Friday, February 8, 2013

What is that? A Sweet Exchange with Friction?

Oh baby...every exchange is sweeter with a little bit of friction...don't you agree? *winks*


And you know what? Here are some sweet treats for you honor of that all important kiss-me holiday coming are two quickie shorts for you to enjoy from the Pulp Friction Sweet Exchange family...

by: Havan Fellows
All Gregor wants to do is enjoy Valentine's Day with his boyfriend, Jordan. Instead, the happy couple has a dinner engagement with their parents, un-couple-like that is. Gregor could handle that...if he knew what his mischievous lover had planned for the night.

Warning: This is a whispery 3000 word short breath of sweet air that will have you smiling and reaching for a little sugar of your own.

Change of Dynamics available @ All Romance e-books & Amazon

by: Lee Brazil
Playing hide and seek at the pier had seemed silly to Mitch, but it was Sloan's game, and Sloan was something Mitch took very seriously.

Warning: This 3600 word romantic short story contains homoerotic sex acts, public sex, a cross dressing hero, and an ending sugary enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Under the Pier available @ All Romance e-books & Amazon


Count them with me now...2...yes 2 quickies for a little grope at just 99cents what do you say...

Will you be our Valentine?

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