date: November 18, 2016

Wacky author interview blitz!
(Treat it like a speed question quiz, it hurts less that way – preferably 5 words for answers, but some questions are so much more demanding…)

Favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?
Pumpkin pie. Stuffing. Yams. Pecan pie (the whole thing, I can’t help it). Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. Fresh corn. No wonder I gain ten pounds every Thanksgiving.

If restraining orders could be put on things other than people… You would so put one on…
political campaigns! Dishonest politicians!

On average, how many times a week do you hurt yourself trying to dance in the shower?
Zero. No dancing. Two left feet.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie? Book?
No guilt involved! I love romantic comedies and for books, murder mysteries and intense family sagas.

If you were 80 years old, what seemingly silly (but really damn important) thing would you tell your younger self?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t give a crap what other people think. Eat dessert first!

How many bottles of wine have you finished without ever actually using a wine glass?
Ha ha. I prefer dark beer – preferably with coffee and chocolate overtones. Like a milkshake with a kick!

You reach into your top drawer and pull out a handful of stuff…what did you pull out and what color are they?
My favorite cotton/lycra seamless comfy Jockey panties, all different colors!

How honest are you? Honestly?
I sense a trick question…Pretty honest – gets me in trouble plenty, but my 80 year old self says joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck…

Who is the Dom – Mother Nature or Father Time? What’s their favorite toy that Tag could make them?
Mother Nature, without a doubt. He could make her harness to capture Father Time and sloooooooooow him down.

Are you salty, sour, or sweet?
Sweet as a rose. Ha!

So…exactly what are you wearing for this interview right now?
Tank top and a skort – this is sunny southwest Florida, after all!
Let the erotic pain lift you into its arms. Surrender to it. Surrender to me.
Rylee Miller, independent, strong and in control, seeks intensity of experience in all things. She craves hardcore sadomasochism and believes erotic suffering is just another challenge to be overcome.
Taggart Fitzgerald, aka Leather Master, is a world-class whip and leather-gear craftsman. A highly skilled and sexy Dom, he’s also a brooding, intense and self-contained man. He takes what he wants from women, keeping his heart firmly out of the equation.
When they meet on a video shoot for BDSMConnections, their intense, visceral connection stuns them both. The Leather Master is intrigued by Rylee’s staunch assertion she’s not a submissive. Is she lying to him—or just to herself? Or maybe she has never learned to truly surrender.
With Taggart’s dominant, sadistic side and Rylee’s sensual, masochist mindset, they should be the perfect pair. But accepting her true nature may not be easy when the Dom she’s falling for is a man so damaged by a past filled with pain that he’s unable to trust in love. Or maybe it’s that he has never learned to surrender to his heart.

Editor’s Note: Surrender to Me, Book Two of BDSM Connections, is a full-length, stand-alone story. The series may be read in any order.

Categories: BDSM, bondage, submission

64,850 words
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing

My thoughts:
Let me start by saying that first chapter…wow. Talk about investing me in a character and forcing me to want to read more.
It was my pleasure to meet Rylee and Tag in Surrender to Me.
Tag is an adorable (hope he forgives me for saying that lol) character who professionally walks the line of a self-confident Dom who ironically lacks the confidence to see himself as anybody’s ‘special someone’. It’s sad, truly, because he is oozing with sex appeal and personality, but has accepted the fact that fast hook-ups in a sex club are the best he deserves.
Now Rylee…damn do I love a good female lead with backbone and brains. But she has her own line she is walking and not aware of. The way she laughed off the D/s relationship even while ultimately needing just that.
Like all of Claire Thompson’s books, the scenes are well written with a plot that encourages you to read just one more chapter tonight and the sex is much like an afternoon in Florida—hot and sweaty as f*ck. I love how she grabs me and puts me in the action.
I’ve suddenly got a hankering for some apple cider and apple cake. Read the book and you’ll wanna join me.

Buy the book

…and stalking the author :)