Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rowen is trying to blow me away...

I'm working it trying to finish Blown Away – my first Pulp Friction 2014 book. Well, last night I was taking*looks around really quick* I was just taking a very short break—honest like a split second break that's all—and I came across one of those jpegs that people share (not really a meme, which thanks to my sis I now pronounce properly *heads desk* lmao) but just one of those funny things that people post and share...thanks Dianne *winks*...and I realized this is one of the problems I'm having with Blown Away...

Darn it – I want Rowen to do certain things...and he basically flicked me off, shouted obscenities at me (not really, but yeah kinda) and did whatever the hell he felt like doing anyway. I threatened him, explained I had the power to not get him laid in this book...and he might have laughed at me—the jury is still out on that one...*pours another shot of tequila* So I figured I'd share my woes with you along with the funny...because it really isn't funny how true it is! LMAO

Did you know
I have a new release out?
A Guy Like Grant is only 99¢
and available at ARe and Amazon!

Combine one hot biker,
a chance of a lifetime
and a hurricane in the mood
to whip some trouble,
and Grant may have just
about all he can handle.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take a trip with Grant...#newrelease

A Guy Like Grant is finally available as a 99¢ Story Orgy Single!

Grant Faustito is ready to put his years of hard work to the test, and the contest where he can lay it all on the line happens to be at his favorite yearly event, Biketoberfest. He is more than prepared for the week in Daytona Beach—or so he thinks.
Casey Bunker's never been to a bike week before, and he's excited about his first one. When he runs into the sexy older biker on the way there, he's thinking there might by yet another first for him to try.
Talk about the perfect storm—combine one hot biker, a chance of a lifetime, and a hurricane in the mood to whip some trouble, and Grant may have just about as much as he can handle.

Caution: This was previously published in the Story Orgy Road Trip anthology that is now out of print. Even though the base story remains the same it has been edited again and polished all nice and pretty for you to enjoy.

