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Monday, July 21, 2014

Story Orgy Monday...Farewells & Greetings pt. 7

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
. .
Okay – Pip and Dwight are back again...let's see how it goes. :)

This week's prompt:  He'd never noticed a door there before.

And now for your reading pleasure…

Farewells & Greetings
pt. 7
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

"So, are you ever going to answer my questions?" Dwight asked as they strolled through the park, away from the playground area.

Pip grasped his hand and kissed his fingertips. "Are you ever going to ask me these questions you demand the answers to?"

"I did."

"Did you?"

Chuckling, Dwight nodded slowly. "Yes, I did. How did you find me at the playground?"

"Oh that was easy. The private investigator told me that you were hanging out there."

When they came to a fork in the trail leading in two different directions Pip led them to the right without missing a step.

"Private investigator..." Dwight sputtered, "You're kidding, right?"

"Of course I am. That would be a little creepy, not to mention he was a little too sleazy for my liking. I don't need him to get a peek at my freckle pop and get any unnatural ideas."

"Unnatural ideas?" Dwight tried to muffle his snort, but this conversation didn't seem to be working for him.

Pip stopped walking and lifted Dwight's hand high, swinging him around so they faced each other. "Do you think we're far enough away?"

Not sure if it was the impromptu twirl or just Pip's communication skills, but Dwight's head suddenly spun as if the earth had tipped on its axis. "Huh? Far enough away from what?"

"For what."

Dwight blinked at him, so confused he didn't even register that his shirt had been pulled down tight around his shoulder by Pip. The collar stretched to its limit. "For what?"

"Exactly..." Pip leaned forward and lightly touched the tip of his tongue to Dwight's exposed shoulder.

He jumped at the cool wetness gently caressing his skin. A glance to his left showed Pip stabbing his skin over and over in different spot. "Um...Pip? What're you doing?"

"Mmm, tasting your freckles. They're de-li-cious." He dragged out the word to a ridiculous amount of syllables.

"Oh? I always thought they'd taste bitter with all the grief they've given me." Dwight tried to make a joke as he stood still for this uncomfortable inspection of the hundreds of blemishes on his body.

Pip snorted as he started up the side of Dwight's neck, the hot puff of air tickling his senses. "I can't imagine anything on you being bitter. I'd go so far as to say I bet even your cum will be sweet and tasty washing over my tongue. Looking forward to finding out."

"Here?" Dwight's voice cracked high. His cheeks heated up with embarrassment. "I mean here, now?"

Pip pulled back and smirked at him. "You kinky lil exhibitionist, you. I knew you'd give me a run for my money. But alas, no...not here. Not even now for that matter; this is only our third date, after all, and we have a schedule to keep."

His heartbeat slowed down now that Pip's tongue no longer danced over him and they weren't talking about public sex, but a small niggle in the back of his mind cried in disappointment. If Pip did attempt to drop to his knees, would Dwight have let him?

"Your schedule, yeah," He sighed those three words that proved oh my god, yes, he just might've let Pip.

After he straightened Dwight's shirt again, Pip grabbed his arm and led them farther down the path.

"Now, don't be knocking my schedule, you won't believe the willpower it takes to keep you an honest man."

"Where are we going?" Dwight noticed they'd ventured all the way to the other end of the park, but instead of following the path back around, Pip shuffled them off of it onto the sidewalk. His behemoth station wagon awaited them, parallel parked between a VW bug and an older model two door Saturn.

While he watched, the back portion of the Saturn, right behind the passenger door, swung open in the opposite direction of a normal car door and a teenager came bounding out, slamming the hidden door and running after a couple of other kids farther down the sidewalk. Funny, he hadn't noticed a door there, it was like a hideaway exit or something, kind of cool looking.

"Your chariot awaits, freckle pop."

Dwight switched his gaze from the yellow Saturn to the even older Mercury station wagon Pip drove. He looked at his date and tried again with the questioning.

"Why do you keep calling me that?"

"Because I like them, and when I like something, I tend to talk about it as often as possible."

He was so shocked that he actually got an answer that he forgot Pip was waiting for him to get in the car. "You like them? Why?"

"Why not? They are unique, and in some cultures are considered beauty marks...which means that you are beautiful from head to toe. It's befitting, because you are."

