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Sunday Snippets with @leebrazil and me :) #booksale #mmromance #mustread

So…are you curious what that *points to title of blog* means? Yeah…so was I.

And that is where a certain Lee Brazil comes in. What can I say? Lee comes up with some fab ideas…he’s so darn cool. :)

So every month (we are starting this late for March…oops) we will have a book of the month of ours…and we’ll discount it (times may vary as allowed by Amazon and whatnot). But during the month we will post enticing snippets from the book every Sunday for you to enjoy.

My first book to be showcased is a Story Orgy Single The Mama’s Boy…from the Story Orgy Bad Boyfriend Collection.

I personally think this collection of three stories from Lee Brazil, Hank Edwards and me are completely terrific…and really, who hasn’t had that bad boyfriend that they really wished would just get boinked over the head and maybe turn out to be the one?

But that never happens, does it? Once bad always bad? Not necessarily true when the Story Orgy steps in…the bad boyfriend has a fighting chance.

Nice thought, right? :)

So…between 3/24 (Tuesday) until 3/30 (next Monday) you can snap up this novella for 99¢ at Amazon US & Amazon UK.


Story Orgy Singles brings you...
Bad Boyfriends.
The men your mother should've warned you about, but probably didn't.

Donnell Rastnor can’t wait to get to know his co-worker Jaime outside the office. They share a lot of interests in common, and let's face it, Jaime makes Donnell's body sit up and take notice. Donnell just doesn't realize that Jaime is a package deal.

Jaime Dierdon is a good man. But, at the ripe old age of twenty-six, he sees no reason to cut the apron strings of the woman who raised him on her own. So what if he has to postpone certain things because his mom needs him, surely his new boyfriend Donnell will understand.

One of them believes one plus one equals two…so why does the other always come up with three?

Sunday Snippet

The First Date

Jaime Dierdon stood outside the Cineplex watching all the couples pass to purchase movie tickets. He tightened his hand around the two tickets for the already sold out show, Round Again, the highly anticipated sequel to Round the Bend. Every showing for the rest of that Friday night—and the first two for Saturday—completely sold out in less than an hour.
Hell, he wouldn't even have this set if it not for his terrific mother. She knew he wanted to impress his blind date tonight and had called her best friend, whose husband was the regional manager of this particular movie theatre chain.
He rubbed the pad of his thumb over the action movie tickets and smiled. Then he blushed and shook his head from the clouds. Damn, if anyone stopped to pay him thirty seconds of attention, they would quickly tag him as a teenybopper on his first date, instead of a twenty-six-year-old college graduate.
He couldn't help it. Technically this might qualify as a blind date, but secretly Jaime wasn't as blind as the man he planned to woo tonight. Call it cheating, but Jaime had daydreamed about going out with Donnell Rastnor for the last six months. That was about the exact amount of time as Donnell's employment for the same company Jaime worked for. When he found out that Donnell shared an area in the same department as Jaime's best friend, he finally got up the nerve to ask Sheila to set them up on a blind date.
"Jaime?" A deep rolling voice broke through his thoughts, and Jaime jerked his head to the left. Standing there in a pair of crisp tan slacks and black long-sleeved tee was the man he fantasized over.
Donnell must've cut his hair, it no longer brushed his ears with perfect black curls, but now was cropped close to his scalp. Jaime's disappointment only lasted seconds when he realized the shorter cut accentuated his high cheekbones and drew attention to those thick pouty lips that he knew would look fabulous wrapped around Jaime's cock.
"Um…you're Jaime from accounting, right? I mean, I know I haven't actually been introduced to you, but I've seen you around the office on the third floor visiting Sheila."
Shit. Jaime realized he hadn't even said hello yet.
"Sorry." He shook his head and offered his hand to Donnell. "Yeah, I'm Jaime. I'm really glad that Sheila talked me into going out on this blind date." It was just a small fib, not even on the level of a little white lie really.
Donnell's grip was strong but not punishing, his skin thick and tough with calluses. Made Jaime wonder what he did outside of work, his position in the order department didn't actually warrant hard work with your hands.
"I'll admit, I was a little taken aback by her subtle request that I should ask you out." Donnell's rich voice morphed into a libido-raising chuckle that had Jaime reaching for his crotch.
Thank God he stopped before making a complete ass of himself.
He raised his eyebrow and smirked. "Subtle and Sheila don't belong in the same sentence. Have you heard the story of how she snagged her boyfriend?"
Donnell smiled and took Jaime's elbow in hand and slowly sauntered to the ticket booth, looking up to see their options.
"Well, damn, Round Again is sold out…" He squinted a bit and studied the board. "Until next millennium it looks like too." He chuckled softly. "I hoped we could catch that one, I own the first movie. It's a surefire way to make me laugh, even though it's classified as an action flick."
Jaime pointed to him and cracked a smile. "I know what you mean! Remember that scene when the entire parking lot blew sky high?" He lowered his voice and added a southern drawl. "Look at the bright side, you didn't remember where you parked anyway."
"Classic line!" Donnell burst into laughter alongside Jaime.
They stood there for a brief time, when one's laughter subsided he'd look at the other and it would start again. The moment, to Jaime, was special and telling; something that many established relationships didn't have the privilege of experiencing. His ribs hurt from the laughing and his face felt stretched from the smiling and he couldn't remember the last time he enjoyed someone's company so much so quickly.
Donnell's long slender brown fingers wiped the moisture from his eyes that crinkled in the corner from mirth. "Oh well, there're plenty other movies to choose from." He stepped toward the stanchion with the red corded rope attached to it.
Jaime opened his mouth to explain that they would indeed see Round Again, but when that bicep flexed in front of him, he couldn't stop his hand from reaching out to touch. He curled his fingers around that hard muscle and squeezed, when the muscle answered him with another ripple Jaime's heart stopped beating for a second.
He quickly raised his eyes to Donnell's brown ones—though calling Donnell's eyes brown equated to calling an Andy Warhol original mildly interesting. The brown interwove with streaks of golden honey and what looked like a pale green too. A thick band of gold encircled the whole beautiful kaleidoscope effect.
Donnell raised his eyebrow but made no attempt to shake the hand from his arm.
"Oh…um…" Jaime stammered and held up his other hand, showing the tickets to Donnell.
Instead of grabbing them from his hand to read them, Donnell wrapped his fingers around Jaime's wrist and held it. Jaime watched his eyes move over the lettering right before the corners of his mouth slowly rose into a huge grin.
"Holy shit…" Donnell's eyes suddenly went big and he blushed. "Crap, excuse my language." He shook his head and laughed. "Excuse that too. Seriously, this is great, how early did you show up to get these?"
"I just arrived about ten minutes ago. My mom plays pinochle with a bigwig of the theatre's wife. She got the hook-up for us. She's good like that." Jaime chuckled, Donnell's excitement fueling his own.
"Well, I think I owe you a very large tub of buttery popcorn and a soda to wash it down." Jaime controlled his breathing when Donnell moved his hand from the outside of his arm and tucked it up and under.

"Sounds great, but oh…I don't drink soda. My mom kinda instilled the whole no sugary drinks thing in me. I'll take a bottle of water instead, though."

So…between 3/24 (Tuesday) until 3/30 (next Monday) you can snap up this novella for 99¢ at Amazon US & Amazon UK. And don't forget to swing by Lee Brazil's blog and check out his deal of the month too! :)

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