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Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter for all that celebrate it...and if you don't, well hey—tomorrow there will be lots of chocolate on sale! That's happy happy for all of us, right? *winks*

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Take a long...slow...hard...wild tour of the Willow Springs Ranch and win!

Let's talk about a lovely lady, an assortment of life-threatening incidences, a couple of cute dogs, lots of leather...oh yeah and a plethora of cowboys and uniformed men...that's right – today we are talking about Laura Harner's Willow Springs Ranch series!

Laura is doing an awesome giveaway of 5 $20 gift cards to'll see the Rafflecopter entry at the bottom of the blog :)

So enjoy the goodness that is this talented writer and read about how you can get a couple of FREE books from her right this very moment, no drawing or raffle required!!...then enter the giveaway for your chance to grab up the rest of the books! *winks*

Willow Springs Ranch Series
Book 1 - Ty Hard (on sale FREE right now)
Book 2 – Hold Tight
Book 3 – Taking Chance
Book 3.5 – Ty’d Down (FREE short)
Book 4 – Hanging Chad
Book 5 – Park’s Lot

Book 1 - Ty Hard  (on sale FREE right now)
Tyler has used Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a shield against the truth since he was seventeen. Cut loose from his Navy career and mourning his mentor’s death, Ty must come to terms with his desire for another man, even while he fights to keep his PTSD from pulling him under. Rancher Cass Cartwright’s relationships never last more than a few hours, and that’s just the way he likes it. Now he's done the one thing he swore never to do: fallen in love. Can Cass convince Ty to let go of his past or will sabotage at the ranch kill their love before it has a chance to grow?
Amazon     ARe

Book 2 – Hold Tight
Sheriff Holden Titus had organized his fresh start down to the last detail. Except for the part about the bomb that blew his plans all to hell. Now he’s running out of time, without a job, without a home, and struggling to get back on his feet. Literally.

Despite the impolite rejection, Drew knows he didn’t have the wrong impression months ago when he asked the sheriff to dance, but he never expected to have Holden’s life in his hands. Literally.

Thanks to some meddlesome matchmaking, the two men are now temporary housemates at the Willow Springs Ranch and Drew is determined to help Holden heal, both physically and emotionally. Even if it means he has to drag the other man kicking and screaming to physical therapy…and out of the closet. In fact, that might be kind of fun.

The problem is, Holden doesn’t consider himself in the closet…but not all secrets are created equal.
Amazon     ARe

Book 3 – Taking Chance
Officer Chance Carter is pretty sure he’d still enjoy being on either end of a good ass reaming—just not the one from his supervisor that lands him on an involuntary extended vacation. Another holiday season with nothing to do except visit an old friend.

Former hospital corpsman Bryan Mitchell doesn’t feel less than honorable, but that’s what his discharge paperwork states. Now he's down and out in Kingman, Arizona until the charity of a stranger lands him a temporary job for the holidays.

When two federal employees go missing during a highly controversial wild horse roundup, the two Willow Springs Ranch newcomers are drafted to help in the search, but if rumors of a local anti-government militia are true, Chance and Bryan may be in serious trouble—and from something far more dangerous than their mutual attraction.
Amazon     ARe

Book 3.5 – Ty’d Down (FREE short)
Ty brushed his hands on the long white apron and moved to the island counter to add more frosting to the piping bag. Cake decorating had never been his favorite chef duty, but like many cooks in the Navy, he had plenty of experience. He took another sip of coffee then began the final step of piping the white border around the edge of the top layer. He would add the already prepared red roses, last. As peace offerings went, a chocolate three-layer cake with buttercream icing wasn’t much, but Cass would forgive him. Eventually.

Today should have been their wedding day, but Ty had put a stop to all the foolishness weeks ago. For fuck’s sake, Arizona didn’t even have gay marriage. The gathering of friends for a commitment ceremony just seemed…stupid. Besides, Cass had just been caught up in the events surrounding Chance and Bryan’s rescue when he’d proposed. The truth of their relationship had been plain as day when Cass tried to take over the conversation after Bryan had been rescued. The words still echoed in his head.