So far available at ARe

Chapter One

As soon as Casey climbed off his bike, he noticed. How could he not? The man easily topped out at a couple inches over six feet, carrying lots of meat on him. Not too bulky, which Casey appreciated, but not a scrawny man either. Oh, far from it. This guy had some strength to him. His salt and pepper hair placed him in his forties at least, older than Casey normally sought out, but damn, this guy deserved the time of day. He was gassing up a huge dually that had seen lots of miles. A plain white enclosed trailer was hitched to the battered truck.
 This called for a closer look. Casey finished topping off his bike's tank and glanced around. His buddies were still in the convenience store, probably hitting on the clerk if she was a D cup or larger. Good, a few minutes to spare. He replaced the nozzle, shoved the receipt in his front jeans pocket, and strolled over to the dually on the far side of the pumps.
 "My, what a huge truck you got there, mister."
 The man turned around and raised a questioning eyebrow.
 Casey cringed to himself and thanked god his buddies weren't there to hear that come-on. "I mean your actual truck." Not better. "The one you're gassing up." Getting worse. "You know what? Have a good day, and I'm sorry for bothering you." Casey turned to walk away.
 "Should I say the better to pick you up with?"
 That deep voice demanded Casey stop mid-turn. He glanced back at the stranger, and they both laughed. Casey’s laugh might’ve been a bit higher, a tad sharper than Grant’s, but it was good.
 "A cheesy retort like that should be followed by something in the way of…you can pick me up with that beast but can you handle me?"
 The stranger chuckled again, lower this time. "My retorts match the lines they follow." He stopped and appraised Casey up and down. Casey did his best not to puff out his chest or, god forbid, pose for the man. "So tell me, who am I following in this conversation?"
 He offered his hand and his best genuine smile. "My name's Casey Bunker."
 The older man's hand engulfed his, calloused and sprinkled with fine salt and pepper hair that matched the thick waves brushing his forehead. It was a hand that popped Casey's interest, specifically in one area. He matched the strength the man gave him in the shake but didn't try to one-up him. He had a feeling there were few areas in which he could one-up this guy.
 Just like all good things, the touch ended sooner than he wanted.
 "And who might be picking me up?"
 "Well now, my birth name is Grant Faustito. My friends seem to prefer calling me Faus." He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture when Casey opened his mouth to question him. "They use last names most of the time, and got tired of saying mine completely. Lazy bucks, if you ask me."
 "Ah. Well, Grant, it's nice to meet you." He stood there and tried not to literally twirl his thumbs. When the seconds of silence seemed too long, he tried to fill them. "So those duallies use diesel fuel, right?" And flunked yet again.
 Grant finished with the nozzle and hung it back on its cradle. He turned his back to Casey slightly when he recapped his gas tank. "And here I thought your next question would be if I came here often."
 "That question wouldn't do me any good considering I'm just driving through. I'm heading to Daytona Beach and Biketoberfest. Finally got my bike up and running and…um…yeah." Casey gestured to where he left his bike and blushed again. He couldn't remember the last time he had this much trouble talking to someone. Then again, he couldn't remember the last time he wanted to talk to someone so bad.
 "Biketoberfest, huh?" Grant chin-nodded to Casey's motorcycle. "That's a Ninja, right? What was wrong with it that you had to get it up and running?"
 "Yeah, 2002 Ninja 250EX. Not a flashy type of bike to be going to Daytona with, but it's mine and, well, yeah. The clutch cable went out on it. I took it to the shop and thank god the mechanic was an honest sort. He told me that I could just buy a cable and DIY the job myself and save a pretty penny."
 Casey rubbed the back of his neck with his sweaty palm, not sure how to continue the conversation at this point.
 "A mechanic that doesn't try to bleed you dry? Lucky you."
 Casey looked at Grant's clear blue eyes and smiled again. "Getting luckier by the moment."
 "You don't say?"
 "Yo, Casey, whatcha doing over there? You ready to roll? We've been shut out by the clerk and her bouncy friend, already filled up on gasoline and caffeine. Time to ride, bro!"
 Maybe Casey spoke too soon. He turned to see his two buddies slapping each other playfully and laughing as they headed toward him and Grant. It was too late to head them off too. Casey saw the sparkle in Sean's eyes when he glimpsed Grant.
 "Hey, who's the pops you made friends with?" Sean laughed.
 The guys reached his side and Frankie stood a little too close to Casey for comfort. "Dude, Casey, you and me have gots to talk."
 Casey glared at the last man on the planet he would willingly talk to. The only reason the dipshit was even with them this week was because Sean was dating his younger sister, Lita. "Yeah, I highly doubt that, Frankie."
 He turned to Grant and prayed that his face conveyed his unhappiness for the interruption. Best to put feet between them now though, before these two made complete asses of themselves and him.
 "It was really good talking shop with you, hope to see you around." In front of Frankie and Sean, and against his better judgment, he leaned over and squeezed Grant's arm in a quick goodbye. It might have been a stupid move that would definitely get him razzed, but it was well worth it to feel the muscle there. Did he imagine it flexed a little under his grip? If so, that was fine with him.
 "Come on, guys," he said quickly and hurried back to his Ninja.
 "Don't forget the roads are dangerous with Biketoberfest going on. Helmets are a smart idea." Grant's concern for his safety, or safety in general, made him smile. But he didn't dare turn around and answer.
 "Hey, old timer! This is fucking Florida, no helmet law. You worry about controlling that thing you're driving and we'll worry about what's between our legs." Frankie lowered his voice for just Sean and Casey as he added, "I hate it when four-wheel drivers feel the need to protect us bikers."
 "Technically his truck has six wheels, Frankie."
 "Fuck you, Sean." Casey heard both of them cutting up and growled under his breath.
 He picked up his pace and straddled his bike before he knew it. Glancing over at Frankie, who was putting his sunglasses on, he flicked him off, and revved his throttle. He didn't even wait to see if the other two were ready before peeling out of the gas station heading east.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

H is for...

