Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to Raven McAllan's dark side #KeraFaire #goodreads #bookcontest #winabook

Hi, I’m Kera Faire, Raven McAllan’s alter ego. Or if you want, her dark side.

Nudges Havan who is giggling

Yeah, she evidently does have a dark side. Not content with writing all romance from sweet to smoking hot, she discovered an urge to go dark, and elected me to do it.

Originally, I don’t think we thought there would be a lot of Kera books. The first one, a Regency story called Vampire’s Breakfast, was originally published by the now sadly defunct Breathless Press in a shortened form, for an anthology.

When the rights reverted the story went onto the simmer pile, until the light bulb moment hit. It would be lengthened and their mind and motives accessed a bit more.

Rolls eyes and sniggers with Havan.

Okay not just their minds and motives.

I was smitten. But what else could Kera write?

For a while I had no idea. I knew I’d enjoyed writing something a bit different, but my muse insisted it wasn’t the time for anything else.

Then one of my publishers put out an anthology call for dark romance.

Ms. Muse, decided now was the time to move and dig me in the ribs, yeah, just like Havan has done now.

Typically though, Muse didn’t let me write in the way the antho needed, or indeed stick to the length required.

The Dark Isle was born.

Well maybe not born, after all do we know how long The Dispatchers have been around?

Let’s say Dark Isle was made available for me to write about. After all, an island on Loch Lomond in Scotland, where the government extracts information from traitors, and then, ahem dispatches them, via an unusual method, (think pigs) has to be somewhat dark and secretive.

Even so, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, let Ms. Muse, have her way, and wrote the first book, The Dispatcher.

She understands things I get very passionate about. Like Scotch Whisky has no E. Whiskey no E is very dear to me. No, I don’t drink it but boy do I get mad when someone puts an E in there. E is for Bourbon and Irish not scotch. Okay rant over, I’ll move on.

The Jeweler, and The End Game followed and I thought, well that’s it. The series is finished.

Wrong. Luckily, boy was I wrong.

Just in time for Christmas Rio discovers Andie is working as a hooker in Amsterdam.


But what sort of hooker?

As Rio is a Dispatcher, and there are worries about what exactly Andie is doing, it’s up to him to sort it out. Before Christmas.

Thus, Killer at Christmas was born.
And now, I’m 15+k into the next story, which is partly set in a Glass Works. After all bodies have to be disposed, right? And did you know that...nope not going there.

Anyway, Raven and Kera are happily living together, (no not like that, sheesh wash your mind out) side by side, in tandem, and letting whoever’s muse shouts loudest have first dips on the lap top.

Long may it last.

All Kera and Raven books can be found on, and they (or is that she? I?) is/are/am on Facebook as

Not only that, I (I’ll stick to I) love to hear from people.

Oh and if Havan is happy, I’ll give a copy of the first eBook, The Dispatcher to one random commenter who can say where in Scotland they would like to visit.

Happy reading,
Love Raven x

You saw it…Raven is giving away a free eBook to a commenter, so remember to leave a comment. J


  1. Thanks for inviting me over to chat about my dark side

  2. I would love to visit Edinburgh Castle. But honestly the chancebto just explore would be amazing!!

  3. I already have the first book so I'm not entering but if I was to visit Scotland, I would come visit you Raven!! Then you could take me sightseeing!!

  4. Deanne, Edinburgh Castle is amazing, I love just to wander around it.Rhonda, your bed is made up and waiting for you

  5. I shall be there next year Raven! Get the wine ready!

  6. Scotland is on my bucket list and now I've also added a visit with you! You know that you are a fairly new author to me (thanks Rhonda) and would love any of your ebooks/books.