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Cover reveal: Hidden Gem @parisbvamp @PridePromo #bookcontest #coverreveal

Hidden Gem
Lissa Kasey

About Lissa: Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats who enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she's not writing about boy romance.
Where to find Lissa:
Twitter: @parisbvamp

Cover Artist: Siobhan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Blurb: Misaki “Aki” Itou is a psi—a person with mutated DNA granting him psychic abilities. He’s also a contracted companion—a whore. It may not be the perfect profession, but having a roof over his head, food to eat, and not being subjected to torture is a dream come true. He is the top companion at the Hidden Gem, and it makes him enough money to buy the prettiest, most sparkly shoes he can find.

Shane McNaughton is an Irishman who survived the Third World War and works as a cop. Head of Missing Persons, he’s good at finding people, but after the plague of the Third mutated his DNA, he has a hard time letting anyone see the monster inside. He’s been paying for Aki’s services for two years, both the psi and the sexual kind, but he wants more from the companion.

Shane needs Aki’s ability to see into another person’s past to track down a serial killer murdering the children of rich and powerful men, but the more they work together, the clearer it becomes that they are linked through a darker past than either of them realizes.

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Cover Reveal date: 8/26/14

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Story Orgy Monday...There Were Signs (cont'd pt. 5)

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
. .
Good Monday morning, Orgiasts! Welcome to another week. Let's hope this one plays nice, eh?

So my lovelies...I'm taking a break from Pip and Dwight. Why? Because trying to fit them in with the prompts once a week is making me start to babble their story...I don't want that. I don't want a story that is so important to me to become a run-on huh??? scene after know? I'm going to plot out where they need to go and get them there, hopefully I can work in said prompts and they can rejoin us on all just depends. They've become too important for me to just leave to chance, though. :)

So for now...well—back in October of 2012 I did a very short shifter prompt story called There Were Signs...Dorian found out that his best friend Wolfe...well Wolfe was a wolf (oh yes, the fun I had with that! lol) and we left those two with Dorian falling asleep on the couch while Wolfe's wolf stared at him from outside...they had just copulated their relationship.

When I read this week's prompt it made me think of that scene and yeah, I went with it...will it become part of the book? No idea...but isn't it fun bringing back old friends? You know I do like the fun! :)

This week's prompt:  He regretted sleeping on the couch…

And now for your reading pleasure…

There Were Signs
pt. 5 (cont'd from 2012)
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

Morning came too early, and way too bright. Dorian stretched on the leather couch and wondered where the fuck he was. Looking around at the windowed wall, skewed coffee table and sliding glass door that was open at the moment, it didn't take him long to realize he was lying on his best friend Wolfe's couch.
Why had he slept on his best friend's couch in the back room of his house? There was a spare bedroom that he utilized whenever he stayed the night. Scenes of the night before flooded his mind like a teaser of a very erotic paranormal movie trailer and he jumped off the couch in shock.
He slept with his best friend, Wolfe.
His best friend Wolfe was a wolf.
He was naked and it was damn cold.
He twisted around to grab the afghan that had kept him warm throughout the night and his back creaked with protest. Well damn, that could make a twenty-three year old feel past his prime. After wrapping himself up in the homemade blanket he turned around, wondering why the aches and pains when he knew damn well that Wolfe owned top notch furniture, especially in this back room which was his favorite room in the house.
Sure enough, half the leather couch was ripped up with long jagged tears in it. Claws, Dorian remembered now. Wolfe hadn't taken too well to Dor spurning his wolf's advances in the bedroom and took out a lot of frustration on this poor innocent sofa.
What was once cushy and comfy now looked lopsided and flat. He suddenly regretted sleeping on the couch when just two rooms down was a still nice and bouncy bed he could've rested in...of course that was the scene of an almost forced joining between the werewolf and himself.
Yep, back adjusting couch won for a reason. Well that plus the fact that his sore ass was worn out after Wolfe tore it up.
Dorian smiled, that part was fun.
A noise from outside invaded Dor's reminiscing of the night before and he looked out the window. Across the field that acted as Wolfe's backyard came the man of the hour. He walked through the tall grass completely naked and obviously not ashamed considering he didn't even attempt to cover himself up.
It wasn't like anyone would be spying on him, anyway, considering he owned both sides of the duplex and there weren't any other residences around.
Which would completely explain why he purchased the duplex so far off the beaten path, Dorian slapped his forehead when the connection finally hit. All this time he used to bitch and moan to Wolfe about the commute to his house and why couldn't he move closer to the college.
As if he could feel Dorian's attention on him, his head snapped around and their gazes met. Wolfe smiled wide at Dor...Dor wiggled his fingers in a wave before hauling ass out of the room.
He kept telling himself he wasn't running away from Wolfe so much as he was running toward clothes. He faced the big bad Wolfe last night with just a comforter wrapped around him. He really didn't want to face him with only the afghan, been there and done that kind of thing?
Crap, what was he going to do? He loved Wolfe the man. Wolfe the man liked him. He was scared to death of Wolfe the wolf.
Eyeing the shredded jeans on the floor he realized that Wolfe the wolf really liked him.
He grabbed a whole pair of jeans and yanked them up his legs, slowing down just enough to zip them up over his goodies, then he quickly pulled an old Zeppelin tee on.
While he finger combed his hair, his gaze strayed back to the denim on the floor that once were his favorite pair of jeans.
He jumped a couple feet in the air when someone knocked softly on the bedroom door.
This could be the start of a very bad week for Dorian.

