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What is that? A Sweet Exchange with Friction?

Oh baby...every exchange is sweeter with a little bit of friction...don't you agree? *winks*


And you know what? Here are some sweet treats for you honor of that all important kiss-me holiday coming are two quickie shorts for you to enjoy from the Pulp Friction Sweet Exchange family...

by: Havan Fellows
All Gregor wants to do is enjoy Valentine's Day with his boyfriend, Jordan. Instead, the happy couple has a dinner engagement with their parents, un-couple-like that is. Gregor could handle that...if he knew what his mischievous lover had planned for the night.

Warning: This is a whispery 3000 word short breath of sweet air that will have you smiling and reaching for a little sugar of your own.

Change of Dynamics available @ All Romance e-books & Amazon

by: Lee Brazil
Playing hide and seek at the pier had seemed silly to Mitch, but it was Sloan's game, and Sloan was something Mitch took very seriously.

Warning: This 3600 word romantic short story contains homoerotic sex acts, public sex, a cross dressing hero, and an ending sugary enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Under the Pier available @ All Romance e-books & Amazon


Count them with me now...2...yes 2 quickies for a little grope at just 99cents what do you say...

Will you be our Valentine?

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Love is Love...Dianne Hartsock

Gender Fluid

Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide. - Unknown.                       

Welcome to my little corner of the Love is Love Blog Hop! I saw a sign on Facebook the other day, 'I long for the day when it's no longer brave to be gay'. But you know, that's not enough. It should say, 'I long for the day when it's no longer brave to be me'.

I learned a brand new word the other day: gender fluid. I'd never heard that term before but it was as if a 'veil had been lifted from my eyes' and a whole world of possibility opened up for me.

Gender Fluid is a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl. A person who is Gender Fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more boy some days, and more girl other days. Being Gender Fluid has nothing to do with which set of genitalia one has, nor their sexual orientation. At its core, it’s just a word that people use to help figure themselves out.                                                    -urban dictionary

I discussed the term with a few friends and it was new to them as well. Except for one very dear person. When I brought it up to him, I saw something beautiful. There was a bright flash in his eyes, a slow smile, and I swear it was as if a blanket of peace settled over him.

"So that's what I am," he whispered. He sounded awestruck. I can't even write this without tears coming to my eyes again. I think he finally found his place in the world. Not that any of us like labels. But I think for the first time in his life he knew he wasn't alone.

This lovely term also reminds me of a young person I met a few years ago. For the most part he dressed as a sinfully pretty boy, but occasionally, he'd wear a flowery dress or tight skirt and be a breathtaking girl. It actually took me several months to realize that no, I wasn’t seeing twins, but the same person each time. I hadn't heard the term 'gender fluid' yet and thought it was sweet when I asked him about his clothing choices and he replied, 'I feel like a girl today'.  Now I know he was being earnest.

So, by now you're probably wondering where I'm heading with this. I just want to say that it's okay to be yourself! Straight, gay, bi, gender fluid… We all have the same chance at our HEA.

I met an amazing young person this last year through the CHICKS & DICKS Blog He calls himself Thorny but he'll always be Sunshine to me. He writes a blog of his own, THORNY, NOT PRICKLY where he writes about life and love and…well, this is how he describes himself: I'm a happily married, gender fluid, gay man learning to be an author, going to college, and doing my best to stay true to myself no matter what. I'm not prickly, but am usually sparkly. How could you not love him?!

But anyway, his husband Jazz wrote a note once that really tugged at my heart. My husband sometimes dresses and behaves in a more feminine way, then it’s the opposite and he’s definitely more masculine, then it’s a combination of both. Just watching him walk from the bed to the bathroom in the morning tells me which kind of day it is. I don’t label it a girl day or boy day and I don’t label the man as femme or butch.

It’s just Monday and Thorny.

Doesn't that last line show the total acceptance and love we're all looking for! And this brings me back to my point. Be yourself, because you don't know who might love the person you hide.

