Monday, March 31, 2014

Small delay in our regularly scheduled program...

Oh hello *waves*

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my prompt story for posting today...I'm so sad and sorry *puppy dog face*. I'm hoping to have it up on Wednesday, if you want to enjoy Lee Brazil's and Hank Edwards's (who I believe is wrapping up his murder mayhem one this round!!! Yay!!!) today, I'll swing on by on Wednesday and promise it won't be such a teaser...I mean...not like I tease or anything but let's get some of the goodies out there for all to see...right? (pssst...I soooooo winked at you right there...hehe)

So I apologize for the wait but I'll do my best to make it a prompt worth waiting for...or I'll completely fall on my assets and fail miserably...either or...*winks again* <3

Thanks for your patience!

Oh and Happy Story Orgy Monday to you all!!!