To be cont'd...

The fun is never over with just one turn – we are the Story Orgytm remember *big grin* – so head on over to the next pleasure blog and enjoy multiples with us . . .

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Bad Boyfriends turned good...possible? #StoryOrgy says yes! @leebrazil @hanksbooks #mustread

Everyone deserves
Even the "bad boyfriends" of this world...right?
ehhhhhh...not sold on the idea yet? I don't blame you.
Let the Story Orgy prove to you that even bad boyfriends can be redeemed...and can be hot as hell in and out of the bedroom...follow three bad boyfriends who have finally found the right man to fix their naughty naughty ways...

Story Orgy Singles
brings you…
Bad Boyfriends

The men your mother should have warned you about, but probably didn't.

(me! *waves*...oh, this is not a ménage story)

Donnell Rastnor can’t wait to get to know his co-worker Jaime outside the office. They share a lot of interests in common, and let's face it, Jaime makes Donnell's body sit up and take notice. Donnell just doesn't realize that Jaime is a package deal.

Jaime Dierdon is a good man. But, at the ripe old age of twenty-six, he sees no reason to cut the apron strings of the woman who raised him on her own. So what if he has to postpone certain things because his mom needs him, surely his new boyfriend Donnell will understand.

One of them believes one plus one equals two…so why does the other one always come up with three?

Bank Vice President Sydney Huber has a habit. Every day for six months he's eaten the same thing for lunch, in the same restaurant, just so he can be near the object of his affections.

It's sweet…that's what server Max Bridger thinks. Until their first date reveals a dark side to the handsome banker that Max hadn't suspected, and can't live with.

A rainy night in New York City, Bryce meets up with a group of friends for dinner and is introduced to Colin. Sparks ignite between them and soon the two are dating. But Bryce quickly discovers that what he had at first thought of as responsible frugality on Colin's part is, in actuality, just Colin being a cheapskate. Bryce tries to overlook the reused water bottles, Colin's failure to pick up a check, and his penchant for Dumpster diving, hoping for a shot at true love.

But before too long it becomes clear that Colin can't seem to grasp the fact that he only pays for what he has to. Bryce confronts Colin and puts his heart, and their relationship, on the line, hoping that, in the end, they can find a happy medium and continue to see each other. But it's going to take a lot of effort on both of their parts to get his bad boyfriend to change his ways.

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Cover reveal: Wet Paint @WillParkinsonau @PridePromo #bookcontest #mustread #coverreveal

Wet Paint
Will Parkinson

About Will: WILL PARKINSON believes that no matter what obstacles are thrown in the path of young love, it will always find a way to win in the end. He wants his characters to have their happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to come easily.
None of this would have happened if he had followed the advice he was given many years ago. “What are you wasting your time on that for? It’s never going to amount to anything.” He believed it for the longest time, abandoning characters he’d created in his childhood.
He picked up his very first m/m story by a writer named Eden Winters, who was an absolute joy when they corresponded. She asked him if he wrote and he told her the story. Eden explained to Will that the voices in his head would never go away and how he needed to let them out. With that thought in mind, Will put e-pen to e-paper once more. It was truly a liberating experience and one he has no intention of giving up again.