So, I'd like to leave you with a little flash I wrote for the Hot Flashes Anthology coming from Breathless Press on March 8th. Also, comment for a chance to win a copy of any book on my backlist. Don't forget to leave your contact info. Thanks so much for coming by!

Robin's Confession

He twirled, feeling pretty, desirable, feminine. He adored the way the cool nylon caressed his skin and clung to the slight bulge of his dick. Robin's smile slipped. What would Jesse think of him, dressed like this? Doubt slithered into his dream of a happily ever after and his stomach churned with worry. It had taken months to capture Jesse's attention. He'd just had the best month of his life with his insatiable boyfriend, full of laughter and crazy sex.

But what if Jesse wasn't ready to see this part of him? Robin shuddered as ice touched his heart. What if Jesse was never ready?

The slam of the front door made his heart race a thousand miles an hour. Oh, Shit! His gaze darted frantically around the overturned bathroom. No place to hide.

"Darling, where are you?"

Fuck! Why did he have to put this fucking dress on? Everything was ruined. Robin backed against the sink, miserable as the door swung open.

Jesse's gaze burned over him and something flickered in his blue eyes. "What's this shit?"

Robin's heart broke. He couldn't speak as anguish knotted in his throat. Making a strangled little sound, he pushed by Jesse and fled across the bedroom. He had to get away! He ignored Jesse's shout and darted through the sliding glass door, escaping outside.

Sprinting across the lawn into the trees, he hid behind a tall maple when the tears made it difficult to see. Oh Jesus. Oh, Fuck. Jesse would throw him out and he'd be alone again.

"Fucking little queer," he muttered, just then hating who he was.

"Hope you're not talking to me."

Robin jumped at the voice then stared at the ground, breathing hard, waiting for the cruel words and laughter he deserved. Fingers brushed his cheek and he flinched, but didn't resist when Jesse tilted his chin upward. His lips parted in a gasp on seeing the warmth in Jesse's eyes. Jesse stepped closer to him, trapping Robin between the tree and his strong body.

"Two things," his boyfriend murmured, brushing Robin's lips with his own. "Never run from me again. And…" he punctuated each word with a nip on Robin's bottom lip. "Baby, you look fucking adorable."

Robin collapsed back against the tree, weak with hope. "What?"

Jesse pulled him into his arms and ran his hands down Robin's back. He cupped Robin's ass, nudging their cocks together. "I said you're damned sexy, honey. I've been waiting weeks to see you like this, but you're even prettier than I imagined." He thrust his hips. "I want to fuck you right here against this tree."

Jesse suddenly ducked his head and put his mouth on one of the small buds poking against the nylon on Robin's chest, biting gently. Robin's head swam with pleasure and bewilderment. "I don't understand. How did you know…about me?"

"You forgot to log off of Xdress after you ordered. In fact, I want to see…"

Jesse dropped to his knees in the soft moss, the spark of desire in his eyes, and Robin held his breath as Jesse slowly raised the hem of the short dress. 

Dianne Hartsock

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Love is Love...Laura Tolomei

Gender? What a mistake…at least according to my characters

That we shouldn’t accept what society feeds us without questioning it first is one of my favorite themes, particularly when it comes to tricky subjects such as same-gender relationships. My readers probably know by now I mostly write gay m/m genre, and even if the sex is very exciting, it’s not why I chose it. No, my aim is more ambitious. I try to show people an alternative way of living their lives, urge them to follow their sexual orientations no matter how unconventional, to think before conforming.
To Seduce A Soul Mate, Book 1 of the Soulmate Series, is the perfect example of what I believe in. My leading character, Pirate Drake, is in a rut. He’s always been a heterosexual, attracted to women alone, when here comes Martin–a green-eyed Irish devil who claims Drake is his soul-mate. For one who has never considered men as possible mates, in bed or out, the news is kind of hard to digest. Drake has never been with a man before, and it scares him to death. But there’s something about Martin that torments Drake, to the point he can’t eat, sleep or focus on anything besides the blond, green-eyed devil. Call it attraction, call it destiny, call it love—whatever it is, it drives Drake crazy. And what’s the one real thing’s holding him back? The fear of being classified as gay by the people around him, which to him has a negative connotation. What Drake needs is help to dig through his conventional beliefs after discovering his soul-mate isn’t exactly the gender he expected it to be.

