Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rowen is trying to blow me away...

I'm working it trying to finish Blown Away – my first Pulp Friction 2014 book. Well, last night I was taking*looks around really quick* I was just taking a very short break—honest like a split second break that's all—and I came across one of those jpegs that people share (not really a meme, which thanks to my sis I now pronounce properly *heads desk* lmao) but just one of those funny things that people post and share...thanks Dianne *winks*...and I realized this is one of the problems I'm having with Blown Away...

Darn it – I want Rowen to do certain things...and he basically flicked me off, shouted obscenities at me (not really, but yeah kinda) and did whatever the hell he felt like doing anyway. I threatened him, explained I had the power to not get him laid in this book...and he might have laughed at me—the jury is still out on that one...*pours another shot of tequila* So I figured I'd share my woes with you along with the funny...because it really isn't funny how true it is! LMAO

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1 comment:

  1. Hmm, I saw this pic on FB and wondered why you'd pick this at this time! Now I know!

    And if Rowen is going to be as bad (*yes!!*) as Wick, then I understand completely! :)

    Please, please, please don't deny him getting laid (even if he is obnoxious)!