Monday, December 9, 2013

Just another music Monday...'s kinda hard for me to say I can feel the holidays coming when it's been in the eighties here and I've had the air conditioner on...*sighs*...and the darn weather people state it will be in the eighties up until Thursday—when it dips into the *shudders* mid-seventies...*heads desk*

So to get me in the holiday spirit...another Christmassy music Monday!
*big smiles*

Oh...and to help you get in the Christmassy spirit...I've got a new release out—Melting Jack's available at ARe and Amazon *winks*

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  1. My heart bleeds for you, such terrible weather to have to endure! Oh wait, I just looked out my window and the ice is melting a little but is sure to refreeze when the sun goes down. I will gladly trade places with you.