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Last day for the 99¢ sale on Judging Jude :) #booksale #mmromance #mustread

This is it…if you want him you’re gonna have to go out and get him today!

Judging Jude is available for only seven more days at the sale price of only 99¢ at Amazon and ARe. If you purchase it at Smashwords use coupon FD74L for the discount. :)
Jude’s a master of running from things: his best friend, his memories, his nefarious dealer. Billy is determined to stop his marathon once and for all.

Judas Stirlying enjoys being a troublemaker. That way, he can skip the middle man and run off people who might care about him before they have the chance to leave on their own. Life is safer that way.

Billy Walker knows the real Jude. Oh, not the strung out jerk he wants the world to see, but the man with hidden depths that forever earned him Billy’s loyalty—whether Jude wants it or not. With the help of Jude’s best friend (the one that never falls for Jude’s “get lost” vibe) and a mysterious note at a New Year’s Eve celebration, Billy will do whatever it takes to show Jude that maybe, if he changes his path, there really would be something to celebrate.

Billy plans to prove to Jude that his life hasn’t been a waste—and prove to the rest of the world that Jude is worth a damn—before the dangers of Jude’s past catch up to them all.

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Oh oh oh…and visit Lee Brazil who also has a book of the month on sale! :)

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It’s Flash Friday are you ready for the Head Waiter… #FlashFriday #mustread

It’s Friday. The talented Mr. Brazil and I are back with a new flash.

Simple enough rules…500 words, not 501...not 499 - 500 that are inspired by a picture.

So let’s get this started. :)
Head Waiter
copyright © 2015 Havan Fellows

Vince felt a prickle at the back of his neck. He looked up from the menu and glanced around the restaurant. There, in the back near the bar, a man’s hazel eyes met his. The chisel-chinned man was gorgeous in his fitted tuxedo uniform complete with tails, and if the smirk that crossed his face were a determining factor, he knew it too.
The server orchestrated a grand dance between tables and pedestrian traffic, smoothly moving in Vince’s direction, never breaking the optical foreplay they shared.
Perspiration beaded at Vince’s temples, his cock filled with blood in hopes that other fluids might find their release soon.
With the stranger mere feet away, and even though proper etiquette demanded he remain in his seat, Vince’s mind and body no longer functioned as one. The chair made no noise as he rose. The server waited just out of arm’s reach, making no secret of his perusal of Vince’s body. The hazel eyes flashed with immediate lust as they settled on his obvious erection.
Again throwing upbringing and decorum to the wind, Vince closed the distance between them, bringing his hand up to the handsome face. Running his thumb across the pouty bottom lip, he tugged it down marginally to admire the man’s slightly crooked bottom teeth.
That small imperfection revved Vince’s libido. He tired of the perfect crowd his family insisted they surround themselves with. Everyone nipped and tucked by the best doctors money could buy, never appreciating the beauty of their differences.
A war battled inside Vince. All his life he obeyed rules, followed examples and denied himself the basic emotions of happiness and love.
But this man in front of him offered to satisfy Vince’s long since hidden needs.
He bowed his head, met the stranger’s lips and devoured them. He plunged his tongue into the waiting mouth, taking what he desired for the first time in his life, everyone else be damned.
With every wet slide of tongues his cock leaked, surely creating a stain for the world to see.
And let them, he thought, completely enraptured with the man in his arms.
His mother’s nasally voice broke through the fog engulfing him. No longer was he standing in the middle of the restaurant kissing the man of his dreams.
No. To his disappointment, he still sat in the velvet covered high backed chair with his butternut squash and leek soup rapidly cooling in front of him. Everyone at the table staring as if he’d sprouted a second head, and not the rock solid one in his pressed pants.
“I…I’m sorry, mother, what was that?” He sputtered as he reached for his goblet of water.
She sighed, “Honestly, Vincenzo, where does your mind go?” She gestured over his shoulder. “Take care of him.”
Vince glanced behind him and the server with the chiseled chin smiled down at him.
There was one order he wouldn’t mind obeying of his mother’s.
As if agreeing with his thoughts, the server winked.


