Sunday, June 30, 2013

There was a Funny Farm, an Asylum and a Hot Seat...

I'm sure you're wondering what a Funny Asylum...and a Hot Seat all have in common...well yesterday I was in them once! *eyes bug out*

Seriously...lmao...I had the privilege (and oh yes it is a privilege when Joyee Flynn is involved *winks*) of spending the day at her blog answering some questions...

You walk on an episode of Supernatural and both Winchesters want you... Do you pick Sam or Dean?

You walk in to an Adult store, someone recognizes you. Which of the toys in your hand do you hide? The dildo, Ben Wa balls, nipple clamps or cock ring?

Your lover gives you a choice 10 spankings, 10 smacks of a flogger, 10 spankings to them… Or fuck it & you’re taking all three?

Oh yeah...and the list goes on and on...wanna see the other questions? Curious about how I answered? Like winning cool prizes (not just from me either...lmao) All-righty on over to the Funny Farm and get yourself suited up with your very own jacket with those great buckles in the back! *winks*

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