Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just a little silly fun with the ABCs...

Hey all…this is just a silly little fun Facebook thing going around that I decided to copy/paste over here…I’m thinking I did a pretty okay job answering these without giving out too much personal information (I watched a Psych episode once with speed dating and personal info slipping out and murder and well…yeah I love Psych…lmao)

BUT…I also think my answers prove I could be one helluva politician (picture Charles Durning dancing a little sidestep lol)

I was tagged by two fabulous people – Silvia Violet & Mary Phillips Wallace – now I can’t guarantee to answer all of these, but let’s see how I do… :)
AAge: mentally or physically? (hint – neither are my actual age)
BBiggest fear: my children not being happy or spiders…it’s a tie
CCurrent time: 3:11pm
DDrink you last had: coffee (there’s a shocker)
EEveryday starts with: me waking up
FFavorite song: depends on the book I’m writing
G Ghosts, are they real? I bet they’re thinking, “Humans, are they real?”
HHometown: I actually have two of them, since my parents forcibly moved me at the age of 3½ years old – didn’t even ask my permission *smh*
IIn love with: the idea of love
JJealous of: My characters in my books – they get to live in the worlds I create, how lucky are they? ;)
KKilled someone? Not that anyone can prove.
LLast time you cried? Couple days ago
MMiddle name: Again – I have a couple depending on which name you’re asking about
NNumber of siblings: biological or chosen?
OOne wish: for more wishes
PPerson you last called: niece
QQuestion you're always asked: Oh, people are smarter than to ask me questions.
RReason to smile: I have friends that tag me in silly stuff
SSong last sang: Shake It Off
TTime you woke up: 5a
UUnderwear color: orange with stars (think Wonder Woman, only orange not blue – don’t judge)
VVacation destination: dream vacation – Australia and New Zealand
WWorst habit: doubting myself
XX-Ray's you've had: that’s Superman’s power, today is Wonder Woman’s day
WYour favorite food: meat
ZZodiac sign: I’ve always been told I’m full of bullshit

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