 “So what?” Is Peter’s comment, one of the minor players in To Seduce A Soul Mate. “I don’t see why people are so biased in this age and time. Let me tell you something. Life is too short to play silly games with your happiness. We don’t have the luxury of time so if you find something truly special, you should grab it with all your strength never, ever, letting it go, and the hell with everything else.”

That’s one way of looking at it. Another is through Plato’s theory on soul-mates, a very interesting one, so I’ll let Peter fill you in.

“Plato had an interesting theory of his own on the subject. He said that at the beginning of time, human beings were strange creatures with two heads, four arms, four legs, two hearts and so on. In short, they were two beings in one. Since they wanted to imitate the gods, they became more perfect with each passing day until the gods feared they would eventually have more power than they did. So they decided to eliminate the unwanted competition by cutting the creatures in half and scattering the different parts on Earth. This condemned each part to look for its missing half, its soul mate so to speak. But not all creatures were hermaphrodites, that is male and female halves attached together. Some were two males or two females in the same body who kept the same sex also after splitting. Of course, since the missing halves inevitably looked for each other, Plato found homosexual relationships perfectly natural and acceptable.”

Yet another way of looking at it comes from Rose Seymour, Drake’s mother. Her pragmatic view may seem extreme to some, but it gets right to the heart of the matter.

“Homosexuality had never seemed a scandalous behavior, rather an insecure person’s nightmare.”

But maybe the best authority on the subject is Martin himself, the seducer, the silent voice in the novel, yet the one doing all the underground work.

“Technically, I’m not gay. I like men and women. I prefer the former to the latter, but it’s not that important when it comes to sex.”

Then again, Andrea, a character from Spying the Alcove, sums it up for Valerio, his heterosexual professor in archaeology:

“Sex is meant to be shared. It’s too precious to lock in a drawer, throwing away the key, or save for an exclusive use alone. It’s free and has no limitations except our own. And gender should never be an acceptable limit.”

Yeah, sure, sex is sex no matter what, but what about love? More than the sex, it’s the feelings for a person of the same gender that are hard to acknowledge, as though they were a liability rather than an asset. Returning to Drake and Martin, in Book 2, The Pirate’s Surrender, what is most difficult for Drake to accept is that he’s falling in love with Martin. That’s more serious stuff than living together and having fantastic sex whenever they feel like it. Martin, on the other hand, has no qualms about expressing his soul.

Martin leaned back on the chair. He had not wanted to press the pirate in a corner, but when he had come out with that ridiculous invitation to his parents’ house, he had not been able to control it. Not that he regretted the things he had said, all true and very much so in their context. No, what was getting to him was the fact he could not handle it—being so close to the pirate and not be able to express his feelings. For they had grown, as he feared they would the moment he agreed to live with his soul-mate. Now simply looking at him was laden with the urge to kiss, hold, have him in any way possible. And he longed to say the words burning in his heart, just could not afford the chance to lose his beloved over them. Even more frustrating, he had watched Drake developing much the same feelings. Too bad the pirate in him refused to acknowledge them, holding them back behind a wall of apparently impenetrable male strength. It drove Martin mad every time he perceived it, then he got more furious in bed, when the sheer passion of Drake’s response made it crumble miserably, to reveal a depth of emotions that would have frightened Martin had his soul-mate let them free.

How does Drake solve his dilemma?

