Friday, September 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday ... #1

Alrighty then … TGIF!!!!

*giggles and dancing around*  Oh yeah baby, in ten or so hours my weekend will begin!  Now how can I not celebrate that?  And a way to celebrate is to try something new.  So the multi-talented Lee Brazil and I have decided to give this FFF a shot. 

So I take the picture below and write what it says to me in exactly 100 words … and let me tell you his eyes did some serious talking to me!  Hope you enjoy!  *smiles*

Look at him standing there all smug like.  He thinks he has the upper hand on me?  He thinks that these ropes on my wrists and ankles make him dominant, more man then I am? 

Yeah, he may be running the show, picking and choosing the pleasures we'll share … but only because I've permitted him to.  He's only here with me because I've allowed him that right. 

I do believe tonight is the night he'll learn his next lesson – the submissive is not the weaker half of the relationship, simply the other half.  One cannot exist without the other.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution this Friday ... 

Here are all the other talented authors that are participating this week … hop on over and enjoy their works too!  *blows kisses and twirls off to the EDJ*

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  1. OOooo, that was hot hot hot, Havan. I liked that way too much.

    And, awesome!! I hadn't heard of FFF. That seems like a lot of fun.

  2. I loved it, Haven........sizzling and a bit ominous.....tell me more!!!:) xo

  3. Excellent FFF post. I loved that you defined the subs role not as the weaker one but as the other half. Thanks for that.

  4. Subs hold all the power. If they say stop, it stops. I'm a switch hitter. ;) LOVED IT!!

  5. As usual my yang did it!! You're great sweety, and so are your stories...100 words or not
    Simply loved it!

  6. Havan, you set the stage just right for this one, those smoldering eyes of his are talking to all of us. If he's the sub then the Dom in the room must be too hot to capture on film.

    Now, tell me again, how is going to get out of those cuffs?

    An excellent first FFF post, you're not a virgin anymore.

  7. Oh, very nice. Love this one. The Dom does need to learn his lesson too.

  8. Haven! This is wonderful! It makes me think of Taurus and Kyle. :)

  9. I very much enjoy the s/M tone. Love livin that fantasy.