Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bad Boyfriends turned good...possible? #StoryOrgy says yes! @leebrazil @hanksbooks #mustread

Everyone deserves
Even the "bad boyfriends" of this world...right?
ehhhhhh...not sold on the idea yet? I don't blame you.
Let the Story Orgy prove to you that even bad boyfriends can be redeemed...and can be hot as hell in and out of the bedroom...follow three bad boyfriends who have finally found the right man to fix their naughty naughty ways...

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brings you…
Bad Boyfriends

The men your mother should have warned you about, but probably didn't.

(me! *waves*...oh, this is not a ménage story)

Donnell Rastnor can’t wait to get to know his co-worker Jaime outside the office. They share a lot of interests in common, and let's face it, Jaime makes Donnell's body sit up and take notice. Donnell just doesn't realize that Jaime is a package deal.

Jaime Dierdon is a good man. But, at the ripe old age of twenty-six, he sees no reason to cut the apron strings of the woman who raised him on her own. So what if he has to postpone certain things because his mom needs him, surely his new boyfriend Donnell will understand.

One of them believes one plus one equals two…so why does the other one always come up with three?

Bank Vice President Sydney Huber has a habit. Every day for six months he's eaten the same thing for lunch, in the same restaurant, just so he can be near the object of his affections.

It's sweet…that's what server Max Bridger thinks. Until their first date reveals a dark side to the handsome banker that Max hadn't suspected, and can't live with.

A rainy night in New York City, Bryce meets up with a group of friends for dinner and is introduced to Colin. Sparks ignite between them and soon the two are dating. But Bryce quickly discovers that what he had at first thought of as responsible frugality on Colin's part is, in actuality, just Colin being a cheapskate. Bryce tries to overlook the reused water bottles, Colin's failure to pick up a check, and his penchant for Dumpster diving, hoping for a shot at true love.

But before too long it becomes clear that Colin can't seem to grasp the fact that he only pays for what he has to. Bryce confronts Colin and puts his heart, and their relationship, on the line, hoping that, in the end, they can find a happy medium and continue to see each other. But it's going to take a lot of effort on both of their parts to get his bad boyfriend to change his ways.

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