Don’t forget to hop on over to Lee Brazil’s blog and partake of his goodies also…I know for a fact they are marvelous! <3

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Book Blast: Untamed @MadelineDyerUK @PridePromo #bookcontest

Get ready…get set…let’s blast…

Madeline Dyer
Series: The Untamed Series
Book: One
Release date: May 20, 2015

As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world, Seven’s life has always been controlled by tight rules. Stay away from the Enhanced. Don’t question your leader. And, most importantly, never switch sides—because once you’re Enhanced there’s no going back. Even if you have become the perfect human being.

But after a disastrous raid on an Enhanced city, Seven soon finds herself in her enemy’s power. Realizing it’s only a matter of time before she too develops a taste for the chemical augmenters responsible for the erosion of humanity, Seven knows she must act quickly if she’s to escape and save her family from the same fate.

Yet, as one of the most powerful Seers that the Untamed and Enhanced have ever known, Seven quickly discovers that she alone holds the key to the survival of only one race. But things aren’t clear-cut anymore, and with Seven now questioning the very beliefs she was raised on, she knows she has an important choice to make. One that has two very different outcomes.

Seven must choose wisely whose side she joins, for the War of Humanity is underway, and Death never takes kindly to traitors.

Pages or Words: 95,870 words

Categories: Alternate universe, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult, Dystopia

Publisher: Prizm Books
Cover Artist: Brandon Clay
The cloth is heavy over my face. Some light filters through it. I can see the flashing green and red lights of the box high up on the ceiling. It's some sort of power-base, I'm sure. Before they brought the cloth, I saw lots of metal components and wires hanging from it, stretching to the corners of the room. My brother, Three, would love to examine it.
The cloth over my face gets tighter. It presses against my nose, trying to force it down. I can feel their hands all over my body, pushing me onto the platform with cold fingers. I know better now than to resist. But they don't believe me. They aren’t taking chances, they say.
“Join us willingly.” It's the same man. Always the same man who speaks. Raleigh. The one who called me a fighter. The one who promised he'd break me.
Katya's a lost cause. She went willingly.
“No,” I gasp. My word tangles in the cloth. I blink and my lashes drag against the material.
“Very well.” He's smiling. I know he is. His voice is always lighter and amused-sounding when he's smiling. “Very well, indeed.”
The water slams against me.

You can find Untamed here:

Let’s talk about Madeline Dyer:
Madeline Dyer is a fantasy and science fiction writer, whose fiction has been published by several small presses. Having always had a love for mythology and fantasy, it seemed only natural that Madeline would write speculative fiction due to the endless possibilities and freedom this genre offers. A number of her short stories appear in print and eBook anthologies, as well as online. Untamed is her debut novel.

Find Madeline here:

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Book Blast: From the Ashes @PridePromo @LilyMacGowan @loveunleashed #mmromance #bookcontest

From the Ashes
Series: Smoke and Mirrors
Book: Two – should NOT be read as a standalone
Release date: May 5, 2015

We've got blurbage:
     After a rough start to their relationship, Deck and Naim are living together and living well—except they’re not. The fire at the clinic and those behind it are still a specter in the background of their lives, soon to come to the forefront. Someone is stalking them, and as the acts grow increasingly violent and threatening, the boys make an unsettling discovery that turns Naim’s world inside out.
     They’re sorely tried and tested, and even with the support of the neighborhood and Deck’s firefighting crew, people get hurt. Deck has to decide how much hurt he’s willing to take on for the sake of Naim, and Naim has to decide once and for all what sort of man he wants to be—all while navigating a terrifying world of crime, violence and depravity.