Drake stared in empty space. “I scorned his soul-mate theory so much he vowed never to bring it up again. And he hasn’t. But the truth is I was scared. To be with him meant so many changes in my life I wasn’t sure I was ready for them, like having sex with a man, something I never dreamed of before Martin, or worse coming to terms with the possibility I might want to spend my life with a man. That took a lot of adjusting since I was scared of passing off as a fag, which I—”
“Love has nothing to do with being straight or gay.” It was his philosophical mate who supplied the right words. “You fall in love with a person, not with his or her gender.”

“Love has nothing to do with being straight or gay.” Got it? I think I made my point. In case I haven’t, I’d like to leave you with a few excerpts from the books mentioned above.

PG EXCERPT (from Spying the Alcove)
Feeling every second closer to danger, Valerio shifted nervously, hoping Andrea would take his arm off his legs. “I don’t like men, never had.”
“What is it you don’t like? The Greeks used to think the highest art form was the male body.”
“They were Greeks.”
“So we’re Italians, their proudest heritage.”
The Professor grinned. “Not enough to change my tastes.”
“Only because you haven’t found the right person,” Andrea assured.
“What do you mean?”
“That physical attraction has no rules or boundaries. A man could fall for another man even if he’s never considered them as possible mates.”

M/M Erotic (from To Seduce A Soul Mate, Book 1 Soulmate Series)
“Hey, Martin baby, aren’t you going to join in?” she asked, stopping to raise her head. Her hands kept working fast as she turned to the pirate. “I don’t know if he told you, but he loves cock, probably more than I do.” She bent on Drake’s erection, her tongue running on the stem in a playful mood. “And they tell me he’s quite good, too.”
“He knows, Jo Jo,” Martin assured, “but he’s not interested.”
Drake opened his mouth to protest, then closed it. Fear and excitement mingled together in an odd tenseness that clutched his body in a tight spasm. Wanting to say something, he turned to look at the Irishman and it was his undoing. The green gaze sucked him in a bottomless pit until no escape was possible. Unable to tear his eyes off, Drake went deeper inside Martin’s web, feeling the electricity coursing in his veins as if it were blood, heart thumping in his throat while his mouth, suddenly dry, burned for the chance to kiss the blond devil. Licking his lips, the pirate swallowed hard. “I may have changed my mind,” he breathed at last.
Martin’s grin was priceless. His mouth broke into the most wonderful smile Drake had ever seen and it had the power to melt his heart while stiffening his dick to a steel hardness. Weighed down by the urge to kiss him, he pushed the blond head down to his crotch. But the instant the Irish’s hot mouth closed on his enflamed dick, the jilt of intense erotic fulfillment plunged him straight back into Thanksgiving. And the pirate knew he would never be free now.

ADULT EXCERPT (from The Pirate’s Surrender, Book 2 Soulmate Series)
“I’m sick and tired of the nonsense claiming that to stick your cock automatically makes you superior, while who takes it is considered inferior. This is male chauvinism if I ever heard it! And it can’t be justified in any way.”
Unable to keep still, he shifted position, curling on himself.
“Take us for example. You’ll end up sticking it in more times than I’ll ever do it to you. Does that make me your inferior or less of a man?”
He slammed a fist on the mattress enraged. “Just think if it were true, all women—I repeat all—would be inferior by default, and you know that’s bullshit.”
He did not wait for Drake’s confirmation. “The truth is we’re fucking equals, men and women, you and I regardless of which position we assume in bed, of what we do and how we do it. It’s high time we stopped using sex to determine balances in social relations, or rather their unbalances. Who gives what to whom should have nothing to do with how we treat our fellow human beings.”
His breath played on Drake’s face. “This basic respect is lacking in today’s relationships, whether it’s lovers, colleagues, friends—”
“Fucking-friends,” Drake retorted.