“It’s my ranch…my decision…" Cass was boss and Ty the cook. Point taken. Ty wasn’t even bitter. Much. Cass was right, this was his ranch and Ty had usurped his authority—but goddamn it! No one here was better than Ty when it came to running a covert mission. Cass should have respected him enough…trusted him enough…
Amazon     ARe

Book 4 – Hanging Chad
For Chad Ollom, landing on the Willow Springs Ranch after his teaching career crashed and burned last year was a lesson in irony, considering he’d sworn off all things related to horses and cowboys after a near fatal fall as a child. Now with a new mission in life, Chad plans to bring critically ill children to the ranch for a special celebration.

Aging rodeo cowboy Jesse Duran lives life eight seconds at a time, and whether it’s broncos or men, it’s always been get on and get off before anyone gets hurt. When he’s required to take a break from the circuit and ends up on the WSR, the enticing ass of a stand-offish teacher turned contractor might just be enough challenge to keep him entertained for a week or two.

As attraction flares, personal boundaries start to crumble, and the lines between seducer and seduced begin to blur. When the series of on-going attacks against the WSR moves from sabotage to arson, Jesse steps up to help, but when Chad is forced to return to his past to face charges, the men of the WSR want to know if Jesse will stick or leave Chad hanging.
Amazon     ARe

Book 5 – Park’s Lot
When vegan, peace-loving, social do-gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half-dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group…there’s only one thing to do. Save his life, then share his tent. Waking to find the man’s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus.

Tanner Triplett is in trouble. Not the your-brother-is-a-sociopathic-murderer-and-you’re-his-next-victim sort of trouble. Not even the your-father-is-trying-to-overthrow-the-federal-government-and-you’re-going-to-jail-for-helping kind of trouble. No…this is the sort of trouble that comes when you wake up with stranger’s dick in your hand. Holy fuck. How is he going to get out of this?

A sudden need to run for their lives ought to do it.

Determined to make amends, Tanner leads Park to the relative safety of the WSR, where the biggest danger should be from gun-wielding cowboys seeking revenge. Tanner hadn’t counted on sharing a room with the exotically beautiful Park or the danger to his heart when the carefully erected walls protecting his secret come tumbling down.
Amazon     ARe

Now that you've gotten a peek at 5 amazing's about getting to know this luscious author just a little bit better? That's what I thought *winks* great minds and all... ;)

Raised in California, Laura likes it hot, which explains why she ended up in Arizona via such diverse places as Japan, Maine, and Florida, and many more places in between. After retiring from the US Navy, she found a niche working for land management agencies, including the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Though she has held many jobs around the world, her favorite was working and living in Grand Canyon National Park. Working (and eating) in New Orleans was a close second. You will find many of her books are set against the rich backdrops provided by coastal Louisiana and northern Arizona.

When asked how she started writing, Laura tells of waking on Boxing Day a few years ago, with a woman named Elena MacFarland yammering in her dreams, demanding her story be told. Despite never attempting to write fiction before that morning, Laura ignored all of the holiday visitors and the Highland Destiny series was born. She doesn’t believe it was a coincidence that the great grandmother who died when Laura was just a baby was named Elena MacFarland. Destiny does play a hand.

Laura became a full-time writer in 2012, and now she spends her time writing, watching her Arizona Diamondbacks, and working on her very own version of the Willow Springs Ranch in northwestern Arizona. She is a multi-published author of erotic romance, mystery, and urban fantasy and her books can be found at all major online retailers.

And you can find Laura here:  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Website for the part you've been waiting so patiently for—and looking so good doing it, by the way *smoochez*—the prizes! Well, this next line thingy is a Rafflecopter link and they assure me that it can do it looking, isn't it? lmao So enter here...visit her at her other stops and enter there as well...and hopefully *crosses fingers* you'll win one of five gift cards for $20 for Amazon! Whoot Whoot!

All of this greatness brought to you
by the well sought after Pride Promotions... :)

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Story Orgy Monday pt. 12

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world...*winks* Okay—so it's been two weeks since I posted, I'm a bad bad person *hangs head* and thank you for your patience! The good news is my new Pulp Friction release is ready and will be available tomorrow! Whoo Hoo!!!

