Thursday, December 13, 2012

Title Change Happening Here... heard right...I'm changing my title...hehe

Well you see...the Story Orgy are doing cute/nommy/funny/sensual/hot shorts for Christmas (did I mention nommy? *winks*) and we will put them all together into an anthology next year, donating the proceeds to a very worthy non-profit organization—hey...that's our thing, what we do...and if it ain't broke, don't fix it...lmao—and that is great, we love doing that!
I suck at coming up with titles for my stories to begin with...and now I have to come up with three titles for 3k-5k word shorts too? *heads desk repeatedly*

My first short I misfortunately named Meds 'n Mistletoe—yeah I did...lmao—and I thought about changing it but darned if that name didn't end up growing on (btw—if you are curious you can find that story starting here *smiles*)

And on to my second short located here...tentatively named Heating It Up. Well a friend of mine didn't really dig that name—no, I'm sorry he did dig it, a 6ft hole so he could bury it *heads desk laughing my assets off* yeah, I crack myself up sometimes. Well, evidently he thought it should have more of a Christma-sy feel to it, so we played with ideas...but couldn't find the perfect OMG another friend stepped up to the plate...cracked his knuckles...and BAM hit that homer in (and he normally does too—he's a titling genius baby, and all mine! hehe)

So back to the point of this pointless blog...*eye roll giggling*...I am now officially changing the name of my second SO Christmas Short to Melting Jack doesn't that have a nice bend-me-over-and-spank-my-assets type of feel to it? Yeah, I thought so too...*winks and hugs*

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