Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A seductive Fuzzy contest...hehe

Stuck here at the EDJ going flipping insane...seriously thinking of creating a new twitter account where no one knows it's me and just tweeting all the crazy stuff this place puts me through (oh there would be lots of cussing *heads desk giggling*)...I can't do it on my Havan account because I'm so pure and innocent...I wouldn't want to tarnish my good name...*winks and smirks*

Anyhoo...*bounces a bit*...I'm so freaking excited...did you know that this Friday the final installment to my Synchronous Seductions series—Geoff's Teddy—is being released!!!! *wiggles and giggles and dances around room*

Oh yeah baby! The boys are of them *heads desk* Even though this will be Geoff's and the big cuddly Fuzzy's story...Ryde and Harlan from Harlan's Ryde in the Story Orgy's Word Play anthology and Ritchie and Emery from Emery's Ritches are all making an appearance...

*looks at titles and blushes*...seeing a pattern here? *giggles* Hey! Don't blame me...I had some amuseing help with the titles...hehe

Oh oh oh oh...and not only are they making an appearance...but the final scene is a huge tribute to them being...well them being them...lmao

Well to celebrate...I wanna give away a free copy on Friday!!! What do you think? Can we do this thing?


Then let's do it! All you have to do is leave a comment with your email addy and I will put you in the running for a copy of Geoff's Teddy!!!

And just because this contest is shorter than I normally like...*eye roll* Hey guy in the back! Stop interpreting my innocent statements like that...remember...*points to self* virtuous...

Anyway...since I feel bad that this contest is only gonna be a couple of days...I'll tell you what...I'll go ahead and pick a winner on Friday...but continue this contest until next week and pick a 2nd winner then!!!! *wiggles and giggles* Yay!!! Two winners two winners

And to hold you over until then...please enjoy *big smiles*

Geoff wanted to retract his words. Had he just offered to be Fuzzy's Gay for Dummies guide? Did his brain not work properly around this bear? He couldn't possibly talk to this man about sex without sporting the biggest boner in the world. Talk about bad, bad ideas! The worst!
On the other hand, he couldn't help smiling and wondering just what Fuzzy would ask. By the look on Fuzzy's face, Geoff doubted he could even think of anything anyway.
"It's just a suggestion, but if you aren't comfortable enough to ask me any questions—"
"I don't want you to think I'm an ass or something." Fuzzy mumbled his words so softly they were barely audible.
"Throw a question at me."
Geoff noted that Fuzzy hadn't met his gaze at all since rising from the floor. In fact he seriously studied the two men on the television. Geoff had almost died of humiliation when he realized what channel he had left the TV on. Now he considered it a blessing in disguise.
"Okay." Fuzzy's soft voice caused Geoff to focus again. "They both seem to enjoy it." Fuzzy addressed Geoff while nodding at the entertainment they inadvertently partook of.
Huh? "Well, if you're not enjoying sex, then there's a good possibility you might be doing something wrong."
"Never mind." Fuzzy's neck turned red in embarrassment, and Geoff immediately realized his mistake.
He scooted closer to Fuzzy and put a hand on his arm. "Sorry. There's a malfunction with my brain to mouth filter half the time. The good news, you'll always know what I'm thinking. The bad news, you'll always know what I'm thinking." He chuckled to lighten the mood. "So, we both agree they're enjoying themselves. Your question?"
Fuzzy took in a deep breath but still didn't turn his head toward Geoff. If staring ahead helped Fuzzy through this conversation Geoff could handle that. Because he really wanted inside Fuzzy's head, all puns intended. Could this mean something? Or did Geoff's own desires put possibilities out there that didn't exist?
"I'm not an idiot. I get the mechanics of what they're doing, but shouldn't it hurt?"
The mechanics? Oh wow, Geoff almost didn't have anything to say to that.
"First, what they're doing is having sex. It's okay to say the word. You don't have to refer to the act as 'it' all the time. Second, the pain level depends on the preparation you do beforehand. Also, if you have a partner who's only interested in getting his rocks off, then yeah, that tends to land on the not good side."
"Preparation? You mean butt plugs?"
Geoff had to remind himself that Fuzzy wasn't a blushing virgin, even if he kind of fell into that category in this situation. "Well, yeah, that's one way of doing it. I own a few myself. They are good for masturbation. But that's not my favorite way."
"What's your favorite way?"
"I like my lover to stretch me. I like his fingers inside me getting me ready. It's more of a connection. In my opinion, if he wants to take the time to relax me properly, then he cares about both of our pleasure and not just his."
"So you let someone stick their fingers up your, um…"
"Ass? Yeah, that's where the action will happen, so that's a good place to begin." Geoff patted himself on the back for not laughing out loud.
"But doesn't it seem weird letting someone touch you there?"
God save me from newbies. Now he understood why Fuzzy hesitated to ask his questions. He guessed vocalizing some of them without seeming either insensitive or downright rude might trip him up. "Does it seem weird when you touch a woman's pussy?"
The red on Fuzzy's neck darkened. "That's different."
Fuzzy finally tore his eyes from the television screen and studied him. "Well, because, um…" His voice wavered off, and Geoff supposed he contemplated the question seriously. "I guess no, not so different, huh?"
Geoff wondered if it was wrong to want to do a happy dance. He'd gotten through the first roadblock. Unfortunately, another one always waited around the bend.
"What does it feel like when someone" —Fuzzy took a breath before continuing— "when someone stretches you?"
Welcome to the next roadblock.
Geoff searched his mind for the perfect words to describe that sensation. Words that would appeal to Fuzzy. He had to get this right because honestly, one half of his mind had begun plotting when the conversation turned down this road. If he played it right, if God truly existed, if Fuzzy labeled himself bi-curious—or more—maybe, just maybe, this could turn into a show-and-tell instead of just tell.
"It's a connection that's not easily surpassed. In my opinion, it's as intimate as a good kiss or actual penetration. Someone taking the time to make sure you enjoy the moment as much as they will. Talk about heady stuff. But I don't believe that's what you meant by feel, you meant the physical feelings not emotional, correct?"
Fuzzy simply nodded, the acknowledgement Geoff waited for. He knew that's what Fuzzy wanted all along but had seized the opportunity to verbalize what an act like this meant to him.
"Well, a burning sensation, but if done properly, it shouldn't hurt as much as you would assume. Also, if you're distracted in the right way during the stretching, well, so much the better."
"It doesn't hurt?"
Geoff searched around for a hard object to bang his head on. "Tell me. Exactly how curious are you about this subject?"
Fuzzy eyed him warily. "What do you mean?"
"How about a little round of show rather than tell?"


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    1. Hey June :)

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  16. Please count me in. I can’t think of a better way to spend my vacation :)I love Story Orgy's and Emery's Ritches!

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