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Sunday Snippets #2 for March – The Mama’s Boy :) #booksale #mmromance #mustread @leebrazil

I completely forgot today was Sunday…why didn’t anyone warn me? *heads desk*

But…(!!!!)…since I’m no longer on the Eastern Standard Time I still got this post up on Sunday (albeit very late Sunday)…but it counts, right? Please? Thanks!

So just for a quick rehash…every month the wonderful LeeBrazil and I will be celebrating one of our books each as our chosen book of the month…we will give you snippets all throughout the book, we will discount the book when available and basically just enjoy the book every Sunday :)

My first book to be showcased is a Story Orgy Single The Mama’s Boy…from the Story Orgy Bad Boyfriend Collection.

So, who hasn’t had that bad boyfriend that they really wished would just get boinked over the head and maybe turn out to be the one?

But that never happens, does it? Once bad always bad? Not necessarily true when the Story Orgy steps in…the bad boyfriend has a fighting chance.

Nice thought, right? :)

So…up until tomorrow—3/31 (Monday) you can snap up this novella for 99¢ at Amazon US & Amazon UK.

Story Orgy Singles brings you...
Bad Boyfriends.
The men your mother should've warned you about, but probably didn't.

Donnell Rastnor can’t wait to get to know his co-worker Jaime outside the office. They share a lot of interests in common, and let's face it, Jaime makes Donnell's body sit up and take notice. Donnell just doesn't realize that Jaime is a package deal.

Jaime Dierdon is a good man. But, at the ripe old age of twenty-six, he sees no reason to cut the apron strings of the woman who raised him on her own. So what if he has to postpone certain things because his mom needs him, surely his new boyfriend Donnell will understand.

One of them believes one plus one equals two…so why does the other always come up with three?

Sunday Snippet (NSFW)

Donnell couldn't help himself, Jaime pushed him past the point of caring. Normally he wasn't an exhibitionist, but this man was just too damn good at sucking dick to utter any objections. Fisting the shaggy brown hair tickling his groin, Donnell took over, plunging in and out of those tightly locked lips in earnest. The wet heat enveloping his cock nearly made him shout, but at the last second, he remembered where they were and bit down hard on his plump lower lip. Thank God it wouldn't take long to come with the talent Jaime possessed because he wasn't known for his silence during sex.
Looking down, he swallowed another groan, the sight of Jaime jerking his own thing while Donnell fucked his mouth proved a dangerous temptation. Donnell had to rein in his desire to pound into those lush lips with abandon, it was bad enough he knew his lover's mouth would feel this blow job for a good while after they finished. That thought made his grin turn a bit feral.
Jaime's cheeks blossomed a bright pink as his mouth lightened up on some of the suction, clueing Donnell in that the man was close.
Standing there with Jamie kneeling in front of him, Donnell forgot about the minor issues he'd focused on earlier. Really, how important was it to nail down all his worries when they hadn't even established their type of relationship yet? There was time enough for that later, right now shouldn't he just focus on enjoying the time they spent together and seeing if they were compatible before diving into the deep end?
A hot splash of cum hit Donnell's leg, ripping him out of his ill-timed thoughts and putting him firmly back within moments of his own orgasm. He tried to push Jaime away, signal somehow that he was about to explode since he obviously couldn't talk, but Jaime shook off his hands and swallowed him damn near all the way.
"Fuck…" he mumbled as the heat rose in his body and converged to his dick.
"Jaime? Is that you I saw back here?" A woman's voice invaded Donnell's thoughts just before Jaime roughly jerked off his dick, teeth scraping down the shaft and causing him to grunt in pain.
"Damn," Jaime whispered, then raised his voice, "Yeah, Mom. Don't come back here, we'll be right out."
"Mom?" Donnell followed Jaime's example and shoved his cock back in his shorts, the damn thing throbbing with pain from a combination of needing to unload and the unfortunate teeth issue.
Jaime threw him a lopsided apologetic smile and turned toward the female's voice, but Donnell grabbed his arm and growled. "Please tell me you call all your female friends mom as some sort of sick joke or something."
"Um…no…there's only one mom in my life."
"Trust me, that's all you could handle. I can't believe you took me to your mother's house, and we had sex in her backyard. What kind of shit is that? Who fucking does that?" Donnell started in a low whisper but his voice quickly gained traction with each word he uttered. His earlier thoughts about this whole mama's boy thing not mattering flew right out the window along with any hopes he had of not suffering from blue balls. He couldn't do this, didn't want to expend this type of energy on a woman who wouldn't even be in the relationship. Jaime needed to cut the damn umbilical cord before he went off looking for a real boyfriend.
"Look, Donnell, I wanted to show you the gardens that mom and I worked on. I thought it'd be—"
"So you must be Donnell," a bubbly voice interrupted Jaime's weak attempt at placating Donnell.

I hope you enjoyed this Sunday Snippet…don’t forget to jump over to Lee Brazil’s blog and read about his bad boyfriend…The Jealous Guy

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