Pages: 381 pgs
Categories: Fiction, M/M Romance, Gay Romance

Cover Artist: Kalen O’Donnell
Publisher: Loose ID

And a sneak peek:
     “What…the unholy…”
     “Fuck?” Naim finished Jen’s statement for her as her voice trailed off. They stood wide-eyed and slack-jawed, staring at Jen’s husband, who leaned, sullen and glowering, against the ambulance while a young girl snapped photos and pleaded with him to try to smile. Or at least emote. He was wearing a hazmat jumpsuit, unzipped with the top half hanging down his shirtless back, and holding a gas mask, his hair a wild mess as though he’d just taken the mask off.
     Hearing Jen’s voice, he looked up at them, cringed, and groaned. “Fuck. You called them, you fucktarded bag of ass?” Keller shouted up toward the ladder truck while the girl clicked away, hoping for some good, angry “passion” shots.
     “Naim!” Deck called down from the cherry picker, looking anxious but glad to see him.
     “Oh God,” Keller groaned, falling back against the ambulance and dropping the mask.
     “Oh God.” Jen stared at her husband.
     “Oh God.” Naim looked up to the cherry picker, eyes widening, where Deck was grinning awkwardly, wearing nothing but bunker trousers with one suspender over his unscarred side, and a helmet.
Naim shifted, horrified at his sudden, Pavlovian state of arousal. He reached for Jen’s hand. She squeezed.
     “What…what…” Jen stammered, tearing her eyes from her husband long enough to jump, startled by the big black smiley face plastered across Peyton’s bright yellow butt as he climbed off the hose bed.
     “Thank God you guys are here,” Deck called out, unlatching the cherry picker.
     “No!” Naim panicked, squeezing Jen’s hand tighter and pointing at Deck. “You stay there!” This was bad. He was never coming back to the firehouse again. Ever.
     Jen snorted.
     “Fuck.” Fucking cherry picker. “No. Get out of there.” Naim squeezed his eyes shut. “But don’t…don’t come down here!” He turned and buried his face in Jen’s shoulder, groaning. She cuddled him and whimpered quietly.
     “Why are they doing this to us?” she asked Naim.
     He pulled his face out of her shoulder. “What the fuck is going on?”
     “They’re making a fucking calendar. Well, more like a date book.” Freya wandered up to them, fully clothed, a shit-eating grin on her face, and her braids a messy, rumpled disaster. She was covered in green glitter, and there seemed to be some on her teeth.
     “Oh, but you’ve got clothes on?” Naim growled.
     “What… Why…” Jen glanced at Freya, then back at Keller, who was glowering harder at the camera. The photographer asked him to turn around, and he snarled. She snapped away. “Why are… What happened to your hair?” Jen asked Freya, a little breathless.
     “Are you kidding?” Freya still had the shit-eating grin, and Spellacy popped up from where he’d been relaxing on the hose bed; he wore a pair of bright green shorts printed with pints of Guinness, and his turnout coat had green glitter all over it.
     “Hey. What are you two doing here?” he asked.
     “Oh God.” Jen sounded like she wanted to cry.
     “Can I come down now?” Deck yelled from the ladder.
     Naim refused to look at him. “No. Not until you…give…put…put something on.”
     “He can’t. He’s next,” Freya explained, grinning harder.
     “Next?” Naim whimpered again.
     “Naim, please? I really gotta talk to you!”
     “Get a turnout coat!”
     “Hey, what are you two doing here?” Liebgott saw them as he strolled out of the kitchen, munching on a cupcake.
     “Liebgott.” Jen managed to glare and whine at the same time. “Why is my husband half-naked, having his picture taken against an ambulance? Why is everyone half-naked?”
     Liebgott rubbed his neck and glanced with a guilty expression over to the ladder truck where Deck was yelling at Spellacy to give him his turnout coat. Naim heard bells jingle somewhere.
     “Well. See—”
     “It wasn’t my idea. I didn’t even know about it!” Deck got a face full of green glitter as he caught Spellacy’s coat.
     “We, uh, we thought it would help raise some money.” Liebgott looked to Naim sheepishly. “To help rebuild the clinic.”
     “Wh…” Naim blinked. “Can I sit down? Is anyone else in the kitchen?”
     “Peyton, but come on. I’ll boot him out.”
Naim tugged on Jen’s hand as he dragged her away from the sight of her husband. “Jen.”
     “Shut up.” She tripped a little. “You’re in this with me.” They heard Freya cackle.
     Deck was right behind them, trotting into the kitchen as Naim plunked down into a chair, still refusing to look at him. This was insane, but he really had no business being surprised.
     “I swear to God, I had no idea, love. This is not my fault,” Deck exclaimed.
     “That’s true, Naim. I’m not sure why he’s so bent out of shape about it, but we didn’t want to tell you until the money came in, so we kept it from Deck until the last possible minute.” Liebgott took a seat at the opposite end of the table while Deck danced nervously next to Naim, and Jen peeked from the door.
     “I… What…” Naim squinted at the table, then reached for a cupcake, wondering if he was turning into a stress eater.