Here's one of those fun FB games that people tag you in...I liked this one so I'm sharing here as well. *winks*

Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...all done up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you cannot use your name for the name of boy/girl question...ready, set...goooooooooooooo

1. What is your name: Havan
2. A four letter word: Hope
3. A boys name: Harlan
4. A girls name: Hannah
5. An occupation: Hooker
6. A color: Harvest Gold
7. Something you wear: Hat
8. A food: Ho-Hos
9. Something found in the bathroom: Hydrogen Peroxide
10. Place: Heaven
11. A reason for being late: Hanky Panky
12. Something you shout: Holy Hell He's Hot!
13. A movie title: Heathers
14. Something you drink: Hot Chocolate
15. A musical group: Heart
16. An animal: Hummingbird
17. A street name: Hollywood Boulevard
18. Type of car: Hummer

Your turn...leave me a comment with some of the words you'd use in this game :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wick's Weekend Plans...

You curious what our good friend Wicked Q. Templeton is doing this very weekend? Well someone had the nerve to hack into an email he sent to his bestie I'm not sure what worries me more – that someone hacked into Wick's email knowing that he has Banyu who no doubt can find the culprit...or the fact that the culprit looks like he's about to respond...

Very interesting...*winks*
(click on the picture to enlarge it)

If you are interested in more shenanigans from the Pulp Friction crew of 2013 & getting to know the new crew of 2014 you should join the FB group...Pulp Friction Love – it's a friendly place where the authors of Pulp Friction and the readers can get together and have fun...come join us!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#PulpFriction has been specially recognized! @leebrazil @LauraHarner @tombearatl

Lookie what we got!

The Paranormal Romance Guild gave Pulp Friction a Special Recognition thank you!!

"A note from the Review Chair, Gloria Lakritz: Being the Review Chair should have some perks. I would be remiss if I did not honor in some way four wonderful authors who this year have come up with something so different and original I want to honor their idea, their talent and the wonderful job they did."

Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to jump on Jude

JudgingJude is on sale for 1/2 price at ARe…yep you got that right…50% off for the next few days…you need to jump on Jude! (oh if only)

Here’s what a few reviewers are saying about Jude…

“… when I read the description of 'Judging Jude' I knew I wanted to read it….Thank you, Havan, for a beautiful story of hope.”

5 sweet peas
“Let me start this review simply. Wow.
Havan Fellows has taken a character that I thought I could not like, Jude, the title character, and turned him into someone who I related with and felt for.”

4½ stars
“This one does not disappoint….I enjoyed this from the beginning and really liked the way Billy and Jude’s relationship progressed….”

Jude's a master of running from things: his best friend, his memories, his nefarious dealer. Billy is determined to stop his marathon once and for all.

Judas Stirlying enjoys being a troublemaker. That way, he can skip the middle man and run off people who might care about him before they have the chance to leave on their own. Life is safer that way.

Billy Walker knows the real Jude. Oh, not the strung out jerk he wants the world to see, but the man with hidden depths that forever earned him Billy’s loyalty—whether Jude wants it or not. With the help of Jude's best friend (the one that never falls for Jude's "get lost" vibe) and a mysterious note at a New Year's Eve celebration, Billy will do whatever it takes to show Jude his life isn’t a waste…that maybe, if he changes his path, there really would be something to celebrate.

Billy plans to prove to Jude that his life hasn't been a waste—and prove to the rest of the world that Jude is worth a damn—before the dangers of Jude's past catch up to them all.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fringe Benefits of the Pulp Friction World...

There are lots of benefits to writing with the Pulp Friction group...first and foremost they are the most supportive friends/authors I could ask matter what asinine questions I may come up with – or how many times I may ask the same grammar question (so not kidding...*blushes*) they are always more than happy to help me. The feeling is completely mutual also, though I'd be shot down by lightning if I didn't admit that I probably use and abuse them much more than they do me...lmao.

