Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fringe Benefits of the Pulp Friction World...

There are lots of benefits to writing with the Pulp Friction group...first and foremost they are the most supportive friends/authors I could ask matter what asinine questions I may come up with – or how many times I may ask the same grammar question (so not kidding...*blushes*) they are always more than happy to help me. The feeling is completely mutual also, though I'd be shot down by lightning if I didn't admit that I probably use and abuse them much more than they do me...lmao.

One of the benefits is getting to see and have an opinion in new graphics that we put together to make each and every experience for our readers the best they can be. With that being said, here is the new Pulp Friction 2014 badge that will be prominently displayed for all to see, hopefully to make it just a bit easier to point us out when you want us...*winks*
Laura Harner is the mastermind behind it and she really did a brilliant job! Love everything about it and it brings a good Flagstaff feel with it.

Now, another one of the benefits of being in the Pulp Friction group is...well...I get to sample the other author's stories before the public gets them...and oh halibut yeah is that worth the price of admission and much much more!

Right at this very little hot moment I'm reading a smartly written book called Firestorm...also by the lovely Laura Harner who has drawn the long and thick straw and gets to put her goodies out for you first this year.

So just remember to look for that terrific new badge on January 15th, and you'll be caught up in the heat that is the first book of the 2014 Pulp Friction season! *winks*

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