Laura Tolomei
Check out my blog @LallaGatta for more exclusive and fiery hot excerpts on my sagas and series!
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Love is Love...Morticia Knight

Being Honest With Yourself

That seems simple enough, right? I mean, it’s not as if we have to try and impress ourselves – we can just be completely free with our thoughts and not worry about what others think – even if it is just in our minds. But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes in order to maintain a life that we think is acceptable to the others in our lives, we tell ourselves that we don’t really feel the way that we do. We try and do the things that are generally deemed “acceptable” to our friends and family.

Those things can be manifested in several ways. We can tell ourselves that we really like the career we’ve chosen, that an annoying friend is actually great to hang out with, that we’re not really attracted to the same sex. Some of the dishonesty we have with ourselves doesn’t hurt us that bad. But sometimes, it can have devastating consequences.

I’ve recently been through a very distressing time in my life. I won’t go into the details, because if I’m being honest with myself and with you, I’m not really ready to share it with anyone yet. But I was struck by how closely it mirrored some of the subject matter that I write about. Many of my stories involve people coming to terms with their sexuality in varying degrees. I also like to promote acceptance. The acceptance that comes when you’ve been honest with yourself, and being ready to be honest with those around you. The second part can only occur when you’ve dealt with the first.

No one promised us it would be easy, but we were all made to experience and express love; however it feels right to us. Don’t lie to yourself about who you are. Even if it hurts in the beginning, the ability to be honest and to express yourself eventually makes it all worthwhile. Sometimes, you might even be surprised to discover how much others love you after all. In my upcoming release from Total-E-Bound publishing, Set Ablaze, Eric has come out to his wife after twenty years of marriage. Her anger, and his son’s anger has been a devastating blow. But he needed to finally be honest with himself, and while he works on repairing his relationship with his son, he’s also found that there’s someone else out there that is ready to give and share love with him: the new young firefighter in town. The following is a short excerpt from when Eric finally is signing his divorce papers.

From Set Ablaze, Coming March 18th at Total-E-Bound

Eric put his signature on the last of the divorce settlement papers, and slowly—almost reverently—put them back in the envelope. He would give them back to Charlene in the morning.
“Why don’t we wait?” he had pleaded with her. “Matthew will be headed to ASU in the fall. Can’t we just keep our family together for a little while longer?”
“Fuck you, Eric,” was all she’d had to say.
After twenty years of marriage and raising a wonderful son, that was all he warranted, a ‘fuck you’? He wanted to punch their marriage counsellor in the face. The counsellor had been the one who had encouraged ‘complete and open honesty, no matter how it might hurt’. Yeah. Great. Telling his wife he was, and always had been, swinging for the same team had been a wonderful move. That had really worked out well. She’d initiated the divorce proceedings that night, but not before she’d accused him of a countless number of things that were absolutely not true. She’d slapped him, saying that she’d have to get screened for ‘gay diseases’, and that she knew that he’d been cheating on her all those years. She’d even started accusing some of his straight friends of being his secret lovers.
“I knew it!” she’d screeched at him. “My mom warned me from the beginning! All those camping and fishing trips! Just excuses to go away with your boyfriends, just like in that stupid movie!”
His head had been spinning. She had yelled so many outrageous things. There had been one affair in high school that he’d thought he’d hidden well, but Charlene’s brother knew about it and had blabbed to her parents. Being young and scared, he’d lied and told her none of it was true. He couldn’t tell her the truth. She never would have married him. The unfortunate reality was that he never should have married her—it had been wrong to mislead her the way he had. He had never been attracted to women, but he came from a family that would have had a fit and cast him out if he hadn’t married and led a ‘normal’ life. How could he regret his son, though? He didn’t, and he actually really did love Charlene, just not in the way she needed and deserved.
Yes, it was the right thing to do ultimately. Maybe the asshole counsellor had been on point after all. Sighing, he put the envelope in his desk drawer, and focused his mind back on the other issues he was dealing with. He had a firefighter out with a broken ankle, and a temporary replacement coming in. He also had a meeting with the arson investigators at four o’clock—just fifteen minutes away—to discuss their latest findings on the arson fires that had been plaguing the town recently.