One of the benefits is getting to see and have an opinion in new graphics that we put together to make each and every experience for our readers the best they can be. With that being said, here is the new Pulp Friction 2014 badge that will be prominently displayed for all to see, hopefully to make it just a bit easier to point us out when you want us...*winks*
Laura Harner is the mastermind behind it and she really did a brilliant job! Love everything about it and it brings a good Flagstaff feel with it.

Now, another one of the benefits of being in the Pulp Friction group is...well...I get to sample the other author's stories before the public gets them...and oh halibut yeah is that worth the price of admission and much much more!

Right at this very little hot moment I'm reading a smartly written book called Firestorm...also by the lovely Laura Harner who has drawn the long and thick straw and gets to put her goodies out for you first this year.

So just remember to look for that terrific new badge on January 15th, and you'll be caught up in the heat that is the first book of the 2014 Pulp Friction season! *winks*

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Being Other's Best in 2013

So it is the beginning of the New Year and this week people have been posting their "Best of" lists.

(before we go any further, no I don't have one of those lists lol)

But I do love reading everyone else's lists and thinking to myself " day..." (because of course I think to myself with ellipses...don't you?)

Well my one day seems to be here...and yeah – I'm utterly speechless...well besides the hundreds of words I'm rambling here and the calls I've made to family members and the PMs I've done with my friends and the tweets and the Facebook posts and the prayers of thanks and the squee'ing in private (and a little...lot in public)...
So yeah, I'm completely and utterly speechless

And if you'd like to squee a little with me...

Pulp Friction 2013 Collection
"Something really new this year was the interconnected series from the Pulp Friction group. Each series and main characters were intimately connected to each other and culminated in a four author four series finale story.  It was outstanding and earned all four a place on my list."

And with that AWESOME intro ST&RW named all four series in the Pulp Friction 2013 Collection on their list under Best Action/Suspense Fiction of 2013.

Thank you, Melanie, for taking a chance on a different idea from four wacky type of authors.

Pulp Friction 2013 Collection
"What I thought was incredible about this series is that you have 4 different authors, all writing about characters who are connected, and the stories do intertwine while you also learn different parts of the story, but you never feel overwhelmed by details or overloaded by the multiple storylines.  At least I didn’t!"

That was only a bit of what Diane said about the Pulp Friction 2013 Collection when she listed us under her Best Series and Serials of 2013.

It is much appreciated, Diane, we hope you enjoy us again in 2014.

Judging Jude
"Strong characters, fantastic writing, had me from the first word."

What a heady feeling I get when reading this compliment about Judging Jude on the Bear's blog...right there in black and white for all to see and read...that Tom thinks that way about a book I wrote...and put it on his Best of 2013 list.

I admire you, Tom, and for you to like Jude enough to include him on your list means the world to me, thank you.

*whispers* pssst...on a side note...Judging Jude (you know, the one the Bear likes with the strong characters and fantastic writing *squees all over again*) is on sale at ARe for 50% off!

No hiding this year...

So...I was at one of my fave places to be yesterday—spilling my guts out, so to speak. *winks*

That's right...I was at Lee Brazil's blog (can never get enough of him hehe) telling what I want to accomplish in the year 2014...oh yeah, Lee coerced me into doing *gasps* New Year's resolutions...and now they are on his blog for the whole world to see and I can't just forget about them if I don't do them, can't just brush them under the rug and sneak away from them...because they are there...all spelled out...darn it I'm accountable now! *heads desk laughing maniacally*

You curious what I stacked up against me? Well jump on over to Lee's place and find's fun there – he always has the bestest coffee and baked goods!

*whispers* pssst...on a side note...Judging Jude (which is mentioned in my resolutions) is on sale at ARe for 50% off!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We're Back!

That's right...starting next Monday—January 6, 2014—The Story Orgy is back. :)

We will be a little more lax in our postings – it won't always be a serial work, sometimes it will just be a quickie flash or something to that effect...but we will always bring our A game ;)

So join me here on Monday and let our games begin!

psssst...thanks to Jade for the kick assets picture! *winks*