But...for anyone that might need a little "catch-me-up" on what is happening with my very convoluted you go...(and please be patient with me, this is a different type of story than I'm used to and I have a learning curve just like the next guy...lmao *hugs*)

So for just a quick rundown:

Day One – early afternoon
  • Dell (Wendell) and Andy (Andrew) broke up 7 months ago
  • Dell ran into an old high school crush of his in the mall – Shawn
  • They set up dinner date
Day One – dinner date
  • Shawn finds out that Dell's ex Andy is the same Drew that Shawn's BFF Pat is dating...and that their dating timelines have overlapped by about 3 months
  • Pat and Drew show up at the same restaurant (Dell doesn't see them)
  • Shawn slips Pat a note before ushering him and Drew out of the restaurant
Day Two – darn near everyone(?)
  • Drew confiscates the note before Pat can read it
  • Drew sets up a "meeting" with Shawn at a straight strip club called Francesca's that night
  • Drew breaks off his plans with Pat to make said meeting – using his cousin Louie as an excuse
  • Shawn breaks off his date with Dell to make the meeting with Drew
  • Dell accepts an invite to go to a bachelor party at—you guessed it—Francesca's that night
  • Pat pays a visit to Louie's house and has a chat with Nattie – Louie's wife
  • Pat figures out that Drew doesn't have plans with Louie the next morning – but that night he does at Francesca's strip club
  • Pat makes plans to head to Francesca's that night
  • Actually - they ALL head out to Francesca's
  • Shawn is dragged to a private room when he gets there by a stranger who happens to be Drew's not so loving uncle
  • Dell tries to drag his friend Bryce straight to the bachelor party in fear of running into Louie
  • Silly Dell, he didn't run into Louie - he ran smack dab into his ex, Drew
Is it me or have they been pretty darn busy in just two days...*blinks*

This week's prompt:  His feet were already numb, he should've listened. (Really?!?!? We have the Story Orgy Goddess to thank for this one! But what a great pic our very own Jade Baiser did!)

And now for your reading pleasure…
(any suggestions here?)
pt. 12
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

Barry, Drew's uncle, leaned against the door and crossed his arms. Shawn would've been ruffled, except he recognized the move for what it really was, just Barry getting comfortable. Shawn didn't believe for a moment the man was trying to intimidate, Barry just didn't have that air about him.

"You asked why this was such a bit deal to Drew, well all I can honestly say is you've got a lot to learn about people without a conscience." He snorted and caused Shawn to fidget under his glare. "Huh, naïve and loyal...hell maybe I've been hanging around my nephew too long because I'd thought those traits didn't exist in friends anymore."

Shawn straightened his spine and met the bigger man's eyes. "I feel sorry for you, then. Because the people I'm trying to protect from Drew's deception are like me, loyal and"—an image of Pat flashed in his mind and Shawn snorted—"okay, maybe not naïve but they damn sure are loyal...and honest."

Barry studied Shawn, causing Shawn to squirm a little bit under the scrutinizing, but he wouldn't back down. "Yeah, and they aren't like that only for their friends. Pat and Dell care about people they don't know, also. It's what's known as a human trait. Drew isn't the norm in this, he's more abnormal than anyone I know."

Barry's response started with a snort, but evolved into a full fledged belly laugh. "Abnormal? Yeah, I'd say you hit that nail on the head." The man pushed himself off the door by his shoulders and took those two steps to be at Shawn's side, throwing his arm around Shawn and lowering his voice conspirator-like. "So, you want to get the best of an abnormality? Here's what you do..."


Pat wandered around the club incognito, taking note that not only was Drew here with his cousin, but so was that guy Shawn took out last night—Dell, was his name.

The world may be a small place, but the city was not that small to where they could show up in the same straight club the very next night and—

Pat stopped his internal calculating about percentages when his boyfriend and Shawn's boyfriend bumped into each other and—what the fuck is going on here—talked? By the way Drew crowded Dell, and the look Dell shot back, they definitely knew each other.

Another guy entered the mix, wrapping his arms around Shawn's beau from behind and sneering at Drew.

