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Story Orgy Monday...Farewells & Greetings pt. 5

Happy Story Orgy Monday!
. . feels like just yesterday I was posting part 4 up on my yeah it was just yesterday *sticks out tongue*

For clarification purposes – I did post a very very long (damn I am a size queen *winks*) part 4 of Farewells & Greetings yesterday because I didn't quite make it on Monday and then the week attacked me. Bad bad week.

And now for part 5 – which is blessedly shorter lol

This week's prompt:  Well he hadn't expected that.

And now for your reading pleasure…

Farewells & Greetings
pt. 5
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

What exactly was Dwight doing?

This thing between him and Pip, well it was ridiculous. He was a businessman, he sat at his desk promptly at eight in the morning, he ate lunch between noon and one then went back to work until five in the evening. From there he drove home, stopping by the store if there was an urgent need for something because shopping was a chore not an excursion to be enjoyed. When home he either nuked his dinner or threw a rudimentary salad or sandwich together, watched some television, and then went to bed, prepared to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, but no drama or problems either.

Pip...well a regular routine sure didn't seem to be in Pip's nature. Yeah, their first date was nice and perhaps even quaint with the meal at home and surprisingly enough good conversation. Their second date...well he hadn't expected that. A couple's massage for two people that technically weren't even a couple, and damn if Pip didn't shuck his jeans off after admitting he wasn't wearing any underwear.

Dwight stood there and tried not to be uncomfortable in nothing but—as Pip called them numerous times that day—Dwighty's tighty whities. Yet, Pip had no problems strolling from the one side of the room purposely to the farthest of the two massage tables. Oh, Dwight still remembered with photographic detail how Pip hopped up on that table, positioned his legs quite invitingly, then grinned wide, asking Dwight if he was going to plant his delectable derriere up where it belonged.

Dwight had to make sure his tighty whities didn't tent after that comment. He knew—hell they both knew, according to Pip's quickly becoming infamous smirk—exactly where Dwight wanted to plant his derriere. The massage table wasn't even a thought in his mind at that moment.

The plus side to Pip's exhibitionist act? Dwight now knew exactly where Erisyl's tail ended, and he found another piercing, well multiple ones.

Dwight head butted his desk, glad his office door was closed so no one heard his moan at that thought.

When Pip dropped him off at his townhouse after their massages he had placed a chaste kiss on Dwight's lips and told him until date number three. Dwight spent the rest of the night trying to remember what Pip said would happen on the third date, seeing how the man seemed to stay true to his promises...or were they threats?

In the middle of the night Dwight had woken up in a state of panic, finally remembering what Pip had said would happen on their next date. They would work on Dwight's issues, of which Pip seemed to understand and accept.

Dwight wondered, if he skipped town would Pip find him...because Dwight started to realize that he had no control of this thing happening between them. He also realized that he might be okay with that.

Oh god, what was he doing?

To be cont'd...
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The pup yelped and scrambled back, leaping onto the porch.

“Hey, I’m not here to hurt you. I can open the gate.”

The pup looked at him then boom, a lovely lean man stood there, shaggy blond hair curling around his face. “H-hey.”

“Hi. Would you like to run? I can get you out.” God, the kid was adorable and plenty old enough to play.

“Oh. Oh, no. Daniel would be so mad at me for getting out again.” Eyes the color of brandy caught the sun. “Daniel says I’ll get hurt, lost.”

“Does Daniel mistreat you?” Because Mick could beat someone down just for fun.

“Daniel? My Daniel?” The pup’s laugh was happy, joyous, the look on his face fond and warm. “Oh, no. Daniel loves me. He works for both of us. He brings me half his food every day. He’s a good mate. We… The Alpha said ‘too many males’, and we… Daniel pays for this home, he brushes me, he works all day every day.”

“Do you work?” Mick tilted his head, waiting, nodding in sympathy. Damn, it was hard for bachelor males to manage when thrust out on their own, especially ones who needed an alpha as much as this one did. It seemed like the kid barely held it together, at least on two legs. Sweet baby.

“I paint. I paint pictures, and I wash Daniel’s uniforms. I… I get… He follows rules better than me, and he can stop a shift, if he needs to. He can even work during the moon.”

Mick smiled, liking this kid a lot. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Scott. Scott Miller. What’s yours?”

Scott. It worked.

“I’m Mick Eagleheart. I like your belly. I kinda want to lick it.”

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Story Orgy Sunday (???)...Farewells & Greetings pt. 4

Happy Story Orgy MondaySunday!
. .
Yes...if you want to get technical today is Sunday, not Monday.

