Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #6

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Soooo...what I'm doing here is taking a picture of my choice (scary now...huh? *giggles*) and writing a short 200 word scene to it.

That's it...*claps hands up and down* 200 words, no more and no less. Yes you can count them and keep me honest...and if I slip you can punish me too...*winks* Now you're wondering how many times I might 'accidently' slip aren't you? *chuckes*

And before this intro becomes longer than the main attraction (*gasps* shame on you all for thinking that way...oh you make me so proud! *big smiles*) Let's get on it...

Don't tunnel vision yourself...ultimately you will lose out...

Love You Also
copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

"You'll never love me like you do her. I see, you know...I see how you look at her. Follow her with your eyes." Jora turned her head away from Angie.

She shrugged Angie's hand off of her shoulder once...twice. The third time Angie dug her fingertips in and forced Jora to turn back.

Angie sighed as she looked into Jora's sad eyes. How do you make someone understand that not all love is physical? "Yes I love her. Dena completes me in matters of the heart. But you. Oh Jora, you beautiful and sweet woman, you complete me in other ways. I may never have a physical relationship with you, but believe me...there's more than one way to love someone. The way I love and need you is just as important to who I am as the way I love and need Dena."

Jora looked up into her eyes as Angie cradled her face. "I'm sorry I can't give you what you need, Jora. And I understand if you turn and walk away now. But know that something in me would die if you did. I'd never be the same." She gently kissed Jora's nose and wiped away the tears.


Love is a powerful and plentiful thing...if you open up to it and allow yourself to believe.

Do you believe?

But guess what...I'm not the only one to do this Tantalizing Tuesday blog! No...honest I'm not! *giggles and grabs you* Get ready...get set...let's go!

Molly Synthia:


  1. Oh, yes indeed, Havan. I believe. I have loved like that before and something died, along the path in me. This is so poignant. Your introductions are always so light-hearted and then you slip something like this in. I loved this and mourn the loss of loves past.:) xo

  2. Oh! why do I feel so close to Jora???
    Yes, it's a beautiful post and I really REALLY love it!!!!

  3. Oh Havan, a big well of sadness just opened in my heart for Jora. So hard when you want to be someone's everything, and you're not. A lovely, well written piece.

  4. Often the hardest thing to hear. Love can supersede all.

  5. Deep, emotional and moving. Great teaser Havan, so easy to empathize with Jora.

  6. Love is so heartbreaking when it can't be complete. I understand this so well, more than anyone knows. I love it

  7. Beautiful and emotive, just how l'm feeling right now. Loved the passion.

  8. That was a nice, emotional teaser. :)

  9. Why, why does it have to be an either - or choice? Why can't it be an "and"? It is possible to love two different people for entirely different reasons. If she knows about you and you know about her - what can't they all live and love together. Why do Jora and Angie have to break each other's heart? *Sighs*

    Don't mind me Haven, I was just ranting rhetorically. Excellent teaser.

  10. Oh Haven, That was so emotional. Loved it!!!