Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to us from Breathless Press! @breathlesspress #mustread #booksale

Breathless Press is having a month long birthday celebration...all e-books are 50% off!

Now's the perfect time to pick up my
(the whole series for only $3!!!)
the first book
is FREE at ARe and the next books
are 50% off at Breathless Press!

Ooooooooor...have you been introduced to my Djin of Wish Me Nothing yet? Shan will really pique your interest, I guarantee *winks*
—side note, only if you like those annoying, mouthy, tall, strong, warped sense of humor, sexy, annoying men (eh...Djin lol) I tend to write—

Oh I wish I was kidding *heads desk* LMAO

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