Friday, June 17, 2011

Holed Up with Hank Edwards and his Feline Plus Ones . . .

Hello Hank! I brought the wine and M&Ms . . . you ready for me? *walks into Hank’s living room and sees the hottie relaxing in his armchair* . . . oh honey, I might have to sit across the room to stomp down the urges . . . or we could share that chair – you know if I wiggled a little to the right and you scooted down a smidge and threw your leg over there and I put my hand here . . .

*blushes and hangs head* . . . sorry, but I don’t get you all to myself that often . . . and boy do you look nummy!

*shakes whole body out of naughty thoughts . . . smirks* . . . okay, we gotta get this interview started honey before you smarten up and drop me like a hot potato . . . lol . . . so back to the seating issue . . . hmmmm . . . *snaps fingers for effect* I got it!

*drags the coffee table . . . realizes I’m a wuss and decides to push it instead . . . right in front of the handsome Hank . . . climbs on the table sitting criss-crossed applesauced . . . props Hanks feet on my knee cuz . . . um . . . yeah never mind* Okay . . . now I’m ready!

Hmmmm . . . something’s missing. Got my notes – got the wine – got the candy goodness – I’m within groping distance of Hank – oh wait! I forgot! *reaches in purse and brings out a little can of treats and shakes them* . . . here kitties kitties *eyes Hank* - not that! *smirks* . . . there you are Riley and Emma . . . your Auntie Havan didn’t forget about you two . . . *feeds them the treats then watches them walk across Hank’s mouthwatering legs and settle in the chair on him* Hey! What the halibut! I feed you the treats and you go to Hank? And why do you get the chair with him? I’ve been duped I tell you . . . robbed!

You have to be quick with these two. The minute we get up they like to take our places on the sofa. Little bandits, that’s what they are. *narrows his eyes but pets the kitties affectionately*

So my handsome and talented and brilliant friend . . . let’s begin with the set-up question . . . do you always lounge around your house all yummy like with your come-hither look or is this special just for little ole me? *winks*

Oh, I pretty much always dress like this at home, but I did trim my beard for your visit.

Yeah, gotta love perfectly trimmed hair . . . Oh, and let our friends know about how little you really are wearing . . .

Well, it’s a little chilly here in Michigan this morning, so wearing lightweight pajama pants and an XL V-neck T-shirt. It must be one of the good ones because there are no food stains on it … oh, wait, there’s some tomato sauce. Never mind.

Now . . . I promised someone extremely special to us that I would start this interview off on the right side of the bed . . . so let’s get down and dirty! In your fabulously naughty book Fluffers, Inc. you detail a very oooh la la scene about how Charlie is relaxing in a chair . . . um . . . enjoying Rock when all the sudden the chair breaks and Charlie kinda bites off more than he can chew – so to speak . . . is this based on a real life experience?

LOL. No, thankfully, that never truly happened to me in a compromising position. I have had a chair collapse under me, or was that me collapsing within a chair? Hmm…

Hmmmmm indeed *giggles*. Now . . . this friend of ours who wanted this question front and center . . . also wants to know if you can guess who they are . . . and maybe give a shout-out considering they are your biggest fan! Oh – not in an Annie Wilkes/Kathy Bates sort of way . . . *giggles*

I’m going to have to guess that’s Missy Allen, one of my first fans who friended me on Facebook. *waves down South* Hi Missy!

That brings up the obvious fact – as far as the scorching smex scenes . . . yeah Hank, you really know how to hammer the point in. *fans face* . . . for example – the other day I downloaded Holed Up to my Kindle and decided to read the first couple of chapters on my lunch break . . . um, that might have been a mistake . . . I couldn’t sit still in my chair for the rest of the day. *blushes* . . . I now bring a change of panties to work with me . . . *face palm* Honestly, does your lovey dovey get bonus smoochez when you finish writing these scenes . . . because when I was done with that first chapter I was ready to smooch on the meanie in the office – and oh boy that would be baaaaad! *heads desk*

Well, first of all, thanks for downloading my book and I’m really glad you’re, um, enjoying it as it was intended. *evil grin*I have been with my partner, Fred, for 15 years, so he’s been able to, um, assist me with any ideas about positions and certain, well, areas of interest, shall we say?