Morticia Knight Author Bio

Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy tale, whether it is contemporary, paranormal, historical, ménage, M/M or BDSM - she loves it all! One of her passions is bringing people's fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor. When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on a three-book series called Uniform Encounters set in the Southwest that features those yummy men in uniform, and a steampunk horror ménage.

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Two Lips + Fuzzy = Recommended reads

*jumps around smiling like a loon and making a complete assets outta myself*

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Two Lips Reviews just gave Geoff's Teddy its top honor!

That's right...
Geoff's Teddy got
five lips
*spins & sing songs*
wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-it for it...
a Two Lips recommended read!!!
*whispers* isn't it purty???
*falls to ground dizzy and giggling*

Thank you...just simply thank you...<3

Love is Love...Jaxx Steele

Hello everyone,
I stopped by today to share my views on Love. This tour is to show that Love is Love. I write romance because I believe that. I chose to write gay romance because I believe that love is love. A lot of people think that it is wrong for a man to love a man, but I don’t think so. I think love is about the passion not the people. If a man can exhibit love and passion toward a woman surely it is possible to extend that toward a man. I write stories that are filled with the love, passion and companionship men show toward other men….and there is nothing wrong with that!
That is my humble opinion, my wonder readers. I hope that after following this tour you will too. In the mean time I would like to share with you one of my love stories. Yes…a love story. One that will touch your heart and body. J Here is a peek at And then there was Anthony.

After the death of his lover, Luke Finley took dating off his list of things to do. After meeting Anthony Dixon he found it difficult to keep the handsome man safely on the friend list. Will Luke let the ghosts from his past prevent him from having love in his future?

