Monday, August 4, 2014

Yes...I'm positive! #positivitychallenge day 2

Well I managed to do it...actually post a day 2 for this Positivity Challenge...that's kinda positive for me right

If you missed the first post and wanna catch-up I'll list them for you as I go...
Day 2 (that's today!)
Day 3 (oh I'm being extra positive listing that be posted tomorrow)

If you need some background info, read here:
You know how over on Facebook you get all these types of copy/paste and fill in the blanks things that people tag you in? Well most of them are fun and you play along...but this latest one that I got tagged in is more than made me think of all the good things I look forward to every I'm gonna take the Positivity Challenge that the wonderful T.t. Miller tagged me in and I'll post them every day for 5 days on my FB wall...but I will also post them here because I want to share them with you guys too. *big smiles* <3 so much's killing ya isn't it? hehe

Positivity Challenge

Day 2 of 5: T.t. Miller has challenged me to post 3 positive things a day for 5 days. List 3 positive things for 5 days and challenge 3 people each day to take the Positivity Challenge.

1. I am grateful that when I took my morning shower today and ran out of conditioner *heads desk* there was still enough to do me right one last time...because let me tell you—my hair minus conditioner ain't pretty!

2. I am grateful that when I logged into Facebook for a quick peeksy around before getting ready for a Monday at the EDJ *shudders* my sweet-ums Remmy had PM'd me with a very Very VERY pretty surprise...oooooh I wish I could tell you but that isn't for me to say, but *shivers* ooooooh baby!

3. I am grateful that even though I nag and complain and bitch and moan about my EDJ, I have one. I've got numerous friends that are looking for a permanent no matter how much mine irks me (and takes me away from my writing buddies for too long during the day) I do know how lucky I am to have it.

Now, I was going to challenge the same three people every day—until I was hit over the head with the Duh! Rock...they were already challenged to do the 5 day challenge yesterday, so I get to pick 3 new people today...which is good because yesterday I had a hard time just picking 3—there is a lot of awesomeness out there and I get to tap 3 asses every day for 5 days straight...ooooh, there is something else to be grateful for! *winks*

So I challenge Sharon Schofield, Karen Candido-Johnson, and Christy Duke to the 5 day Positivity Challenge. Make sure you tag your challenger with each post!

P.S. Sorry—it seems my potty mouth really makes an appearance if I post things before my first cup of coffee *blushes*

Stay tuned for the next one tomorrow! ;)

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