Friday, May 29, 2015

It’s Flash Friday are you ready for the Head Waiter… #FlashFriday #mustread

It’s Friday. The talented Mr. Brazil and I are back with a new flash.

Simple enough rules…500 words, not 501...not 499 - 500 that are inspired by a picture.

So let’s get this started. :)
Head Waiter
copyright © 2015 Havan Fellows

Vince felt a prickle at the back of his neck. He looked up from the menu and glanced around the restaurant. There, in the back near the bar, a man’s hazel eyes met his. The chisel-chinned man was gorgeous in his fitted tuxedo uniform complete with tails, and if the smirk that crossed his face were a determining factor, he knew it too.
The server orchestrated a grand dance between tables and pedestrian traffic, smoothly moving in Vince’s direction, never breaking the optical foreplay they shared.
Perspiration beaded at Vince’s temples, his cock filled with blood in hopes that other fluids might find their release soon.
With the stranger mere feet away, and even though proper etiquette demanded he remain in his seat, Vince’s mind and body no longer functioned as one. The chair made no noise as he rose. The server waited just out of arm’s reach, making no secret of his perusal of Vince’s body. The hazel eyes flashed with immediate lust as they settled on his obvious erection.
Again throwing upbringing and decorum to the wind, Vince closed the distance between them, bringing his hand up to the handsome face. Running his thumb across the pouty bottom lip, he tugged it down marginally to admire the man’s slightly crooked bottom teeth.
That small imperfection revved Vince’s libido. He tired of the perfect crowd his family insisted they surround themselves with. Everyone nipped and tucked by the best doctors money could buy, never appreciating the beauty of their differences.
A war battled inside Vince. All his life he obeyed rules, followed examples and denied himself the basic emotions of happiness and love.
But this man in front of him offered to satisfy Vince’s long since hidden needs.
He bowed his head, met the stranger’s lips and devoured them. He plunged his tongue into the waiting mouth, taking what he desired for the first time in his life, everyone else be damned.
With every wet slide of tongues his cock leaked, surely creating a stain for the world to see.
And let them, he thought, completely enraptured with the man in his arms.
His mother’s nasally voice broke through the fog engulfing him. No longer was he standing in the middle of the restaurant kissing the man of his dreams.
No. To his disappointment, he still sat in the velvet covered high backed chair with his butternut squash and leek soup rapidly cooling in front of him. Everyone at the table staring as if he’d sprouted a second head, and not the rock solid one in his pressed pants.
“I…I’m sorry, mother, what was that?” He sputtered as he reached for his goblet of water.
She sighed, “Honestly, Vincenzo, where does your mind go?” She gestured over his shoulder. “Take care of him.”
Vince glanced behind him and the server with the chiseled chin smiled down at him.
There was one order he wouldn’t mind obeying of his mother’s.
As if agreeing with his thoughts, the server winked.


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