Now wasn't the unknown factor in this ménage interesting. He had a shaggy head of hair and intense eyes that did not like what they were looking at at that precise moment – Drew. Pat wasn't willing to fault the stranger for that, he wasn't particularly fond of Drew at this moment either.

Pat watched as Drew made a hasty retreat, leaving Dell in the arms of someone who most definitely was not Pat's best friend. The newcomer quickly let Dell go and rubbed his back in a comforting gesture before they walked in the opposite direction, not touching or doing anything to indicate they were together together.

Placated with the knowledge that his best friend's flavor of the month wasn't in the middle of breaking Shawn's heart—because he knew his best friend and knew Shawn had it bad for this one—Pat turned and followed his lover toward the back rooms.


"Why the fuck didn't you tell me he was already here?" Drew growled over the music to his cousin. "Do you think I was enjoying the ambiance of this two-bit dive of a titty bar?"

True, what he called a two-bit dive happened to be one of the swankier strip clubs in the tri-county area, but that had no bearing on the fact that his pathetic cousin once again didn't live up to expectations. Drew swore if he could've pulled this shit off on his own he would've without hesitating.

"Because you were too busy being a jack-ass to your ex for me to get a word in edgewise."

Even though Louie mumbled the retort, there was a break in the music long enough for Drew to hear it.

"Yes, well, some people have to be reminded of the good thing they no longer have."

"He should be thanking you for dropping his ass, you did him a real solid by getting the fuck outta his life."

"Are you quite done? Family is supposed to side with family, not the ex." Drew didn't appreciate the snort that answered that statement, but in the grand scheme of things he really didn't care. He only owned Louie as family when it suited him, anyway.

"Which room is it?" He followed Louie down a crowded back hall with people walking in both directions, some of them patrons others performers and staff.

"Third on the left."

He shot a glance at Louie, who stopped walking. "Aren't you coming?"

The man shook his head back and forth repeatedly. "Oh hell no. I did my part, I want nothing to do with whatever happens behind that door."

Drew shot him a look full of contempt. "Yes, well, remember you're my ride. Don't stray too far."

It was a short distance to the third door, he just pushed his way through all the people milling around. They had no business being back here anyway, and even if they did they shouldn't be blocking the door he was interested in.

When he opened the door an empty room revealed itself to him. He turned, fuming, and searched for his cousin.

"Did you expect him to sit in some room and wait for you?" Louie didn't have to shout so loud to be heard back here away from the main attractions.

"Where is he?" Drew seethed, shoving his hand in his tailored pants pocket and fingering the little foil pouch he'd brought with him.

Louie nodded to the opening of the hall. "Gonna get him right now. Don't leave the room unless you don't mind losing it. If a paying customer finds an empty room you ain't getting it back."

Like Drew needed a reminder like that, he had no intention of meandering around this club. He quickly ducked into the empty room and made himself comfortable for his night's festivities—better entertainment than this club could possibly provide.


Dell held back his laughter as his friend, Bryce, limped off the dance floor. You could tell by the way he gingerly took each step that his feet were already numb, the man should've listened to Dell earlier that night.

Bryce hadn't wanted to wear his sneakers tonight because they were predominantly white and his clothes were not, but he'd paid no mind to that while dressing. So when he got to Dell's house and saw the new brown leather loafers Dell had purchased on a whim, he thought it was the perfect solution. Didn't matter to him that Dell's feet were one and a half sizes smaller than Bryce's, or that the shoes had not been broken in yet, or that Dell told him how uncomfortable they were.

So now Bryce paid the price for his shoe wear ego and rash decision.

"Oh god! It's turned into pins and needles now. Both of them...sonofabitch!" Bryce lunged for Dell, latching onto his arm and trying to climb up the man's body. "Carry me, Dellie baby...take all the pain away."

"If we had gone straight to the private room, like I begged you, you wouldn't have tried to keep pace with that teeny bopper on the dance floor and this wouldn't be happening." He pushed Bryce's leg down from around his hip. "Stop that. Now come on, we have passed the mark of being fashionably late for this bachelor party. How did that teeny bopper get in here, anyway?"

