Thursday, April 30, 2015

RSVP for the party… #FREEbooks #booksale #PulpFriction @AmazonKDP

So—WHOOT WHOOT—it’s my birthday today. :) Yep…um, a long, long time ago on this date a beautiful lady went through agonizing pain and here I be. Nah…just kidding…she said I was the easiest of her three kiddos…I’m such an angel *flutters lashes while looking to the skies*


My point is today is a good day to celebrate…celebrate…dance to the music!

Or I can just have one helluva book sale at Amazon for you. :) (we can do both—dance and save bunches of moolah at the same time, as long as no one actually sees me dancing—think Elaine on Seinfeld…oh yeah that bad *smh*)

So here’s what’s on sale
(warning: due to me waiting last minute because I’m a twerp combined with Amazon’s crazy rules the dates are cock-eyed so I’m listing them below)
(side note: who doesn’t love saying the phrase cock-eyed?):

Pulp Friction 2013
Wicked’s Way series:

Pulp Friction 2014
Whispering Winds series:

So it's kinda more like a birthday weekend+ but I'm good with that. :)

Please go forth and enjoy the party…and my party favor reads *winks* and remember, reviews are great birthday gifts! So after you partake in the festivities please feel free to leave an honest review on whatever site you prefer…I appreciate it. :)

Happy April 30th to all!

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  1. Happy Birthday late, sorry didn't know or Wick kept it hidden from all