To be cont'd...
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Wicked is back and stirring up trouble in Flagstaff #PulpFriction

So a couple of days ago my bestie Lee Brazil tagged me in one of those share your WIP deals...this WIP has been a super secret project that I've been working on for my bonus book with Pulp Friction...

Soooooooooo... It’s all about those opening lines… Post this letter, along with the first sentence of the first three chapters in your WIP.

These chapters are from my bonus book coming out 8/7 in my Pulp Friction series: Whispering Winds.
(First draft, currently in my editor's hot little hands *waggles*)

Wicked Winds
Chapter One
"Explain to me again why we didn't take Archer up on his offer to use his private jet?"

Chapter Two
Wick flicked off the radio in the Sequoia they rented.

Chapter Three
Blinking up at Ned, Wick smiled innocently, "What's enough? I'm still forming coherent sentences, so I obviously haven't had enough yet."

Hope you enjoy! *winks*

And if you're interested in reading the Wicked's Way series from Pulp Friction last year...the compilation is on sale at Smashwords right now at 50% off (use SSW50 promo code at checkout)! Plus Blown Away, the first book in this year's Pulp Friction Flagstaff is free there for the time being (use SSW100 promo code at checkout)...hop on over...

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Book Blast: Not Quite Broken @PridePromo @DianaCastilleja #bookcontest

And here to blast about a great read is Diana DeRicci with Not Quite Broken... :)

About Diana: Diana DeRicci is the sexy, flirty pen name of Diana Castilleja. A romance author at heart, DeRicci's writing takes you into a saucier spectrum of sensuality and sexual adventure, where a happily-ever-after is still the key to any story. Diana lives in Central Texas with her husband, one son and a feisty little Chihuahua named Rascal. You can catch the latest news on all of Diana DeRicci's writing and books on her website. Feel free to drop Diana an email. She'd love to hear from you.

Diana would love to hear from you:
Facebook -
Author Page -
Twitter: @DianaCastilleja

Not Quite Broken
Cover Artist:  Lex Valentine
Publisher: MLR Press

And the blurb says:
Can Dex survive a nightmare that won't let go?

Dex's life has gone into a tailspin. One night that ruined his entire world. He can't sleep, he can't eat. He's lost his job, and is about to lose the last of his sanity. When the world crashes down around him, he's ready to let the world win.

Dex has friends, though, who are determined to not let him self-combust.

One man will be there to guide him through his nightmare, to hold him to keep the demons at bay, and still let him be strong enough to find the strength to love after his darkest hour.

Now to sneak a peek:
Brian tempered his smile at Dex’s miffed tone. There was still a spark of the man he was before the night of his attack. He’d seen it in snatches for a few days when Dex was trying so hard to pretend that night hadn’t happened at all, especially when they were at Chad and Sonny’s. He knew with good insight Dex didn’t want either of them to worry. Then life started to return and invade and the nightmares began. Doctors, police, therapy. He couldn’t outrun them. The stress of it caused nightmares. He didn’t know if any of Dex’s other friends, who seemed to be sparse, were equipped to help him handle the aftermath.

That lack of family or friends in his life was partly why Brian had taken such a personal interest in Dex’s recovery.

He was being devious about it, taking Dex on these little errands, putting him in situations where he couldn’t evade. Brian wasn’t going to allow anyone to hurt him, least of all Dex himself, by hiding.

He opened the glass entryway door and Dex obediently followed.

“Hi, Samantha,” Brian called to the girl behind the counter. He got a wave and smile, though he didn’t slow down to talk.

“It’s loud in here,” Dex complained.

“It’s a gym, not the ballet.”

Pick up Not Quite Broken here: 

Tour Date: 7/18/14

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@DianneHartsock gets fierce... #homelessyouth #GLBTQ #love #charityantho #ProjectFierce

Please welcome the wonderfully talented Dianne Hartsock to my blog today...she's fierce and I freaking adore her...and she is kind and giving, also. Trust me, you will love her as much as I do *winks*. She's here to tell about a wonderful anthology and a worthy cause...everyone deserves safety and love, a place to call home <3

Havan, thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest on your blog today! I wanted to talk a little bit about my story SAMMY in the Project Fierce Charity Anthology. Homelessness is a terrible aspect of society and I'm very glad to be able to help.