"She claimed to be twenty-two, and oh my god she made me feel so old." Bryce hung on to Dell's arm as he attempted to walk again.

Dell wrapped his arm around the pitiful man's waist and whispered in his ear, "Almost there. You can sit down and take my shoes off as soon as we get in the room."


Holding a drink that suddenly lost its appeal to him, Shawn stared at the possible love of his life head down one of the back halls with his arms around some slut puppy.

Well fuck.

To be cont'd...
The fun is never over with just one turn – we are the Story Orgytm remember *big grin* – so head on over to the next pleasure blog and enjoy multiples with us...the exuberant JR Boyd will be joining us when his schedule permits it *winks* :)

Lee Brazil's story: click here
Hank Edwards' story: 
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Small delay in our regularly scheduled program...

Oh hello *waves*

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my prompt story for posting today...I'm so sad and sorry *puppy dog face*. I'm hoping to have it up on Wednesday, if you want to enjoy Lee Brazil's and Hank Edwards's (who I believe is wrapping up his murder mayhem one this round!!! Yay!!!) today, I'll swing on by on Wednesday and promise it won't be such a teaser...I mean...not like I tease or anything but let's get some of the goodies out there for all to see...right? (pssst...I soooooo winked at you right there...hehe)

So I apologize for the wait but I'll do my best to make it a prompt worth waiting for...or I'll completely fall on my assets and fail miserably...either or...*winks again* <3

Thanks for your patience!

Oh and Happy Story Orgy Monday to you all!!!

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Story Orgy Monday pt. 11

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world...*winks*

This week's prompt:  Where does time go?

And now for your reading pleasure…

(any suggestions here?)
pt. 11
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

When the man just smiled at Shawn he stood straighter and pulled his shoulders back. "Hello? You just dragged me through a strip club, I don't believe asking you for a simple name is inappropriate."

The man threw his head back and belly laughed. Puzzled by what he said that was so damn funny and a bit peeved at being ignored, Shawn tried to shoulder his way past the taller man to the door.

"Whoa, hold up a moment. You don't want to go out there just yet." The stranger managed to sputter through chuckles. "I'm sorry, I'm really not laughing at you, honest." The guy successfully blocked the door while trying to wind down the mirth in his voice. "I think I understand how you weaseled your way under Drew's skin now. I couldn't quite imagine how anyone could break through his snobby-ass shell, but you," the man waggled his finger toward Shawn, "you have him shaking in his two hundred dollar loafers."

Shawn crossed his arms and stared at the older man, refusing to give him any more fodder for his obvious enjoyment.

"So," the man wiped his eyes before continuing, "We have to do something about Drew."

Pressing his lips tightly together, Shawn never broke eye contact with the stranger.

"Oh shit, I mean yeah, a name." The man held out a hand to Shawn. "I'm Barry. Drew calls me Uncle Barry and I call him shithead. My brother would roll over in his grave if he knew what a good for nothing that kid grew up to be. His need to be better than everyone around him spurred on this monster he is now."

Shawn tilted his head and stared at Barry, wondering if he really was ally or enemy.

Barry nodded his head as if understanding Shawn's doubts. He sat on the plush velour chaise lounge situated against the far wall of the private room and gestured for Shawn to take the folding chair in the middle of the room.

After a split second of debating, Shawn relaxed on the chair.

"The Drew you know, the one dating Pat and driving a swanky car around...that isn't the real Drew. I mean, up until—oh I don't know—a year or so ago that wasn't Drew. My nephew always had a self entitlement complex. He was real good at looking for the easy way, the short cut, to get what he wanted." Barry inhaled deeply and blew the air out slowly through his mouth. "Or what he'd do to reach those levels."

"Like dating my best friend even while he's dating someone else?"

"So that is why you're here tonight?" Barry shrugged. "That isn't the worst that he's done."

"Screw the worst that he's done. I'm not his judge and I personally don't care. But he started a relationship with my best friend built on lies, and either he tells Pat that or I will. So what, you are here to protect your family's good name?" The uncle cocked his eyebrow at Shawn, making him feel like he missed the big picture and totally pissing him off.