Where to find Will:

Pre-order it e-book & paperback

Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Blurb: Although Addy’s heart and body bear the scars from his life before he was adopted by the Deans, he’s ached for something he thought he would never find. Until he met Benny. He isn’t sure how anyone can care for someone as broken as he is, even though he wants it desperately.

High school senior Benny Peters has his whole life planned out for him, until a chaste kiss at summer camp opens a new world of possibilities. Determined to erase Addy’s insecurities, Benny works to take away his boyfriend’s pain and replace it with love.

When Addy’s past intrudes on their future, it’s going to take everything Benny can muster to show that no matter what – or who – they face, they belong together.

Benny cast a glance at Addy, noticing how his eyes kept darting to him and then to the floor. He seemed troubled, unsure.

“Addy? Is there something wrong?”

Addy heaved a deep sigh, then was quiet for a moment. “Do I embarrass you?” he finally asked.

“What? No, of course not. Why would you even think that?” Benny was genuinely perplexed.

“Jackson and Taylor don’t seem to have any problem touching each other, but you act like I’ve got germs or something and won’t come anywhere near me when there’s other people around. I have to wonder if you’re ashamed to be seen with someone like... me.”

“Oh God, no,” Benny replied sharply. “Please don’t ever think that. You know what? C’mere.”

He grabbed Addy’s arm and dragged him into the lounge.

“Listen to me, little man. I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be ashamed of you. If anything, you should be ashamed of me.”

Addy looked puzzled. “Why?”

Benny slid his fingers through his stubbly hair, then rubbed the back of his neck before he spoke. “I’m not really comfortable with being... like this. I really do care for you, but I’ve never felt this way about a guy— well, about anyone—before, and I don’t know how to handle it. So no, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of you at all. I’m just not sure how to deal with everything.”

Addy took Benny by the hand and peered into his eyes. “That’s all I needed to know. I don’t want to rush you. If you need time, you’ve got to know I’ll give it to you. I just wanted to be sure that you wanted me.”

Benny regarded his boyfriend. Yeah, his boyfriend. Benny had never been afraid to stand up for anyone in his life. Why should he be ashamed to stand up for himself now?

“C’mere, little man,” he growled, putting his hand on Addy’s neck, pulling him in close.

Addy’s eyes went wide, excitement dancing in them. Benny licked his lips and then pressed them to Addy’s in a deep, thrilling kiss. Someone whimpered. Benny wasn’t really sure which one of them it had been. He felt his synapses fry. It was the most incredible thing he’d ever experienced. A voice called out, startling them both.

“Benny? Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Benny looked up and stared for a moment at Taylor, who had a wide smile across his face. Benny could feel his cheeks heat up. This wasn’t the way he wanted this to go, but damn, right now he needed Addy in the worst way.

“No, Taylor, not right now,” he replied quietly. Then he went back in for another one of those amazing kisses.

Pre-order it e-book & paperback

Cover Reveal date: 8/18/14

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Audio Book Blast: Wholehearted @PridePromo @cateashwood #bookcontest

About Cate: Cate Ashwood wrote her very first story in a hot-pink binder when she was in the second grade and found her passion for writing. Her first successful foray into romance writing came five years later when she wrote her best friend, who was experiencing a case of unrequited love, her own happily ever after.

Cate’s life has taken a number of different and adventurous roads. She now lives a stone’s throw from the ocean, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and two cats. Her life is filled with family and friends, travel, and, of course, books.

Cate loves to hear from readers. You can find her at:

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Narrator: John Orr
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

We've got blurbage:
Officer Declan Grant responds to a call at the Hope Cove docks to find Lucas Hale barely alive after being beaten and tossed off his fishing boat. The violent crime rocks this tranquil community where everyone knows each other and doors are rarely locked. Despite Declan being new to Hope Cove, he wants to keep his new home and Lucas safe. He starts by volunteering to care for Lucas after he’s released from the hospital.

Lucas just wants to put the whole incident behind him and move on, but the more he gets to know Declan, the harder he finds it to push Declan and his do-right attitude away. The investigation into the assault continues, but Declan will soon face a moral dilemma, a choice that may topple his tidy life and force him to choose between Lucas and the law.

Tour Date: 8/11/14

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