Friday, November 18, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #5

Happy FFF Friday!

Every Friday some freaking awesome talents get together with a single picture and decide to show you our goodies...that's right...*giggles and bounces on my chair*

So on the count of three let the flashing begin baby...




They sat there and looked at the picture. "I can't believe she hired a private dick to tail us and take freaking pictures!" Rio growled.

Bryce wrapped his arms around Rio's neck from behind and sighed, "Yeah, this is low even for her."

Bryce's sister walked into the room and saw the picture on the table. "Well hello baby brother," She nodded to Bryce then turned to Rio, "And hello, Juliet."

Rio jumped from the chair, "What the fuck? Why am I Juliet?"

"You are the one on the balcony." She smirked, snatched up the picture and walked away laughing.


Now time for us to go and be merry and join the flashing chain...come on...they won't bite - well some of them will...and one is way into licking...then there is our spanker of the group...but come on - what's a little FFF fun between friends?  *crooks finger as I walk backwards towards the next blog*

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  1. Family can be way too intrusive. She needs to get a life.

  2. That was funny...and a little mean. I loved it!

    Meddling family..curses!

  3. LOVE IT!!! *bounces in my seat*clutches my lappie* HAAAAAVAAAAN!!!! *wails* I want the rest of the story now. *nuzzles Havan* pwwwweeeezzee.

  4. Thatwas great! I loved the sister angle, because they weren't cheating, just loving each other.

  5. Gotta love your family. Great post!

  6. Sisters can be such a pain... then again- it's probably payback for some Barbie doll maiming incident in the past... Great post!

  7. LMAO!! How come no one wants to be Juliet? Great post.

  8. Oh wow, this post has a little bit of everything, jealous wife/girl-friend, two M/M lovers and a smart-ass sister. Havan, you packed a lot into these 100 words - Outstanding.

  9. Haha sibling rivalry or black-mail? Either way so great (and annoying)! I wonder what she's going to do with the pictures, other than rub it in her baby brother's face. :)

  10. Maybe the sister was in cahoots with the wife. That's my take. Great post Havan!

  11. hahaha, got to love the sister!! she's mean and intrusive, but she made me laugh! Great post my yang <3

  12. When did you meet my sister? Fantastic post.

  13. Loved that! liked the fact that it was a photo for them too!

  14. Glad she's not my sister but it does make for an interesting and fun read!!