Well...I could give you a list of excuses...or you can look at the pretty—and almost 4k word (OMG lol) scene I'm giving you today as my apology for being almost a week late...and yes—there is a post for tomorrow

So...for people new to my story – this is the continuation to a story I wrote many years ago with the Story Orgy called Farewell. It does reference a quickie I wrote with Dwight and Pip for Easter also...that quickie unfortunately is not available right now...I am in the process of cleaning it up and getting it posted for those who haven't read it or would like to reread it... :)

This week's prompt:  He stood up abruptly. "I've had enough."

And now for your reading pleasure…

Farewells & Greetings
pt. 4
copyright © 2014 Havan Fellows

Not having any idea where Pip was driving them—and kind of afraid to ask—Dwight smoothed his hands down the simple polo shirt he chose to wear with his cargo shorts. The weather was warming up nicely and Pip assured him that shorts was appropriate attire for their second date.

He wondered if he'd have a say in when their third date happened, considering he wasn't in the loop with the first and second ones.

"I never took you for the vain type."

Dwight head shot up and he looked at Pip, who was smirking at him as they sat at a red light. "What?"

"My little freckle pop, that's the fifth time you straightened your shirt. Either you're worried about your clothing, or trying to make me jealous. I'm kinda hoping that your vanity is the problem because I can handle dating someone as pretty as me, but I don't do well with jealousy. If you're going to continue rubbing your hands up and down that enticing chest, lingering over those budding nipples...well, we might have to go round a few."

Dwight looked down at himself. Enticing chest? His cheeks heated up in a blush when he realized that his shirt was indeed on the smaller side and showing off pebbled nipples. He quickly crossed his arms over them defensively.

"Well, you keep it too cold in this...this behemoth."

Considering he'd never actually seen Pip drive, Dwight just assumed they'd take his car on this second date. Needless to say he was slightly shocked when Pip led him down the street from his townhouse to a monster of a station wagon parked in the community lot. Pip's wagon wasn't one of the short ones either, it was one of the older models with the extra long back end.

Pip gasped dramatically. "Behemoth? This is a nineteen eighty-three Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Country Squire station wagon."

Dwight blinked at Pip as he made a right turn. "A Mercury Marquis Colony Squire what?"

Winking at Dwight as he straightened the long vehicle, Pip chuckled. "Yeah, it's a mouthful, just the way I like it. This baby is in tip top form, also..."

Dwight sucked in his pooch of a gut as he muttered, "Hope that's not the way you like it, also."

Embarrassed he verbalized those thoughts, Dwight thanked god that Pip either didn't hear him or chose not to reply as he pulled into the parking lot of a plain white building with a simple carved sign over the entrance.

As they unbuckled and exited the behemoth, Dwight stood up and announced, "Okay I've had enough mystery, where are we?" He turned in his spot and observed the neighborhood. This was an older part of town that seemed to be on the cusp of some serious restructuring, if this building and a few others around it were anything to go by. Most of the storefronts and free standing structures were empty, with huge yellowed papers taped to the insides of their windows; but the few businesses that were open for business wore fresh coats of paint, newly designed signs of all types and a warm welcoming feel.

Dwight heard a loud screeching noise and turned to glance at the building directly across the street from where they were located.

"I think that's a jigsaw...not to be confused with the Jigsaw of the capital J which causes a whole nother type of screeching. Both have their benefits." Pip met him on the passenger side of the wagon and rested his hand on the back of Dwight's neck, causing every muscle in that vicinity to flare up with awareness.

Dwight shook his head in confusion—a gesture that was becoming habit around this man—and looked up at Pip. "Jigsaw from that horror movie? How does he have benefits?"

"Oh that's an easy one"—he leaned in and mock whispered with his lips close to Dwight's ear—"just like me with you." He straightened back up and chuckled. "Picture this, I take you to a Saw movie, what are they, on number twenty now or something? Anyway, I take you there on our third date, you get scared, jump into my lap, and I benefit."

"You are not taking me to see Saw on our third date."

Pip nodded his head once. "Duly noted, we will be having a third date. You drive a hard bargain, freckle pop." He gestured to the noisy building across the street, "They’re turning that one into a hookah lounge, that one over there is being contracted for an upscale boutique and right beside it—the one with the awning—that's gonna be a family run dessert café. I'm hoping they keep the awning, it adds character, don't ya think?" Pip pointed to different locations that were evidently under remodel.

On that note he spun Dwight around and ushered him to the double glass doors of the building they parked in front of. There were definitely over a dozen cars here, maybe even two dozen. Whatever place this was seemed to be doing fairly well, Dwight would guess.