Oh I’m enjoying it alright . . . I think I screamed your name twice already *blushes* . . . So tell us, do you find writing those sultry scenes intimidating or invigorating?

It’s a little of both, actually. When I’m writing and lost in that plot zone, a lot of times I’ll just mark the section to go back and add the smex later. It’s like having sex here in the real world, you have to be in the mood for it, right? Sometimes the scenes can be intimidating, like the all-important “first time together” scene in any story. Should it be just hot, hot, hot, or have something funny happen, or maybe something embarrassing? It needs to be thought about a lot beforehand.

Excellent point about having to be in the mood . . . goodness knows you can’t force the issue if your characters have their heads elsewhere . . .

Oh definitely. I try to stay “in the moment” in my books, try to make the smex happen as naturally as possible.

Are there any smexy topics that you haven’t tackled that you really would like to – something that will make us catch our breath and hit the next page button because you have us shaking in our thongs? Anything taboo or racy that is dancing in the back of that gorgeous head of yours?

Well, let’s see, in “Vancouver Nights,” my third Charlie Heggensford novel, I touched on lots of things I had never expected to write about: water sports, fisting, enemas, that kind of stuff. I keep trying to make things interesting, new characters and situations, and I’m always trying to figure out how to keep my readers guessing. Some things need to be a given: the characters will, at some point, have sex. But where and when and how well is all up in the air. So, nothing really planned, yet, but that doesn’t mean something crazy isn’t going to come along and shock not only the readers, but me as well!

Well now *fans face*, that took care of the smexy aspect of your writing; are there any serious topics of interest that you might one day broach, controversial or not?

I have a few books set aside for future publishing, one of which I’m excited about that involves machines from another world and the chance for people to come back from the dead. It’s not an erotic book, so it will probably be published under a different name, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Oh yes please! *bouncing on table*

You my dear handsome man are an awesome beta-reader! I’ve personally had the pleasure of your eyes roaming all up and down my body of work and offering your skilled experience to help me shine it up. *pants just a bit* Do you have any pet peeves when you beta read and what is your own personal Achilles’ heel when you write?

Aw, thanks so much for that nice compliment. When I beta read I try to keep in mind not to change the other writer’s style, but rather point out any areas where the story might confuse me or a scene could be strengthened. I have no pet peeves at all when I beta read. I love being a “first reader” for another writer. My own personal Achilles’ heel is either explaining things way too much, adding too many details, or glossing over something important because I’m in a rush to get to the next section or I just think the reader knows what I know. Those things I usually catch in a read over or my editors call it out.

You have a new book just released this week, Plus Ones, (the blurb is posted below) can you tell us in your words about this release and why your readers are going to go ga-ga over it?

Of course! “Plus Ones” is close to my heart because I really identify with Evan, one of the main characters. I was part of a large group of gay men who were all friends back in the 90s and they all dated within the ranks but I never seemed to really catch anyone’s eye, so I tried to give Evan that feeling of being included but still on the outskirts of everything. And I’ve had those moments when you look at someone and everything around you both just stops, you know? *Shivers* It’s powerful and unsettling and exciting all at once. So, hopefully, readers will see these guys, Evan and Paul, as two fully formed characters they can identify with. And Evan’s friend Miggy and Paul’s brother Adam were a hoot and a half to write.

Now I heard through your chat with Lee Brazil (a terrific interview you can catch here) that you had to scrap some funnier scenes . . . and as a lover of your comedic style this kinda almost brings me to tears . . . what’s the chances of you posting these scenes on your blog as a type of ‘companion’ to the book so we can enjoy all aspects of it?

That is an awesome idea and I believe I will be stealing it. *scribbles some notes and tucks them between the cushion and arm of the chair*

*whispers to Hank* just remember you can pay me my consulting fee in trade . . . *winks wickedly*

Skin trade? *winks wickedly back*

Ooooh . . . touché handsome . . . *smirks*

This wouldn’t be an interview of mine if I didn’t try to finagle a question about the Story Orgy in . . . *blushes* . . . I can’t help it I’m just so damned proud to be a part of the SO phenomenon! *hangs head* . . . so tell us how you got roped into being an Orgiast and what has it brought or taken away from your writing?