Find From the Ashes here:

About Lily MacGowan:
You can usually find Lily MacGowan reading, knitting herself into the sofa, or writing. Lily has been a carpenter, a circus aerialist, a Sunset Strip club kid and a corporate mogul, but she gave all that up to teach middle school on the east coast and is happier than ever. Lily’s hobbies include food, household renovations and avoiding laundry. She’s a huge fan of comfy jammies and happily ever after.

Find Lily MacGowan here:

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Interview: Loving Jacob @LeeBrazil @PridePromo #mustread #bookcontest

Today’s a treat…I’ve got a guest coming for a visit! Yep…nothing better than that, right? To have a great friend stop on by and share a pot of coffee…attempt to bake um, something (eeeek!)…ask a few questions about a fave book of mine they wrote…talk about sex—

Is that coffee I smell? Who's talking about sex?

Lee! You aren’t supposed to be here yet…you’re early! Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my special guest today…the talented and best selling author Lee Brazil. :)

*waves* Hi everyone. *nudges Havan* You did say coffee? I brought cookies…

*shoves cookie in mouth* It’s been a long time since we’ve had a sit down and chit chat type of blog together, but not that long…of course I have coffee for us. *nibbles on another cookie* Sooooooo…about having that sex chat…

Me? Chat about sex? Not on your life. No kissing and telling.

But…but…but I’m pouting! *points to lips*

And looking so cute while doing it! Is that a new blouse?

*blushes* Oh this old thing…I just…hey! Okay fine, no pouting while we’re discussing the two hotties from one of my favorite books of yours, Loving Jacob…and yes, yes I do love Jacob and Malcolm. I still remember when you wrote this book—do you remember? I mean of course you remember, you wrote it. But oh, you had me tennis-bopping from one side to the other? First I was team Jacob…then team Malcolm. I’m sure you had plenty of feedback like that…

Feedback? Well most of it was hate mail… Just kidding. I recall that people were very polarized about this story—some loved Jacob and hated Malcolm, others were very positive in general.

I thought for sure there was no way in hades you’d manage to pull a HEA out of your um…damn fine writing arsenal to fix the mess these two boys dragged themselves through and then *sighs* And that’s it…these two characters are so freaking true to life. Sure they are handsome and sexy, but they are real people too that make real life decisions that aren’t always good. How do you make me fall in love with these men who are sooooooo…I just wanna wring their necks sometimes.

Well…uh…I'm not sure. They just…happened that way?

And you’d think with me being your bestie I’d have a say in how many times you’re allowed to break my heart in one book…but you didn’t cut me any slack…*glares at Lee*


Yeah yeah yeah…cute tune you got going on there…lmao. But OH. MY. GOD. When Malcolm and Jacob drop their clothes *fans down neck of shirt* well talk about a thing of beauty…which is why we should soooooo be talking about—

Hey! No! I warned you! You're gonna be cut off from the cookie jar if you keep trying to sneak in sex…

You can’t do that! *opens friend manual, flipping through pages* Oh…well, can’t blame a girl for trying.

*mutters* Oh can't I?

Nope you can’t…now this is normally where I post the blurb for everyone to read, but why don’t we do something just a tad bit different. Can you tell us what Loving Jacob is to you?

You’re kidding me…you want me to write a synopsis of what Loving Jacob is to me?

I’m not a size queen—it doesn’t have to be long or anything, just a quick paragraph of you describing the gist of the book without it being the same old blurb everyone else gets…
um…or yeah, I’m kidding and no worries…
Whichever answer you like better.

Lmao…I give you a perfectly good blurb, and that’s not good enough…oh no…Havan has to make things harder…

Of course I like harder *hands over tequila and limes* I do it for you *bats lashes*

Uh huh…okay.
Loving Jacob is a story about second chances and forgiveness. It's a story about love for everyone – since no one is perfect.

