Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wicked is back and stirring up trouble in Flagstaff #PulpFriction

So a couple of days ago my bestie Lee Brazil tagged me in one of those share your WIP deals...this WIP has been a super secret project that I've been working on for my bonus book with Pulp Friction...

Soooooooooo... It’s all about those opening lines… Post this letter, along with the first sentence of the first three chapters in your WIP.

These chapters are from my bonus book coming out 8/7 in my Pulp Friction series: Whispering Winds.
(First draft, currently in my editor's hot little hands *waggles*)

Wicked Winds
Chapter One
"Explain to me again why we didn't take Archer up on his offer to use his private jet?"

Chapter Two
Wick flicked off the radio in the Sequoia they rented.

Chapter Three
Blinking up at Ned, Wick smiled innocently, "What's enough? I'm still forming coherent sentences, so I obviously haven't had enough yet."

Hope you enjoy! *winks*

And if you're interested in reading the Wicked's Way series from Pulp Friction last year...the compilation is on sale at Smashwords right now at 50% off (use SSW50 promo code at checkout)! Plus Blown Away, the first book in this year's Pulp Friction Flagstaff is free there for the time being (use SSW100 promo code at checkout)...hop on over...

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