Friday, May 8, 2015

It’s Friday, so of course we should Flash right?!?!? #FlashFriday #mustread @leebrazil

That’s right, today is a happy happy day! The talented Mr. Brazil has decided to FLASH again…and I’m right there with him because…um…well I’m an exhibitionist at heart.


What can I say for myself? Oh, I try never to talk for myself, bad bad things happen when I’m allowed the mic.

So Lee made the rules quite easy for me (especially since following rules is not on my resume lmao) The flashes are to be 500 words, not 501...not 499 - 500 hits the mark.

Enough idle chatter? Well if you say so...but I personally say I never can get enough...*smirks*

Here is the wonderful picture Lee chose for our flash today. :)

The Shakedown
copyright © 2015 Havan Fellows

Max shook the paper, taking the wrinkles out as he read. He didn’t have to glance up to know Jerod rolled his eyes at the outdated action.
Jerod preferred to read his news on a colorful tablet. News wasn’t meant to be in color. Give Max thin sheets of inked paper that turned his fingertips black…that’s how the news and weekly town gossip should be enjoyed.
“More coffee?” Jerod asked as he stood from the table on their back porch.
Max grunted a reply, receiving a deep sigh and dramatic exit from his partner.
Flipping to the next page, he enjoyed the comics as Jarod came back..
“If you’d just use my pad you wouldn’t have to worry about creases in the pages.”
Max grumbled under his breath, knowing that Jerod wouldn’t understand him
“You are incorrigible,” Jerod stated the obvious before adding, “Here’s something for you to shove in that irritable mouth of yours.” He placed a plate on the table. “It’s one of those cinnamon chip scones you like so much. I stopped by the coffee shop on my way home this morning.”
Hot vanilla and cinnamon wafted through the air, filling Max’s nostrils with its spicy sweet goodness. He broke off a big chunk of the crumbly treat and indeed shoved it in his mouth. Chewing around the large baked morsel, Max could barely close his lips, though he adamantly believed that in an instance like this eating with his mouth open wasn’t a real faux pas.
As he enjoyed his mouthful, Max grabbed the paper again and proceeded to rustle it one more time so he could see the article at the very top more clearly.
“Oh I give up!” Jerod’s exasperated noise of defeat made the corner of Max’s mouth tilt up in a slightly Joker’ish fashion.
Max moved to the next section of the paper and shook it harder than any other time, paying no mind to Jerod’s insistence that the paper should be shoved in another part of Max’s body.
In between Jerod’s rising voice and interesting suggestions and the rattle of the flimsy paper an envelope came flying out to land on the table between them.
“What’s this?”
Feigning indifference in the pale blue envelope Max simply shrugged his shoulders and looked back at the Lake Tribune, even if he didn’t continue to read it.
Fingers with just a slight tremble to them picked up the envelope and quickly untucked the flap and pulled out two tickets.
“The ballet? Tonight? But they sold out immediately after going on sale.” Jerod tripped over the simple words, his excitement causing them to tumble out quicker than his lips and tongue could keep up with them. “I’ve waited years for this troupe to come anywhere remotely close to us but we weren’t quick enough…these aren’t…this isn’t…”
Max quietly folded the paper and linked his hands on top of it.
“Forty years and you still put up with every annoying habit of mine. I love you.”


To grow old with the one you love…is there any other blessing as beautiful as that? Thank you for allowing me to show my treats and feel free to leave any comment your heart desires below—it makes me feel good when you chit chat with me. *winks*

Don’t forget to hop on over to Lee Brazil’s blog and partake of his goodies also…I know for a fact they are marvelous! <3


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