Sunday, September 7, 2014

I've gone visiting again...I'm giving away goodies too! @melaniemarsha10 #bookcontest

I'm over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words answering some great questions about my Pulp Friction series and I have a contest going know, with one of those zany fun Rafflecopter

This contest has two interesting prizes going to two people – one prize is a $10 gift card from ARe where you can find lots of good books of mine *cough cough* and other authors too...lmao

The second prize is a complete set of all 5 books in the Whispering Winds series and the bonus book of Wicked I know the final book in this series—Final Blow—isn't even finished yet (I'm working on it as we speak) but if you win you will get a copy as soon as it is presentable...and yes, that means you just may get a copy before it is available to purchase!

So hurry over and enjoy me fumbling and babbling through Melanie's great questions, leave a comment if you'd like (I'm taking notes of the answers...maybe even for next year's PF'15 in NOLA)

**The contest ends on 9/15/14 so don't miss it! <3

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