"The sign and doors are staying, but this exterior is in dire need of color. It's on my list." Pip nonchalantly commented as he reached for one of the ornate glass doors.

Dwight stopped, noting that the doors really looked out of place on such a plain looking building. They were thick frosted glass with very intricate roses etched deep into them. The roses had trace amounts of color in them—a delicate blush tint—while the stems were touched with a hint of green. The glass was framed by brushed pewter metal with matching elongated vertical curved door handles.

"Wow." Dwight muttered the only word that came to mind as he stared at the doors. He couldn't help it, they just gave him a happy type of feeling.

Pip caressed the doors like an illicit lover. "They just adore when they get that reaction. Makes them blush."

Finally Dwight glanced above the doors to the sign, wondering what type of establishment they were heading into.

Rose Colored Hands

"Um...what is this place, Pip?"

"A good place for a second date." Pip ushered him into the building and up to a circular reception area.

Dwight wracked his brain trying to remember what was supposed to happen on the second date according to Pip's guidelines.


Oh shit, he brought Dwight to a place called Rose Colored Hands and they were supposed to take their clothes off!

"What is this? A bath house?"

Damn, this large room really did echo if you spoke too loudly. Dwight hunched down while looking around to see how many people were in the room with them.

The man and woman behind the receptionist counter stared at him, as did the two women who stopped mid-stride on their way to a back hallway wrapped in knee length white robes with roses at the hem. A man in crisp white dress pants and a blush colored polo shirt in the doorway of an office stood with his mouth gaping as he eyed Dwight, and finally there was Pip.

He tried to force out a chuckle as he hesitantly looked up at the taller man next to him. Instead of the reprimanding glances he got from the others—or the shocked one from the man in the office—Pip's smile practically split his face in half. What's more, it reached all the way up to his eyes, it wasn't just some fake gesture to make him feel better.

"Well, if I'd known you were interested in bath houses I would've—"

"No!" Damn he had to learn to lower his voice in here.

Pip quickly diffused the situation by waving and winking at the two robed women who giggled and continued on their merry way down the hall. A quick head nod to office man put him at ease and he proceeded on with his day as well.

Dwight didn't want to step forward to that counter, not with the two witnesses that were left waiting there, but a firm hand on his lower back—and was that a finger massaging the top of his ass through his shorts?—guided him to the marble counter.

"Hello! Always a pleasure to see you." The girl smiled at Pip as she perused the schedule book in front of her. "Oh!" She gasped and looked up, swinging her gaze from Pip to Dwight and back again. "Oh, we have you down for the couples massage. Is that right?"

Couples massage? Dwight took a step back from the counter right into the waiting chest of Pip. He placed his hands on Dwight's shoulders, gave a quick squeeze then slid them down his arms to wrap around his wrists. The gesture felt oddly proprietary to Dwight.

Her tempo picked up as if she was trying to speed through her greeting, "You've chosen Leah and Sabrina to be your massage therapists, is that correct, sir?"

The man behind the counter quickly stepped forward and took over for his co-worker. "I'm sorry Pip, Nicolette as you know, is our new hire and still learning the ropes. Sabby and Leah are in room six setting up. Would you like to have a seat at the bar for a spritzer?"

Pip leaned forward and again whispered in Dwight's ear—another occurrence that the tall man was turning into habit. "You haven't lived until you've tried Pico's basil lime cooler." He straightened and addressed Nicolette and the gentleman. "Gotcha, Fred, and Nicolette, you're downright adorable when you stutter. We'll be at the bar, ring us when the room is ready."

He took a firm grip on Dwight's elbow and steered him toward a wide open archway on their left hand side.

"So Rose Colored Hands is a massage parlor?" Dwight refrained from actually using air quotes when he said the last two words.

Pip's full laugh didn't ruffle Dwight's feathers as he assumed it would. There was something about the man that made it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn't finding amusement at Dwight's expense, but more to the point of finding Dwight honestly amusing. It settled something inside of him that he didn't realize was on edge.

"You are a kinky lil taste of the garden, aren't you Dwighty?"

Dwight shook his head. ", no I'm really not."

Lips brushed his ears again. "Oh, I think you are and you don't know it. Won't it be fun to find out?" A flick of Pip's tongue and he was standing upright and talking at his normal decibel again. "Massage parlors are located on the east side of town. Rose Colored Hands is an up and coming spa. We're still in the infancy stage."

Sighing in relief—he really didn't want to test any east side waters—Dwight hopped up on an oversized backless square stool.


