Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is Love...Jambrea Jo Jones

Love is Love

I say this all the time to my son. ALL the time. I want him to know that his home is a safe place. No matter what. I want him to know that it’s okay to love a person. That’s it. A person. I don’t say a boy or girl. A person. Because that is what we should all see.
My son came home one night and told me about this boy who kept trying to kiss him. He told me the other boy was okay, but he didn’t like him that way. I told my son to let the boy know that he wants to just be friends. I’m like—you need to be friends with him because he might need it as you get older. My son didn’t blink an eye, he’s like, okay mom.
That’s what I want to teach my son. That it’s okay to be you and don’t worry about other people. My son knows he can always come to me with any issue and I’ll be open to talk to him about it. I wish there were more parents out there who would love their children unconditionally.
My son knows I write about men who love each other. He’s seen photos of two men kissing just as he’s seen pictures of a man and woman as well as two women kissing. Sure, he’s still a boy and he giggles, but he is being exposed to something that shows him it’s okay to love the person he wants.
It breaks my heart when I hear the news of another teen suicide or a child being thrown out of the house because they were gay. If I could—I’d take them all in. It saddens me that there are still people out there in 2013 that cannot understand the concept of every individual being equal in all ways.

Thank you!
Jambrea Jo Jones


  1. I totally agree. Great job with your son. I have done the same thing with my daughter. I swelled with pride the day I heard her talking with a friend about 2 guys at school who were gay and what a cute couple she thought they would make. Now if everyone taught their children to be accepting, the world would be a much happier place.

  2. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man and bravo for showing him that love in all its forms is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. :)