Less Than Three Press has done a few charity works in the past, mostly for relief efforts for natural disasters. It’s something they've always wanted to pursue further, but with more emphasis on the LGBTQ community, so when they were asked by one of the participating authors if they'd be willing to back an anthology for Project Fierce, it seemed like the perfect starting point to making a concerted effort in that direction.

Nobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to
Project Fierce Chicago.

Project Fierce Chicago's mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

LT3's Project Fierce Chicago charity anthology includes 20 short stories from
Aeris, Vicktor Alexander, Talya Andor, C.J. Anthony, Blaine D. Arden, Kayla Bain-Vrba, Sophie Bonaste, Kenzie Cade, Jana Denardo, Alessandra Ebulu, Dianne Hartsock, Leta Hutchins, Caitlin Ricci, Lor Rose, B. Snow, Rin Sparrow, Andrea Speed, Piper Vaughn, Layla M. Wier, and Xara X. Xanakas

Pairings: M/M, F/F, genderqueer
Content: Contains no explicit content.

In my story SAMMY, Sam is one of the countless homeless GLBT youth surviving on the streets in Portland, Oregon. At fifteen he inadvertently came out to his parents, and instead of the support he'd hoped for, they sent him to live with his uncle. Unfortunately, the man was even less tolerant of his penchant for wearing women's dresses. Rather than change to please his family, feeling unwanted and misunderstood, he ran away to find a better life.

He spent three months living under bridges, hungry and lonely, until he meets Tad, a young man who gives him a spot on his floor to sleep when he needs one and shows him that by flashing a bit of thigh and his pretty smile at the local businessmen, he could make enough money to keep his stomach full and maybe hide away a little for his own apartment. He doesn't dare dream of attending college one day.

When this story opens, Sam has been on the streets for several years when one of his 'regulars' begins to take more than a business interest in him. For the first time Sammy dreams of more than a bleak lonely future, but does he dare hope that someone like him could find their happily ever after?


John tossed his apron in the hamper then slipped out the back of the shelter into the dark alley and hurried around to the brightly lit street in front. Couples were enjoying the last of the day's warmth on the waterfront and he envied them as he headed toward his apartment complex. His pulse sped up as he neared the Morrison Bridge. Though it was after nine, traffic was still heavy on the bridge and also along Naito Parkway.

Passing under the bridge, he glanced down the bike path running alongside it, searching  for Sammy. His heart leaped to his throat on seeing the familiar figure huddled on the grass, arms wrapped around his knees, looking alone and dejected. John ached to go to him, but would Sam want to talk to him? They weren't really friends. John paid for his company.

A soft sob floated on the night air and plunged straight into John's heart. He hurried over to Sam, then stood biting his lips, not sure what to say.

"What do you want?" Sammy's voice sounded tired, rough with tears.

"Do you need help? Can I do anything?"

Sam raised his head, blue eyes shimmering at him through wet lashes. Recognition sparked in the beautiful depths, then they widened. "You." Sam struggled to his feet, hugging his bare arms across his chest against the chill creeping up from the river. "Sorry, I have to cancel on you. I'm closed for the night. Try again tomorrow."

He brushed past John and started down the bike path. John's heart thumped painfully. "Sam?"

The young man stopped and swiveled abruptly. The lamplight caught his expression, a hint of fear, anger; the light clearly showing a cut lip and the dark swelling of a bruise on his ivory cheek. John clamped his lips shut on a murmur of pity, noting he held his left arm as if it hurt.

Helplessness swept through John. "Let me help you. I can make you a cup of coffee at least. And dinner, if you're interested. I make great spaghetti."

Doubt crossed Sam's pretty face and the end of his pink tongue nudged the cut on his lip, twisting John's heart. Impulsively, he touched Sam's arm. "Did someone hurt you?"

Sam stared at his hand, not answering. John was grateful he didn't yank his arm away. Finally Sam nodded.

Anger flashed through John, but he didn't want to scare Sam off with questions. "Come home with me," he urged softly. "I won't ask anything of you. I want to help and… I could use the company tonight."

