Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Snippets #3 for May – Judging Jude :) #booksale #mmromance #mustread

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Jude’s a master of running from things: his best friend, his memories, his nefarious dealer. Billy is determined to stop his marathon once and for all.

Judas Stirlying enjoys being a troublemaker. That way, he can skip the middle man and run off people who might care about him before they have the chance to leave on their own. Life is safer that way.

Billy Walker knows the real Jude. Oh, not the strung out jerk he wants the world to see, but the man with hidden depths that forever earned him Billy’s loyalty—whether Jude wants it or not. With the help of Jude’s best friend (the one that never falls for Jude’s “get lost” vibe) and a mysterious note at a New Year’s Eve celebration, Billy will do whatever it takes to show Jude that maybe, if he changes his path, there really would be something to celebrate.

Billy plans to prove to Jude that his life hasn’t been a waste—and prove to the rest of the world that Jude is worth a damn—before the dangers of Jude’s past catch up to them all.

Snippet #3:
"What did you do to him? What did you say? So help me God if you played me for a fool and used him as the butt of some sort of sick joke, I'll…I'll…" Wally threw up his hands in a defeated gesture and fell into the chair offered him. "I heard you were a good guy; why would you do that to him?"
"I kissed him," Billy admitted as he waved at the waitress to bring them two fresh cups of coffee.
Wally shot his head up and eyed Billy. "Seriously? And you're still standing? Wow."
"He kissed me back." Billy waved his hand in the air. "He might try to deny it now, but I know what happened. If I hadn't pulled away for that brief moment, that night might have ended differently." He still kicked himself for stopping the action for some stupid chatter. Of all the idiotic moves he'd made in his life.
The waitress arrived with their cups and placed them on the table. While staring at Billy, Wally poured cream and sugar into his coffee. The spoon made a sharp clinking noise as he stirred it, but his attention never wandered from Billy's face.
Billy waited.
Finally, after Wally sipped his brew and nodded to no one in particular, he spoke, "I never asked before, and that might have been wrong of me. So I'm asking now. Why are you interested in Jude? Most people think he's a lost cause, and you have quite a following of friends. You keep sniffing around my best friend and your reputation will take a beating."
Billy agreed with Wally's statement. They lived in a small town. Not Andy Griffith small, there were plenty of people Billy didn't know and wouldn't recognize if they crossed his path multiple times, but relatively small enough that if you happened to be a loud-mouthed troublemaker, people would be wary of you.
"Why are you still best friends with him after everything he has put you through? The gossip mill in this town is horrendous, you know?"
Wally shook his head slowly. "I don't have to answer your questions. First of all, I'm not trying to get in his pants, and second, he already knows why I'm still hanging on to a friendship he's tried to end numerous times. And unlike you, he'll talk to me again. So if you want my help from here on out, you'll tell me exactly what your plans are with my best friend."

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  1. Loved this story and I am in the process of reading all your greatness.

  2. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great giveaway and for the excerpt.