Two sentences? I’ve got to work harder on my cute face…lmao. But you know, the best main characters are the ones with true flaws about them. Damn I suddenly feel the need to read Loving Jacob all over again. :)

Thanks so much for joining us Lee, you know I always love having you. *waggles brows*

Time for me to settle down with a little wine and a whole lotta Malcolm and Jacob…if I can just find where I put that darn kindle of mine…

While I look around here for it, you all can enjoy this excerpt I snagged. *winks*
Malcolm stood in the hallway, gritting his teeth and reminded himself that an office fling with a man who had to be at least ten years his junior was out of the question. He and Penny had long since relinquished any pretense of monogamy in their marriage and reached an amicable agreement to conduct their affairs discreetly out of respect for their son and their friendship. Fucking purple-eyed twinks in the elevator at work? Not discreet.
He kept his gaze focused on the gleaming silver metal of the doors as the elevator made its excruciatingly slow way up to the third floor. His glance flicked to the reflection beside his. The younger man stood casually, shoulders propped against the wall, licking pink lips. His purple gaze in the hazy reflection was focused…fuck…on Malcolm's obvious erection beneath his dark dress pants. Discretion. Discretion, he snarled at his libido. There will be no casual hookups with people from the office, he warned his eager cock. He shifted to the side slightly, hoping to hide the evidence of his arousal from the other man. Damn it. That kid had the sexiest eyes he'd ever seen. He wanted like hell to see them glaze over as he fucked the tight ass hinted at by the khaki pants he wore. He didn't go much for the intimacy of face-to-face encounters, but for the sight of those eyes and that mouth in the throes of orgasm, he'd make an exception. His tendency toward quick casual encounters disguised his preference for male partners and kept word of his homosexuality from getting back to his parents, his partners in the firm, and out to the public.
A law office, like any other place of business, was a microcosm of the world at large. Malcolm knew from being on the receiving end of gossip from his secretary, Marge, that every action and interaction between employees was fodder for the gossip mill. Being the subject of water cooler gossip lacked appeal and offended his sense of dignity, as did the knowledge that he apparently couldn't control his urges around the tech guy.
He threw in the towel and gave up the fight against his attraction to the young man from the technology department when he caught that sultry purple gaze on his cock for what must have been the hundredth time as the slight young man brushed against him in an intentional teasing slide while he tried to exit the elevator on the second floor.
Impulsively, Malcolm grabbed Jacob's hand and pulled him back inside the otherwise-empty space. He kept that small, soft hand locked in his own as he allowed the heavy metal doors to slam shut and the elevator to rise to his own floor. There he slapped his palm against the button that prevented the doors from opening. He'd had all the titillation he could stand. Malcolm swept the young man into his embrace. He tilted Jacob's head upward with one hand and dropped his mouth passionately, almost brutally, to kiss the other man. His other hand tangled in the black curls that had taunted his senses over the past weeks. He forced the soft pink lips apart, then swept his tongue inside. Instantly he was absorbed in the heated, slick haven of Jacob's mouth. The honeyed sweetness drew him further in and his tongue eagerly sought the textures and flavors that had been hidden there. Fuck. He could drown in the wet heat he found behind those soft lips. It was addictive. Jacob didn't even try to escape the kiss; he seemed to be doing his best to encourage it. He brushed his tongue against Malcolm's, sweeping it gently along the roof of his mouth, seeking and finding the sweetest spots. Both men were panting heavily when their lips parted.
Malcolm pulled back and spoke harshly. "Is that what you're after, little boy? You want a quick fuck in the elevator to start the week off right?"

You can find Loving Jacob here:

Learn all about Lee Brazil:
Somewhere in a small town in up-state New York are a librarian and a second grade teacher to whom I owe my life. That might be a touch dramatic, but it's nevertheless one hundred percent true.
Because they taught me the joy of reading, of escaping into worlds crafted of words.
Have you ever been nine years old and sure of nothing so much as that you don't belong? Looked at the world from behind glasses, and wondered why you don't fit?
Someone hands you a book, and then you turn the page and see… There you are, running from Injun Joe in a dark graveyard; there you are fencing with Athos; there you are…beneath the deep blue sea- marveling at exotic creatures with Captain Nemo.
I found myself between the pages of books, and that is why I write now. It's why I taught English and literature for so many years, and it's why my house contains more pounds of books than furniture.
If I'd had my way, I'd have been a fencer…or a starship captain, or a lawyer, or a detective solving crimes. But instead, I am a writer, and I've come to realize that's the best thing in the world to be, because as a writer, I can be all those things and more.
 If I hadn't learned to value the stories between the pages, who knows what would have happened? Certainly not college…teaching…or writing.

Find Lee here:

Publisher: Lime Time Press
Cover Artist: Laura Harner

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