Saturday, September 5, 2015

ARe sale and OMG are those mine? #booksale #AResale #happylaborday

Hey all! Guess what…it’s Labor Day. What does that mean? It means lots of smiles for the three-day weekend, grilling of burgers and ribs, family and friends…and lots of retail sales!

You need a new mattress or pair of jeans…chances are you’ll find a store somewhere (online or off) that has what you need at a 30%, 40% or even 50% discount.


So why not celebrate Labor Day weekend saving money on some good books that you can enjoy while waiting for those ribs to nibble on?

All Romance e-books is having a 30% rebate sale…and yeppers, that includes my books too.

Including my new book Blind Hearts that was released the beginning of this month and YES!...thank you readers it has such a pretty silver star. <3 (you don’t know how much bounce this put in my tush when I saw this this morning lol)

Or if you’re in the mood for drama…what about Chance at Trust, Blown Away (which is FREE!), and Wicked’s Way collection…all of these are in the Highest Rated Romance/Drama books at ARe.

Blown Away is also in the Highest Rated Romance/Short Stories along with Wicked Winds (the final book in Wick and Ned’s adventure!).

*blinks* Wow…just wow. :) So plenty for you to dig your teeth into…and trust me, all my men love when you use teeth.

Oh and hey - while you're over there perusing all the great reads, don't forget to click on the FB like button for your favorite ones - whether they are mine or someone else - little things like that just make me silly grin. *winks*

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