Pip slid onto the neighboring stool and nodded. "Yep. Rose Colored Hands"—Pip wiggled his fingers in front of Dwight's face before using air quotes for the next part—"With our touch you'll see the world in a whole new way."

He slapped the bar's countertop, which was a nice mixture of light wood and marbled granite, and smiled at a tall beefy man walking their way. "Pico my friend! Toss us a couple of your basil lime coolers. Ooh, and some of those sesame sticks I know you hide back there." He turned to Dwight and shuddered a bit. "I just love those sesame sticks he brings in."

As soon as the bowl landed in front of them Pip popped a couple in his mouth, chewing and swallowing with fervor. "The tagline might need some work, but overall it is coming together nicely."

"No, I get it. A good massage can alleviate stress and everything looks if you are wearing rose colored glasses."

Chuckling, Pip nodded. "Oingo Boingo—which on a side note, freaking awesome band. I just hope others catch on to the tagline, I like it—simple play on words type of thing, but not sure it is commercial enough."

Pico brought the drinks and gave Dwight a very slow and exaggerated wink before heading off to the other end to hydrate another customer.

Which made Dwight stop and think...they hadn't truly been treated like customers since they stepped through the door, he'd been so caught up in thinking this was a sex place that he didn't actually pay attention to all the hints Pip nonchalantly dropped.



Pico walked by with a slim-lined looking Nextel in his hand and knuckled the counter in front of them. "Your rooms ready. Need anything before you head on back?"

"We're good." Pip downed his cooler in two gulps and ahh'd loudly before he ran his tongue over his lips.

Dwight didn't realize he was staring until those moist lips tilted upward. The infuriating man gestured to Dwight's untouched glass. "If you're not sure you'll like it I can give you a free sample."

Suddenly Pip was off his stool and wiggling his way between Dwight's legs. Dwight thought he should say something, but for the life of him couldn't hold a conversation as he watched the glistening lips move closer to him.

Before contact was made he'd already parted his mouth and his tongue was tapping of his lower lip, hoping for the chance to engage with Pip's again.

In a public place like this, that he assumed Pip worked, Dwight didn't expect much more than a fleeting chaste kiss. What he got was a toe curling, melding of one mouth to the other. Pip went in for keeps and twirled his tongue around Dwight's. The spiked hard rubber of Pip's tongue piercing teased every sensitive spot it touched, causing whimper to escape the back of Dwight's throat. Pip drank it down and forcefully demanded more, making it clear who called the shots during this tumble.

Pip easily swiveled Dwight around on the highly glossed seat and pushed against him, deepening the kiss and moving him back on the stool so the bar rail protected him from toppling over under the onslaught.

A throat cleared, but that didn't seem to halt his aggressor's actions. It cleared louder and Dwight could feel the corners of Pip's mouth curl up.

My god, the man smiled even while in the midst of turning Dwight into putty.

Finally their tongues separated and Pip let up on some of the pressure he administered, but he didn't pull away completely. Instead he spoke with them still touching, "Can I help you, Sabby?"

"You do know a lady doesn't like to be kept waiting. It's impolite." A velvety smooth voice broke through the spell cast on Dwight.

He straightened on his stool, pulling fully away from the man responsible for his embarrassing state of need.

They were still close enough that when Pip sighed, the puff of air he released floated across Dwight's face, forcing him to bite his lower lip so he didn't whimper again.

"I'm truly sorry, Sabrina, for making two of the loveliest ladies wait." He half bowed at the pretty woman standing half a dozen feet away from them. "As you can see I had good cause to do it though." He patted Dwight on his knee then let his hand rest there.

Sabrina softly shook her head out of amusement, judging from the smile on her face. "Yes, well I suppose if I was enjoying someone as cute as Dwight"—she glanced at the clipboard in her hand—"Phinneas, I might be late for my appointment also." She extended her hand to Dwight, who quickly took it and shook. "I'm Sabby and I'll be your massage therapist today. If you can squeeze past Pipsqueak here, I would love to begin our session."

Dwight couldn't swing his leg around to hop off the stool because Pip didn't seem inclined to move from between them anytime soon. He thought to scoot farther back and slip off that way since there was no backrest on it but the bar blocked him from doing even that. When Pip chuckled at his failed attempts at escaping, Dwight grew bold and physically pushed the taller man back.

A half a foot or so was all he managed, but it was more than enough to raise his leg, squeeze it past Pip and put his feet on the floor.

Little shockwaves ran up and down his spine when he felt a pair of all too familiar lips against his ear, again.

"Now wasn't that fun?"

