Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Melting Jack Frost is here, and he's brought friends...

So I've had a multitude of new releases in the past month or so—most of them are shorts...but they are still new and I've not given them the attention they I'll be sharing them now, tardy as I

My first share was just released Saturday at Amazon and ARe, it is a trio of flash Christmas stories from the Story Orgy based on prompts—they were the last blog posts we did in 2012 before we took time off for the 2013 year...and now they are available in one nifty book... :)

Normally I'd give you the first chapter or two...but since these are under five thousand word shorts there really isn't a first chapter or two to give...blurbs will have to do ya for now *winks*

Melting Jack Frost
When Jack Frost is not happy that means no white Christmas for anyone. Parker Pendle, Jack's lover and Santa's head elf, is determined to put the snowflakes back in the air, and more importantly, back in his lover's eyes.

Meds N' Mistletoe
Michel's life was stolen from him when his boyfriend fraudulently committed him to a mental institution with aspirations of stealing his trust fund. Now, Michel is on the run after breaking out. A twig of mistletoe and a kiss from a stranger might be the key to showing Michel that he didn't lose the best things in his life this holiday season.

Secret Needs
When you step through the doors of the Sanctuary, your desires are never truly hidden. Brant learns this lesson when the sexy man in the corner decides to be his personal secret Santa and prove he can satisfy those secret needs.

Caution: These are "flash" short stories to give you a sexy serving of holiday cheer—Story Orgy style. Please understand they are each under five thousand words... just a bit of a nibble and jingle of holiday goodness.

Oh...and don't forget about my holiday novella avail at ARe and Amazon...

A Trace of Christmas Spirit

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