Thursday, January 2, 2014

No hiding this year...

So...I was at one of my fave places to be yesterday—spilling my guts out, so to speak. *winks*

That's right...I was at Lee Brazil's blog (can never get enough of him hehe) telling what I want to accomplish in the year 2014...oh yeah, Lee coerced me into doing *gasps* New Year's resolutions...and now they are on his blog for the whole world to see and I can't just forget about them if I don't do them, can't just brush them under the rug and sneak away from them...because they are there...all spelled out...darn it I'm accountable now! *heads desk laughing maniacally*

You curious what I stacked up against me? Well jump on over to Lee's place and find's fun there – he always has the bestest coffee and baked goods!

*whispers* pssst...on a side note...Judging Jude (which is mentioned in my resolutions) is on sale at ARe for 50% off!

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