A warm hand rested on the small of his back as they both followed Sabby to their room, which brought up a whole slew of questions in Dwight's mind that he hadn't been able to ask earlier.

And again, just like earlier, he didn't get the chance to voice any of his questions before something else took his attention.

"Here we are, room six. If you two will make yourself comfortable, Leah and I will give you five minutes before we come knocking." She turned to Dwight and nodded. "I won't bore you with my regular spiel, I'm sure Pip will behave himself and instruct you on how to get ready for us." She raised her hand to Pip, palm out and fingers splayed. "Five minutes, one knock, then we enter."

"Ten minutes, three knocks, and uh oh the doors it."

Sabby threw her hands in the air in defeat, but the gesture clashed with the amusement showing on her face and in her eyes. She turned and left Dwight in Pip's hands. With that in mind he slowly turned toward the man who chuckled behind him and wondered exactly what Pip looked like when he did behave.

"In you go, freckle pop." Pip swung his arm in a welcoming gesture and Dwight cautiously walked past him into the room. He made it all the way to the first massage table—a whole handful of steps—before Pip started not behaving. "Strip down to...well nothing, jump on that table and cover your goodies with this towel."

Dwight froze. "I have to unclothe?" He swung around and stared at the light rose colored washcloth Pip held up. "That's a towel?"

"Well if you insist"—Pip threw the washcloth over his shoulder to fall on the floor behind him—"we'll forgo the towel."

Stepping back Dwight started to stutter while pointing to Pip then the small piece of terry cloth on the floor, ""

Pip slapped himself on the forehead. "You're absolutely right. I did promise to introduce you to Erisyl. I'm sorry for skipping protocol, here I was thinking of Dwighty's tighty whities and I completely forgot that you haven't met my baby girl yet. Okay, me first..."

He turned around and rotated his hips as he started tugging his black t-shirt out of his jeans.

Dwight prepared to halt him in the process, but when the first peek of ink showed and grew with each small movement Pip did, Dwight fell mute. He couldn't do anything but watch in awe as a whole new world was unveiled to him. The colors were tremendous, a rainbow of greens, reds, purples, yellows...hell just a rainbow of colors period. The scales on Erisyl almost glistened, the artist that did this masterpiece knew how to blend the different colors to make them pop out. Purple was the predominant color of Erisyl, but it was heavily highlighted with yellows for a more dimensional effect. The body of the dragon took up most of Pip's back, but what spots weren't covered by the monster were abstractly decorated as a mountainside background, very sparsely done but enough to make the mind soar and want to be there. Following Pip's progress, Dwight saw that Erisyl's translucent wings spread out and up, lovingly encasing both his arms and wrapping around his wrists. Her head rested high on his shoulder as her talons spread around his neck, giving the illusion that she was holding him in an eternity long embrace. Her jewel-like, dangerous gold eyes stared back at Dwight, as if weighing him in her mind as friend or foe.

The air whooshed out of Dwight's lungs, releasing a breath he didn't realize he'd held. "She's beautiful."

"That she is, but don't say that too baby girl is already full of herself. It's hard to keep her modest like her daddy."

Dwight's fingertip traced the tail that wrapped around Pip's hip. He wasn't even sure when he took those steps to close the distance between them, but since he did he couldn't hold back his desire to touch the artwork on Pip's back.

"One minute!" Sabby's voice rang through the closed door, causing Dwight to jerk his hand back as if he'd been caught doing something he shouldn't have.

Pip suddenly faced him with his arms resting on Dwight's shoulders. "Oh I like you up close and personal, but Sabby is determined that we keep this professional. So, strip down to those tighty whities I've been fantasizing about and get your cute buttocks up on that table. Since you didn't appreciate my fluffy terry cloth offering, there are larger towels at the end of the table."

Dwight didn't want Sabby to bust through the door while he was half undressed, so he nodded to Pip and turned to the table. He was fine with her seeing him in his underwear, preferably while that part of him was under a nice thick towel or two.

"Uh oh...we might have a small problem."

Dwight turned back to Pip. His concentration was momentarily broken by the discovery of a few more piercings he didn't notice previously—nipples and belly button, check and check. Fire shot through his veins and scorched every nerve ending, especially in his groin area. Damn, his mind might not understand the piercings and tattoos but his body sure had absolutely no issues with them. Shaking his head and willing the blood to stop pumping to his dick, Dwight asked what their small problem was.

Pip undid the first two buttons on his jeans and spread the flaps open, showing Dwight a most enticing tuft of black hair.

"I think I might have forgotten to wear undies today"—he gave Dwight a very evil looking lopsided smile—"oops?"

To be cont'd...
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