I’m really happy to be part of the group as well! I think we all compliment each other very well with our writing styles. Em Woods brought me into the group after we started chatting online about the rules that vampires have to follow. I love writing the weekly prompts, but all of mine seem to turn into long, involved serial chapters that tell a complex story. LOL! I need to work on posting a story a week, just little snippets of scenes, and have that be the week’s post. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to do all the writing I want to do, you know? And still have a personal life and work the EDJ to be able to keep the house. But I’m managing, and I love it.

You have just had a great honor as not only a writer but especially as an M/M writer; you are a Lambda Literary Award Finalist! *bouncing and spilling just a smidge of wine on my hand* oops . . . *laps up the spilled wine slowly and smirks at Hank* . . . Soooo, tell us about this and how it changes your prospective for any future books you write? Does it make you think even more about every line you type?

Thanks for saying that, you’re so sweet. *winks and waggles eyebrows at Havan* and I need some more wine please *extends empty wine glass* Lovely, thank you. I don’t think it’s really changed the way I go about my writing. I was stunned “Vancouver Nights” was nominated at all, it’s a pretty outrageous book. I just try to tell a good story and hope people like it. I’m not writing for the Lammy judges, I’m trying to help people forget their lives for a while and get lost in a story.

Final main question . . . for now that is *smirks knowingly* . . . you are an outstanding M/M writer – your books have depth that make them a drug for me, but I have to tell you in my personal libido-loving way I find it extremely hot when a sexy man writes M/F . . . is this a possibility with you in the future?

Funny you should ask that, my latest project, a series I’m calling the Venom Valley Series, has a very strong female character, Glory, who is love with a man she can’t quite have…yet. So I feel there will be some m/f action going on in this series as well as some hot m/m action. Oh yes, and there will be vampires and zombies. And it’s set in the Old West. J I’m thinking about self-publishing the series and have the first book already written, so stay tuned everyone!

Okay . . . now this is the final main question . . . *giggles* . . . first off – oh wow! Can’t wait to get my greedy lil paws on this one! Second, what would make you decide to go the self-publishing way and how skittish are you of that prospect?

This book has a darker tone than my others, and I’ve got my main characters in a bit of a predicament at the end of book one, so I thought I would try to the self-pub route. I am apprehensive and kind of excited. I’ll need to do all the marketing and stuff myself, but I’m hopeful my friends and fans will follow along.

Oh you know it!

*jumps over the few inches separating us and lands on your lap . . . scaring Emma and Riley half to death as they flee for their lives* . . . oh . . . sorry but it’s Round Robin time! I wanted to be up close and personal for this part honey . . . you don’t mind do you? hee hee

*hugs Havan in a little bit closer* of course not. You smell nice.

*preens just a little bit and tosses my hair towards him* Why thank you honey bunny . . . and we are off . . .

Favorite food . . . in the bedroom? Oh, that would have to be whipped cream.

What fires your juices more? Visual or audio? Visual, definitely.

Of your five senses – favorite one? Sight. I love looking at scenes and people and taking stock of them. Touch is close, but it’s very personal, and with sight you can be a bit of a voyeur and watch people or even critters when they don’t know they’re being watched. I spend a lot of time watching the birds on our feeders as well as people watching in malls or at work.

Favorite swear word? Fuck, of course.

Salty or sweet? (snack that is . . . not that kind of snack) BOTH! Nothing like a good salty/sweet treat.

Lights on or off? On, definitely. But no fluorescents or high wattage stuff, that’s just rude.

Length or width? Width. Girth is best!

Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles are my weakness but pack more of a sugar punch and get me wound up quick. I usually tend to nibble on the M&Ms to save myself and those around me from witnessing my transformation into a screechy monkey.

Morning . . . nooner . . . night (don’t play naïve baby lol)? All times of day, but something to be said about a nooner.

