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When Amanda C. Stone was a virgin @amandastonebks @PridePromo #bookcontest

The Adventures of Cole and Perry
Amanda C. Stone

A little while ago while promoting my holiday book with writing partner Lee Brazil, I had the privilege of playing with Amanda on her blog. She interviewed us and let me tell you...she had us going some. So when I heard she had—not only a new release—but her first release I screamed

"Oh my god you popped your cherry! You've got to come on my blog and talk about how you lost your virginity..."

Okay sure...I'm not that forward and I was referring to her writing virginity...but a girl can dream, right? So let me welcome Amanda C. Stone. I only hope I showed her a good time like she did me...*winks*

How did Cole & Perry's story come to you? Was it a long slow seduction in your mind or did they pile drive it to you all at once?
*cough* Um…
*innocent expression* What…some people get the beginning, middle and end all in one thrust and some tend to need it fed to them in bits and pieces…*winks*
Havan, you win at the interview game. Just so you know. The idea for The Anniversary slowly crept in. It was definitely a long, slow, love making for that idea to fully form. However, once I finally had that idea down on paper, The Threesome came in hard and fast, followed by The Wedding. I had to force The Fight into submission a little bit. The Baby had some trouble in its delivery, but came out healthy and happy in the end. The story that was a surprise addition to the adventure was The House. It popped up out of nowhere.

If you had to turn the experience of publishing your first book into an erotic novel…what would you title it?
The Nervous Virgin
*whispers* not any more...haha

Pick five words to describe The Adventures of Cole and Perry to us.
Not precisely what you expect.

So come can tell us...who's your favorite...Cole or Perry?
But that’s like picking which kind of cake I like best! How can you only choose one?!
Honest, we won't tell them...
Perry is still a bit of an enigma to me. When authors say their characters “talk” to them, it’s true. However Perry has been mostly silent through the whole process of the book. There’s only been a handful of times when he’s put his contribution in. Now Cole. I love that man dearly but sometimes he just won’t stop. He may be tall with huge muscles, but he is a teddy bear on the inside.

What one scene in this book gave you the hardest time to write and why?
All of the stories had their challenges. But I think the one that was the hardest and I had to force the most was The Fight. I had a hard time feeling the emotions Cole was feeling. Plus writing it in a way that made the ending possible was extremely hard to do.

Now…just because I like to hit 'em hard and fast…here are a few quickies for us to get to know Cole and Perry better... :)
*snort* Hard and fast. Got it.

Most likely to get down and dirty in public…
Perry. Hands down he would show Cole off and let everyone know that Cole is his and prove it in the most carnal of ways.

Most likely to wear a fedora and rock it…
Perry. He’s got that sexy accountant look going on and could wear a fedora to work and not think twice about it. Plus he knows Cole would think it’s sexy and do it for that reason as well.

Most likely to be found barefoot…
Cole. He has a major shoe fetish and owns more pairs than all of their friends combined. But when he’s at home, he’s barefoot. Home is the place to relax.

Most likely to have a rope fetish…
*dying laughing* Oh God. Perry so does but he’s afraid Cole won’t like it. Secretly Cole wants to try that with Perry but hasn’t gotten the courage to say anything yet.

Most likely to get body art (tattoo)…
Neither. They’re not the tattoo kind of guys. Now piercings is a whole other story. Perry has considered suggesting Cole get pierced in a few places.

Most likely to eat food in bed…
Cole would try it. However Perry would pitch a fit. Crumbs are not fun.

Most likely to be silly and break out into a song and dance number…
Cole. He’s goofy like that and doesn’t care what others think too much.

Most likely to find a stray animal and bring it home…
Most would assume Cole since he’s the one with the soft heart. But truly it would be Perry. He doesn’t like seeing anyone lost and hurt.

Most likely to go commando...
Cole does on a regular basis.

Most likely to blow off plans and talk the other into staying in bed all day…
Perry’s the one that wants to do it the most. But he also feels like he needs to be the responsible one. Cole understands that Perry needs those kinds of days so he’ll suggest it and make Perry feel good about not having to be the one that suggested they slack off.

Most likely to have a sweet tooth…
Cole. Anything that is remotely sweet and it’s his new favorite food.

In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…
No, no, no. You’ve got that backwards. Perry will be the one to keep Cole from self pleasure. However Cole will make a comment about how it’s easy for Perry to suggest it when he can do it whenever he wants. Which of course goads Perry into abstaining at the same time. Then it becomes a battle on who holds out the longest; Cole from begging, or Perry from throwing the whole idea away and getting down to the fun stuff.

Cole's favorite color?
The color of Perry’s eyes.

Perry's favorite flavor of ice cream?
Orange crème.

Cole's favorite alcoholic beverage?
He’s a beer kind of guy.

Perry's favorite movie?
Under penalty of death you will not tell anyone that it’s When Harry Met Sally

Cole's favorite guilty pleasure song?
Cole is a huge Miley fan. Party in the USA? Heck yeah!

Perry's favorite place to be kissed?
Adam’s apple. When Cole pays extra special attention there, fun times are had.

And now that we know more about your boys...I think we are ready to dig into The Adventures of Cole and Perry...

It all started when Cole met Perry in a bar. Over three years they had some exciting adventures, and misadventures. The six stories included in this book are all about their journey from bar to wedding.
The Anniversary
Another cancellation of plans by his boyfriend forces Cole out to the neighborhood bar. Not long after arriving he meets Perry. Even as exciting as Perry is, he's unsure how the night will end.
The Fight
Cole and Perry are struggling to make time for each other and constantly at each other’s throats. A fight to the death will decide who is right or wrong in their arguments. But Cole really doesn't want to shoot Perry.
The Threesome
Deciding they want to spice up things in the bedroom, Perry wants to have a one-time threesome. Cole's nervous and doesn't want to ask any of their friends to join them. Perry finds the perfect solution.
The House
After two and a half years together, Cole and Perry want to buy a house. Once they find the perfect house, they get to spend their first morning together in their new space. Perry will have to help Cole decide which room is his favorite.
The Baby
Both Cole and Perry are exhausted. Taking care of a three month old is hard when she's up all night and is always hungry. If only they could find where they put the bottle warmer.
The Wedding
Cole is ready to make his commitment to Perry life-long. After careful planning, they created the perfect event. What could possibly go wrong? If only Cole didn't ask the same question.

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance

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