Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween page turner scares on rebate @allromance #scaryreads #timetostockup

Hey guys – well my favorite time of year is here. :) Gonna spend tomorrow night handing out candy and binge watching horror movies until I literally pass out with chocolate on my lips and wrappers stuck to my shirt.

And my parents had such high hopes for me…lmao.

What can I say, I’m a loner and a homer when it comes to holidays – give me the classics on cable over a hopping party any day.

I am not proud…nor ashamed. ;)

BUT…before I get my binging on, I am going to stop by All Romance Ebooks and stock up on some frightful scares for the wee morning hours. They have their rebate sale going on – 50% rebate on all purchases. As you probably already know, you pay full price but get 50% of your purchase back in book bucks for next time…because we always want a next time, right?
And hey, perhaps you can stock up on a bunch of ME!

Hey – a girl can always hope. ;)

Oh…and if you are interested in my frightening reading list…here are a few non-ME titles I love rereading from head to toe (and any other body parts that might be scared stiff).

(really…almost anything from him, but these are definitely worth mentioning again)
Venom Valley series (vamps and cowboys oh my!)
Critter Catchers series (the monsters!!!)

Haven’s Creed (love with blood and guts galore!)

(this season we tackled vampires, ghosts, incubi, and so much more!)

Encounter (encounter with what is the question…)
Saint’s Curse (curious what the curse is?)

Heart on the Run (okay, you got me, this is not a scary book in any way – but it has a brilliant haunted house scene that I absolutely adore!)

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