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Sunday Snippets #4 for May – Judging Jude :) #booksale #mmromance #mustread

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Jude’s a master of running from things: his best friend, his memories, his nefarious dealer. Billy is determined to stop his marathon once and for all.

Judas Stirlying enjoys being a troublemaker. That way, he can skip the middle man and run off people who might care about him before they have the chance to leave on their own. Life is safer that way.

Billy Walker knows the real Jude. Oh, not the strung out jerk he wants the world to see, but the man with hidden depths that forever earned him Billy’s loyalty—whether Jude wants it or not. With the help of Jude’s best friend (the one that never falls for Jude’s “get lost” vibe) and a mysterious note at a New Year’s Eve celebration, Billy will do whatever it takes to show Jude that maybe, if he changes his path, there really would be something to celebrate.

Billy plans to prove to Jude that his life hasn’t been a waste—and prove to the rest of the world that Jude is worth a damn—before the dangers of Jude’s past catch up to them all.

Snippet #4:
"Seriously, why the third floor when they don't even have an elevator?" Billy whined again. The stairs didn't wind Billy or anything; he just preferred to get his exercise either in the gym or the bedroom. He glanced over at Jude and smirked to himself…yeah, the garage works also.
He knew he pissed Jude off with his nonchalance after they had sex, but he wasn't sure which persona would cause Jude to explode and which would mollify him. He took a shot. The jury still deliberated if he'd chosen correctly or not.
One thing rang true, Jude would keep him on his toes. Was he a masochist to admit that the idea appealed to him?
"You can do it, old man." Jude laughed as he attempted to take two stairs at once. He wobbled and grabbed the railing.
"Yeah? Watch your step, kid. I'm only six years older." He steadied Jude with a hand on his elbow and they exited the stairway and walked down the corridor to Jude's apartment. He noticed the door slightly ajar. "Did you leave your door open?"
Jude gave him a droll look and cocked his eyebrow up. "Really? I don't even fucking remember leaving my apartment. I was about to rip you a new one for you and Wally leaving the door open."
"We didn't."
A thump and moan came from the open door along with an unfamiliar voice. "I'll ask you one more time. Where's Jude?"


Jude made to rush into his apartment, but two strong hands on his arm yanked him back. He hissed at Billy, "Someone is in my apartment. Let me the fuck go!"
Billy lowered his mouth to Jude's ear. "That's exactly why you can't just rush in there. You have no idea who it is or what they are doing. He's talking to someone, and that makes two people you have to face. Don't jump into the middle of something until you have more facts."
Jude jerked his arm out of Billy's hold. "Fine."
They both got up against the wall and walked slowly toward the open door. The good and bad of living in this complex was if someone made a scene in his apartment no one would exit theirs to help. But that also meant that no one would most likely call the cops either. He needed a safer place to live, damn it.
The door opened inwardly from right to left, so they couldn't peek inside to see. Jude heard a hard slap and what sounded like someone spitting.
"I can do this all day. Where is he?"
"He ran to the grocery store. He ran out of hummus and pita chips. He's a bitch when he doesn't have his chickpeas."
Jude looked at Billy and froze. From the expression on Billy's face, he recognized Wally's voice too.
Another muted thump and grunt followed, making Jude move without even thinking. He burst into the apartment…

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