Blue eyes glanced upwards, vulnerable. But then Sam blinked and mischief curled his lips. John winced at his false bravado. "Whatever you say, hon." Sam hooked their arms and started along the wide path following the riverfront. After only a few steps in the chill evening air, John shrugged out of his coat and put it around Sam's shoulders. Sam looked amused but pulled the coat tighter around his thin cotton shirt. "Thanks."

John's heart pattered. He liked Sam's arm linked with his. A few people gave them curious glances, but for the most part, they were ignored. He wished the circumstances were better, that maybe Sam was his boyfriend and they were walking home from the movies. They reached his street and his pulse quickened when he led Sam to his apartment.

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Audio Book Blast: The Pack or the Panther @PridePromo @taralain #mmaudiobooks #mmshifters #bookcontest

An audio book blast!! I love when we bring other senses into our book enjoyment. :)

About Tara Lain: Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 21. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

And exactly where can we find Tara?:

The Pack or the Panther
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Narrator: Max Lehnen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

We've got blurbage:
Cole Harker, son of an alpha werewolf, is bigger and more powerful than most wolves, tongue-tied in groups, and gay. For twenty-four years, he’s lived to please his family and pack—even letting them promise him in marriage to female werewolf Analiese to secure a pack alliance and help save them from a powerful gangster who wants their land. Then Cole meets Analiese’s half-brother, panther shifter Paris Marketo, and for the first time, Cole wants something for himself.

When Analiese runs off to marry a human, Cole finally has a chance with Paris, but the solitary cat rejects him, the pack, and everything it represents. Then Cole discovers the gangster wants Paris too and won’t rest until he has him. What started as a land dispute turns into World War Wolf! But the bigger fight is the battle between cats and dogs.

And a sneak peek:
Cole took hold of a branch a few feet from Paris. “Do you think the alliance will stand?” He shrugged. “Hard to say. I know everyone hopes so, so I hope so too.” Cole pulled his eyebrows together. “But you don’t really care.”

Paris looked up sharply. “Yes, I care. I care about my parents. They’ve been good to me and I owe them a lot. I’m a freak by wolf standards, and my father has never abjured me. I honestly believe he kept me separate for my well-being more than his own. He acknowledges me as his son even though I remind him of his greatest sorrow.”

“Your panther mother.” He nodded. “And Trixie isn’t a brave female. My existence is difficult for her, but she’s been nothing but good to me. She had to stand against the combined disapproval of a lot of other females for me. They didn’t know what I was, but they knew I was Merced’s first wife’s son. They weren’t kind. She was. I value her and want the best.”

 Cole nodded. If there was one thing he understood, it was loyalty.

“And then there’s you.”

Cole glanced up. Look at that mischievous face. He’d switched from deeply serious to court jester in one second flat. “What about me?” He grinned.

The cat danced around his tree, unfastening buttons on his shirt with intricate skill. “You want the alliance and I want you. Isn’t that an Aristotelian principle? If A equals B and B equals C, then Paris wants Cole to have his alliance so Paris can have Cole’s big yummy cock in his ass. An ass, I might add, that’s been throbbing like a voodoo drum since I first looked in your silver eyes, wolfman.” He whipped off the shirt, leaving his upper body bare.

Wow. Even knowing what was coming, that sight was hard to believe. The cat’s skin glowed in the moonlight like so much alabaster formed into a work of art. If you liked bulky, you wouldn’t like Paris. But if the look of a black leopard stealing along a branch stilled your heart, this sight would do it for you down to the ground. Not really slim. More like lean, with muscles just where they should be, but as if they were made of silk rather than stone. Fluid.

Paris reached and grabbed a branch, then pulled himself up one-armed until he leaned over the wood on his belly. Flip. He circled and came up to sitting, his upper body glowing and long legs dangling. He spread his arms out for a second as if balancing on a tightrope. Then he reached in and started to unfasten his belt. Slowly, he slipped it from his trousers, then swung it over his head until it caught on an upper branch.

 He pulled himself to standing and used one hand to slowly lower his fly. White showed in the gap. Oh my. Not white underwear.  White skin. Cole shuddered. He wasn’t used to this kind of sexy. Hell, who was? This cat was one of a kind.

You can pick up The Pack or the Panther audio book here: 

Or e-book copies are available here:

Tour Date: 7/15/14

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