Note to self: keep the Story Orgy room stocked at all times with skittles . . .

*hears front door and looks at Hank . . . then down at myself in his lap . . . than back at noise from front of house* Eeeek! *jumps off of Hank’s lap . . . to fall flat on my face in front of Riley . . . who swipes my nose playfully and runs away . . . gets to my feet to stumble over the moved coffee table . . . weebles . . . wobbles . . . falls backwards on the couch* Hey! That’s not right . . . it’s supposed to be Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

Oh, hi honey. Fred, this is Havan. Havan, my partner Fred. She was just asking me questions. *blinks innocently*

*eyes swing back and forth numerous times* Oh good heavens! Two . . . count them two hotties for the price of one!!!! *fist pumps air* Score!!!!

Um . . . I guess the interview is now officially over? So . . . what’s for dinner? More importantly . . . ah . . . what’s for dessert?

Plus Ones

Evan Dresden has good friends, a good job, and a nice apartment. The only thing he doesn’t have is a steady boyfriend. He’s tired of his relationships stalling at the six-week mark and wants to find someone and settle down.

Paul Cooper had enough of the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitudes he found in New York City and moved back home to Michigan. He’s tired of the head games that seem inherent in dating and wants nothing more than to find a man he feels a connection with and who he can trust with his heart.

On the eve of a statewide vote on gay marriage, Evan and Paul meet at a party thrown by mutual friends. Though sparks fly at their introduction, a series of calamitous misunderstandings convince each of them the other is not what he’s looking for in a man and they resist the attraction.

The vote passes and wedding hysteria quickly consumes the gay community. As the summer months heat up and the wedding halls sell out, Evan and Paul find themselves the “plus ones” at a multitude of gay weddings that cover a wide spectrum of themes: bears, Wild West, dog lovers, and a standard church and hall bash. Every weekend brings a new wedding, and each man searches for true love among the social media addicts, lube wrestlers, and Tantric sex zealots who have invited them to attend. Even as they date other men, the two are always aware of the other hovering in the background of each wedding, handsome and intriguing but seemingly always unavailable.

When the summer draws to a close and their two best friends are about to marry, will the stars finally align for Paul and Evan?

Available from Loose Id’s site in a variety of formats here

Vancouver Nights

Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned L.A. fluffer for hire, is back for a third adventure, and this time he's in deep water with the local film studios after an off-the-cuff comment ignites a porn actor strike! Worried for Charlie's safety, his boss, Kinitia Jones, encourages him to go on an extended vacation somewhere far out of town. With no money and hot stud Rock Harding still on tour in Europe, Charlie turns to the other man he trusts: beefy bear Brent Harrington, who now owns a pet store in Vancouver.

Getting to Vancouver is an eye-opening experience for Charlie as he hitches a ride with a truck driver named Canyon, an acquaintance of his fluffer friend Billy Ransom. Once over the northern border, Charlie and Brent reconnect in a variety of positions and Charlie earns his keep by working in Brent's pet store, Canadian Critters. When Brent's bowling team, The Vancouver Vixens, loses a member, Charlie steps into the man's bowling shoes as the team keeps pace with their rivals in first place, The Perfect Tens. It's all fun and games until someone begins breaking into local pet stores and stealing animals, and a humorless detective comes around to question Brent, suspecting the man may be involved.

Determined to prove Brent's innocence, Charlie and Brent begin their own investigation, following clues that lead them to a raunchy sex club, a hot plumber and his “special assistant,” and a creepy house in the middle of nowhere. When the gang members identities are revealed, the two are taken hostage and forced to depend on the last person Charlie would ever expect to save him.

Available in paperback and a variety of e-book formats here


  1. *waves* Hi Sweetness. Hi Hank. Great interview. Books look great, I'm totally going to have to check them out.

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    Hank- Seriously, you know that I LOVE your stuff! Charlie is so dear to me - write another one for me soon. If you come to DC, look me up. In the meantime, we'll have fun in Jamaica next week . . . sand, surf, sun, "Plus Ones" and Hank!

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