Friday, May 22, 2015

It’s Flash Friday with a chance of bacon… #FlashFriday #mustread @leebrazil

It’s Friday. The talented Mr. Brazil and I are back with a new flash.

Simple enough rules…500 words, not 501...not 499 - 500 that are inspired by a picture.

So let’s get this started. :)
With a Chance of Bacon
copyright © 2015 Havan Fellows

Derek took a lungful of air in through his nose and smiled. Bacon. Cody must’ve gotten up early to cook him breakfast before his first official job interview since graduation. Derek didn’t know what made him happier—the idea of bacon with Cody or the chance to score a real job in the educational field and ditch the bartending gig he held onto through college to pay the bills.
Sure, he did a lot of hands on in classrooms with his service learning requirements, but unfortunately those hours were for course credits and not to help with the household.
And through the whole thing, Cody was a godsend, paying more than his half of the bills so Derek didn’t have to do full time both at work and school.
But it put strain on their relationship. If he were Cody; he’d certainly feel on the used and underappreciated side, something Derek planned to rectify…yet Cody was the one who woke up early to cook bacon…
Derek didn’t deserve him.
He quickly ran a towel roughly over his head, drying the short blond hair. The side of his mouth slowly tugged up again as he saw that his boyfriend set out his best blue suit with the jewel toned tie draped across it. Well, Cody never was the subtle type.
Dressing swiftly, he followed the wonderful smells his boyfriend filled their home with as he continued to fight with the damn tie. He really preferred the wrap around ones that snapped in the back and were already knotted, but Cody wouldn’t hear of it. Didn’t even allow Derek to wear a pre-tied bowtie when they dressed as Chippendale dancers last Halloween.
Rounding the corner into the kitchen, Derek stood in the archway, his mouth hanging open while gathering moisture in the corners.
Cody stood in the middle of the room facing the island that separated the eating nook with the kitchen and was chopping onions and mushrooms.
“Um…you’re cooking…” Derek stumbled over his words, not able to finish his complete thought before Cody piped in.
“Hey handsome. Yep, I’m filling you up with all the good stuff before your interview. Send you on the road with a smile on your face.”
“Naked…you’re cooking naked?”
 “Well not completely”—Cody pulled on the string around his neck and the grease speckled apron folded at his waist—“anyways, I did say fill you up with all the good stuff, right?” The apron dropped to the floor as Cody turned towards him and swiveled his hips, a very happy-to-see-you erection saying hello.
“Oh…” Derek slowly nodded until the meaning finally hit him full force and he bobbed his head more excitedly. “Oh!” He reached for the now knotted tie.
Cody strolled to the stovetop and twisted a couple of dials, the flames under the pans vanishing. “Touch that tie and you’ll feel the wrath of my spatula. I want you bent over the table with your pants and boxers down to your knees…everything else stays.”


Sex, ties and bacon…what could be better for breakfast?

Don’t forget to hop on over to Lee Brazil’s blog and partake of his goodies also…I know for a fact they are marvelous! <3

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