Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Miss This...Mexican Heat

Don't Miss This...This is a great and fun way to give karma a’s what it’s all about...Post a link with a snippet of a book, blog, new release, award...anything, as long as it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Include anything about the book: why you liked it, favorite character, great cover...whatever you want.

This week I’m sharing one of my favorite alpha men books...I’m talking two head strong, stubborn, fierce men facing off against each other outside the bedroom...and then inside the bedroom...*waggles brows* Damn there really is nothing better to get your blood pumping! The fact that they both are packing heat...mmmmm oh yeah...

Josh Lanyon and Laura Baumbach do an amazing job co-authoring Mexican Heat.

In this town, danger moves to a steamy Latin beat.

Crimes & Cocktails, Book 1

SFPD detective Gabriel Sandalini might as well have put a gun to his own head. One red-hot sexual encounter in a bar’s back room has put two years of deep undercover work in jeopardy—two years of danger and deception as he worked his way into crime boss Ricco Botelli’s inner circle. Gabriel can’t afford emotional entanglements. Hell, he can’t afford emotions. But that was before he had a name to pin on that anonymous one-off—Miguel Ortega.

Miguel Ortega doesn’t trust anyone, but tough, street-smart Gabriel brings out the conquistador in his Spanish blood. But distractions are nothing short of deadly right now, not with his boss’s impending marriage to Botelli’s sister, which will ensure peace—and massive drug profits—for both families.

On a trip to Mexico to set up drug supply lines, a violent confrontation proves they’ve got each other’s backs—to a degree.

Then one savage act changes everything, testing not only their fragile bond, but Gabriel’s will to live.

Warning: Combination of Italian stallion and Spanish conquistador could cause spontaneous combustion. Read with icy cold margaritas on hand for emergencies.

Enjoy <3

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  1. Because of you, I bought and have read this. It was amazing, just loved every freaking phrase, word, character. Absolutely fucking blew me away. THANK YOU FOR REC IT. :) Love you