Shawn threw up his hands and growled out, "This is ridiculous. I found out he cheated on two people—not that he's the mastermind behind some embezzlement scheme or something illegal like that. This shouldn't be a big deal, yet he wants to meet in the middle of the night at an elite club in one of their private rooms like he's planning on doing something all nefarious like."

"Well you came." Barry stood up and Shawn realized just how much bigger the older man was than him. "Nefarious is his middle name."


Dell tugged on his friend Bryce's sleeve the moment he confirmed that Louie was in the club.

"Man, you aren't a little kid. Stop yanking on my arm."

He ignored Bryce's griping. "You said we had a private room. Can we please get there, like now?"

Bryce turned and studied Dell's face. "Yeah, chill for a sec. I thought we'd get a drink and take in the ambience first before we joined the festivities, if that's okay with you?"

Dell glanced over his shoulder and saw his ex's cousin walking in his direction. Thankfully not actually noticing him, but definitely heading that way.

"Why don't you show me where the private room is and you can clog up your pores with the ambience by yourself? Deal?" He nodded his head yes while giving Bryce what he knew was a sad attempt at a smile.

Bryce cringed, confirming the smile wasn't all that. "Oh-kay, we'll play this how you want it." He chuckled and gestured to his left. "That way diva boy."

He mumbled his thanks over his shoulder as he turned to his right—Bryce's left—and walked smack dab into someone's chest. He smiled, knowing the odds were against this chest being Shawn's but enjoying the thought.

"Shit, I'm sor..." His voice disappeared on him as he stared up into the eyes of his ex-boyfriend, Drew. Well that wiped the smile right off his face.

"My my, my, what have we got here? Did I break you so bad you went straight?" The cruel chuckle that escaped his mouth was the equivalent of nails down a chalkboard for Dell.

Hands gripped his upper arms and yanked him back against a hard chest. Bryce held him in a steel embrace from behind offering dual comfort and armor against Drew's hatefulness.

"That's kind of an idiotic comment to make considering you're here also. Did you break yourself straight, too?" Bryce growled over Dell's shoulder at Drew.

Drew studied Bryce then smiled without any mirth. "Yes well, I can see he didn't improve his position in life any after I dropped him off in the gutter." He glanced at his watch, tilting it at a slightly odd angle which gave Dell a perfect view of the very expensive accented with diamonds time piece. Drew never could pass up a chance to brag.

"I'd love to stay and chat but alas, where did the time go? I have more important people to be seen with. Caio."

To be cont'd...
The fun is never over with just one turn – we are the Story Orgytm remember *big grin* – so head on over to the next pleasure blog and enjoy multiples with us...the exuberant JR Boyd will be joining us when his schedule permits it *winks* :)

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Hank Edwards' story: 
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Story Orgy Monday pt. 10

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world...*winks*

Okay – now that I've got your attention I'm having a St. Patty's Day sale over at All Romance e-books today...a whole crap load of my books are on sale for either half off...or under a buck...or even FREE! Plus...I'm not the only author doing this – oh swing on over there and use the product tag #gogreen or #pulpfriction to see the heavy duty savings...*big smiles*
This week's prompt:  It was an acceptable loss…

And now for your reading pleasure… 

(any suggestions here?)
pt. 10
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

Francesca's proved to be just as elite as Shawn imagined with its own private entrance off the main Trail, valet parking and escorts into the building. He got the ticket from the valet, wondered if he should tip when dropping off his car also, finally decided it wouldn't hurt and slipped the worker a five, then proceeded into the foyer of the club.

This room was huge with plush purple velvet settees lining the walls and circular loungers in the middle of the floor. A third of the room was sectioned off with stanchions connected by ropes that matched the furniture in color and fabric.

Shawn tried to remember exactly why he was here. Damn, he was way out of his comfort zone.

Drew was fucking over everyone and needed to be taught a lesson.

Ah yes.

Question was, who did Shawn think he was to be the teacher? Hell he couldn't even teach his baby sister how to drive without crashing the family Volvo into the corner light post. No matter what precautions he took, who he had watching his back...he knew that Drew would win because doesn't the asshole always win?

