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Time to listen to the Determined Mate @PridePromo @MischiefCorner

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Determined Mate – Audiobook
Author – Toni Griffin
Narrator – Dominic M. McCartney
Series: Holland Brothers, book two – should be listened to in order
Release date: mid-April

Wacky author interview blitz!
(Treat it like a speed question quiz, it hurts less that way – 5 words or less answers only.)

The offspring of which two celebrities would annoy you the most? (any celebrities, doesn’t have to be a man and woman pairing)
Cate Blanchette and Sacha Barron Cohen

Your biggest pet peeve?
People who are late

Let’s play Would You Rather… Would you rather correct one major mistake/situation in your past or collect 100k dollars tax-free?
100k. My mistakes have brought me to where I am now, without them I wouldn't be the person I am.

How many hours after getting paid does it take you to spend your entire paycheck?
You're kidding right? I'm a single mum with a bucket load of bills.

What is the perfect type of escape for the villain to perform in a mystery novel?
One that doesn't get him caught. LOL

A stranger hands you a book. You start reading it and realize it’s a book about your entire life. Would you read it until the end?
Nope. A little mystery is good for the soul.

What imperfections do you find sexy?
A crooked smile.

Who is on your “Freebie” list? (Freebie list = anyone you can have relations with outside of your relationship without repercussions…and oh boy was that an adult way of talking right there lol)
I'm not in a relationship so everyone is fair game. But I'll be nice and list you five.
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Pratt
Chris Pine (Yes, I have a thing for Chris's)
Hugh Jackman
& Gerard Butler.

A childish expression you use quite frequently.
No troubles bubbles. J

If you could have one artist stop by your house and sing, who would it be?
Bon Jovi, without a doubt. I would also be the worlds coolest mum if that were to happen.

Jason Matthew's is a broken man. He's lived through hell and barely come out the other side. All he can think about is getting to his best friend, Brian, after that he has no idea. Jason's scared out of his mind when he's met by not only Brian but two large men as well, he does the only thing he can think to do. He tries to run. One of the men, though, turns out to be his mate. A mate he is in no condition to have or want, a mate that won't allow him to flee.
Alex Holland is forced to stand by and watch as Jason is taken to the safest place they know, too scared to be around him. He knows something bad has happened to Jason and he's going to need every ounce of his Alpha control to give his mate the time he needs to heal and start living again.

Categories: Fantasy, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Wolf Shifters

Approximately 5 hours
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Cover Artist: Meredith Russell
Listen to an Excerpt on Audible

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It’s all about the author…
Toni Griffin lives in Darwin, the smallest of Australia's capital cities. Born and raised in the state she's a Territorian through and through. Growing up Toni hated english with a passion (as her editors can probably attest to) and found her strength lies with numbers. 
Now, though, she loves escaping to the worlds she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. She's a single mother of one and works full time. When she's not writing you can just about guarantee that she will be reading one of the many MM authors she loves.
Feel free to drop her a line at anytime.

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