Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Trace of WhIP Wednesday...

Happy hump day...or what's left of Yeah, I'm late posting—but I had some distractions when I got home from the EDJ.

So what am I working on today? That's easy...I'm working on getting my Story Orgy Single from our Christmas antho - A Trace of Christmas Spirit - two years ago out to you. :) It is back in my very competent editor's hands and I'm thinking it should be out to you guys in a couple of weeks? That would be sah-weet!

Here's to hoping that it happens sooner rather than later...and here's a little snippet for you all. :)

Now remember this is still in the editing phase...

Camden jumped, which caused him to stagger backward onto the towel the stranger was pointing to. "Holy shit, you scared me!"

"I never understood that expression. Why would shit ever be holy? No preacher I know would bless it. You people have the strangest sayings." The stranger walked toward him and started unzipping Cam’s jacket.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Camden chattered out as he tried to push the guy's persistent hands away from him. "Stop that!"

Ignoring his protests, the man worked around Cam's hands to finally open up the article of clothing he was infatuated with. "You are covered in snow and soaking wet. If we don't get these off you, pneumonia is in your imminent future. That will not do, it would make no one happy."

The stranger roughly turned Cam around as he yanked the jacket down his arms and threw it in a basket set by the towel.

"Hmm. Your sweater is also damp, what were you doing? Making snow angels? Off with this, too."

Again, without his permission, the stranger quickly dragged the sweater up his chest and over his head. He raised his arms at the last minute in fear that this psycho would actually take them off if they didn't cooperate.

"Who the hell are you? And where are you from?" Cam had noticed a unique accent that he couldn't place, not that he was an accent expert or anything.

"Shouldn't I be asking you those questions? You are standing in my parlor, after all."

Camden took a second to get a good look at this guy. Well, if nothing else came from this strange meeting, at least he was hot. Not in the ordinary make-his-jeans-drop-and-beg-to-be-done-right way… more in the interesting-to-look-at-and-study-because-did-his-eyes-just-twinkle-and-change-color way. And Cam swore they just did both. When this man walked over to Cam, he distinctly had blue eyes, now they looked more lavender, and they, Camden couldn't even believe he was thinking this, but they really did sparkle or something. Maybe he wore contacts.

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