He pulled out a couple bills for the cover charge but before he could hand it over to anyone someone grabbed his elbow and ushered him past the waiting people and into the club. The bouncers guarding the velvet covered door—they must've gotten one hell of a deal on the material—only nodded in their direction but otherwise paid them no mind.

Muted flashy lighting, loud music and the stench of alcohol overpowered Shawn's senses immediately as he was pulled through the door. He didn't have time to peek at the half naked women before he was dragged back to a private room and rushed inside. When the door closed it successfully blocked out all evidence that a club was happening on the other side. The walk between the door and the room taking mere seconds thanks to some serious hustling, Shawn looked up into brown eyes.

"I don't mean to be rude, but who the hell are you?"


"I can't believe that asshole almost hit my baby. Some idgits should never be allowed to drive, you know?"

Dell absentmindedly nodded at whatever Bryce was mumbling about, his mind on his own problems. He would swear that was his ex's cousin Louie's car that almost crashed into them. It wouldn't be too surprising if Louie was here, his dad did work here. Not to mention Louie and his wife—what was her name? Natalie or Natasha or Natalia or something along those lines—had one of the last really good relationships Dell had ever seen. Though in all fairness he hadn't really spent a lot of time with the wife, but he hung out with Louie on a good number of occasions.

He just didn't want to bump into the guy tonight, or more accurately be seen by the man. That's all he needed, Louie seeing him at the club and gossiping back to Drew. Unfortunately, with the valet parking Dell couldn't even scour the parking lot to see if that car did end up here or not.

"And you wonder why a car is all beat up and ratty looking," Bryce continued his tirade as they waited in the line for admission, "It's because of moron drivers like that. If you aren't a moron your car ain't ever gonna get beat up, I'm preaching it here."

He slapped Dell's back and without skipping a beat went into his beliefs about how low grade gasoline was the equivalent of bad drivers for the engine. "Tears everything apart, I tell you. That's why you have to use mid-grade at least, look at the octane level before picking what pump to handle."

Dell nodded again as he kept looking out over the swanky room, prepared to dodge somehow if he saw Louie anywhere. Of course looking out over the room just about gave him indigestion, did they have a sale on purple velvet? Would it have killed someone to throw a splash of beige in with it?

"So we got a private room in the back and two of the showgirls to dance for us, fifteen minutes each. No touching except for tipping, so don't you turn straight and horny on me all of a sudden." Dell gave Bryce a dubious look as the man stood there straight faced and innocent acting...right before he blew Dell a kiss then ushered him two feet forward in the line. "Well that got your attention, makes me feel better that you were at least briefly listening to me. Shall I return to my meaningless babble while you do whatever you were doing again?"

"Yeah, sure...I mean I'm sorry. Lots of crap on my mind I guess." Evidently it was Dell's turn to babble.

Bryce squeezed his shoulder. "Hey, it's all cool. I happen to think I have a sexy ass voice and should use it at every given opportunity. This is prime time here too..."

Dell froze in his spot.

"Tell me, Bryce, how many people live in this city?"

Thankfully Louie hadn't shown up, but how big of a coincidence would it be to run into someone who ate at the same restaurant you did the night before?

"Are we talking the city, the county, or the tri-county area? I can Google it for you if you want?"

Dell shook his head to clear it, when did he become this suspicious over seeing a stranger twice in a row?

Bryce moved in next to him, copying his stance and posture while following his gaze. "Hmm, sandy or redhead?"


"Oh good, he's cute, the redhead looks like he used one too many bottles to acquire that color."

Dell cuffed Bryce in the back of the head and turned them both around to pay their money and finally get in the club.


Drew walked down the filthy albeit well lit back alley with Louie. "Can you please explain to me again why we have to use the rear entrance?"

He ignored the obvious sneer coming from his cousin. "You wanted free admission. My dad can't just open the front door and usher you in. He's taking a chance letting us in through the employee entrance as is. I don't think they would fire him but damn, don't want to take that chance."

Drew shrugged to himself, thinking it was an acceptable loss if the end result was quieting Shawn and keeping Pat.

To be cont'd...
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