The man sitting with Nick turned around and Luke stopped in his tracks. He managed to keep his mouth from dropping open, but couldn’t prevent the gasp from escaping his mouth. The computer guy had the brightest, most sparkling brown eyes Luke had ever seen. They reminded him of a cup of freshly poured cup of cola sitting in the sunlight. The man landed a deliberate gaze on him that felt like a physical touch gliding over his skin.
He and Nick stood to greet him. Luke took in the stranger’s masculine features and everything around him seemed to fade. No hair obstructed the view of the man’s strong looking square jaw. His full lips were sensual and the dimple in his left cheek was prominent when he smiled.
Most men were taller than Luke’s five foot six inches, but this Anthony Dixon was massive. Nick stood six foot two and even he had to look up to the man. His broad shoulders and muscular stature couldn’t be hidden beneath the expensive-looking suit he wore. The jet black material over the beige shirt fitted him too well to be off the rack and complemented his caramel skin tone beautifully. Luke swallowed to wet his suddenly dry mouth while he gathered his wits and continued across the room.
“Luke, I’m glad you made it, man,” Nick greeted, patting him on the shoulder. “Luke Finley, this is Anthony Dixon, owner of Dixon Web Designs,” he added extending his hand to the stranger.
Luke took the stranger’s outstretched hand. Anthony’s grip was warm and firm. The skin-on-skin contact sent tingles up his arm as Anthony jerked it up and down.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luke.”
Anthony’s smooth, baritone voice vibrated over Luke’s skin sending an erotic pulse to his groin and lightning strikes of pleasure to his nipples. The realization surprised him. No one’s voice had ever turned him on before.
“I—I apologize for the delay. Thank you for waiting for me, Mr. Dixon.”
“It was no problem, and please call me Anthony. I think that’s okay if we’re going to be working together,” Anthony said, offering him a seat. “Any friend of Nick’s is a friend of mine.”
The three men sat down and Luke put the basket in the center of the table.
“I brought a peace offering. Is it all right if we eat as we talk?”
“Of course. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting if you’re not comfortable with that kind of scene. I want to make this as easy for you as possible.”
“Thanks. I must admit I’m not very techy at all. That’s why I asked Nick to find me someone to help. He knows all about that kind of stuff.”
Anthony angled his head to look into the basket. “Are these from Morning Glory down on Eighth Street?” he asked, removing a Danish.
“Yes, that’s my shop.”
Anthony’s face lit up. His eyes danced happily and an exuberant grin spread across his face. Luke’s heart fluttered at the sight.
“Really? I love that place. Making a website for you will be easier than I thought,” he said, opening his laptop.
“Nick didn’t tell you I owned Morning Glory?” he asked, turning to his friend.
“When I set up the meeting I just gave Anthony the basics. I had a friend that wanted a website for his business and that you were in the food industry,” Nick supplied with a shrug.
Luke nodded, turning back to Anthony. He held the cheese Danish between his lips as he typed. Taking a bite, he used one hand to complete his task.
“Mmm, these are so good, my favorite actually. I used to stop by your place on the way to work to get one every morning.”
Luke’s eyes widened. “Really? When was that? I never saw you. I wouldn’t have missed someone like you in my store.”
Anthony’s eyes shifted toward him. A rush of heat quickly filled Luke’s cheeks. He made the attempt to fumble out a retraction.
“No!” he said, shaking his hand. “I just mean I wouldn’t have missed a man as big as you.”
An amused smile touched Anthony’s lips as he turned to fully face Luke.
“Wait! That’s not what I wanted to say,” Luke rushed out. “I’m just trying to say that I usually notice when good-looking men come into my store,” he expressed more slowly.
Luke gasped, then pressed his lips together. He groaned and closed his eyes.
Just shoot me.
Nick’s abrupt laughter startled him. Luke’s eyes popped open and he turned to glare at his friend.
“I, uh—” Anthony cleared his throat to swallow his own obvious titters. “I used to go by there earlier this year on the way to work to get a cherry-cheese Danish and coffee,” he explained waving the Danish slightly. “I did it for a few months, but, as the weather warmed, many of my clients requested morning meetings so I got out of the habit.”
Nick didn’t bother to muffle his continuous laughter at Luke’s expense. Luke kicked Nick’s shin under the table.
“Oww! Oh…look at the time,” he corrected, quickly looking at his watch. “I’m going to go and let you good people handle your business without me.” Nick stood and extended his hand.
“Anthony, always a pleasure. I’ll continue to keep you in mind when someone mentions they need a website. Give me a call when you got some free time.”
“Thanks, Nick. I will.”
“Luke, I’ll call you later,” he said with a wide grin, clapping him on the shoulder.

And then there was Anthony is available now at Silver Publishing.

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Love is Love...Jambrea Jo Jones

Love is Love

I say this all the time to my son. ALL the time. I want him to know that his home is a safe place. No matter what. I want him to know that it’s okay to love a person. That’s it. A person. I don’t say a boy or girl. A person. Because that is what we should all see.
My son came home one night and told me about this boy who kept trying to kiss him. He told me the other boy was okay, but he didn’t like him that way. I told my son to let the boy know that he wants to just be friends. I’m like—you need to be friends with him because he might need it as you get older. My son didn’t blink an eye, he’s like, okay mom.
That’s what I want to teach my son. That it’s okay to be you and don’t worry about other people. My son knows he can always come to me with any issue and I’ll be open to talk to him about it. I wish there were more parents out there who would love their children unconditionally.
My son knows I write about men who love each other. He’s seen photos of two men kissing just as he’s seen pictures of a man and woman as well as two women kissing. Sure, he’s still a boy and he giggles, but he is being exposed to something that shows him it’s okay to love the person he wants.
It breaks my heart when I hear the news of another teen suicide or a child being thrown out of the house because they were gay. If I could—I’d take them all in. It saddens me that there are still people out there in 2013 that cannot understand the concept of every individual being equal in all ways.

Thank you!
Jambrea Jo Jones