Thursday, October 15, 2015

A quickie between me and you... #authorupdates

Hey everyone –

I know I’ve been slacking with my Story Orgy story…that poor snake shifter seems to be habitually stuck in limbo. *sighs*

My only excuse is that I’ve been writing my badonkadonk off. Lee Brazil and I just finished our second Christmas book together, the sequel to Christmas in His Heart. It is tentatively titled Heart on the Run. :) We really knocked this one out of the park. It stars Sprocket and Chaz—both were supporting characters in Christmas in His Heart.

Sprocket was the part-time ball of energy that worked with Xander at Craft Time. You’ll be happy to know that he’s since been promoted to full-time assistant manager.  Now Chaz is the sexy sous chef that worked in Dermot’s restaurant, Alimentaire.

Similar to the first book, this one takes place in Parkerburg, especially on Maple Street where Alimentaire and Craft Time are located. There are lots of sweet eats, DIY treats, and bare feets…hey it rhymed and I do have a thing for sexy men’s feet. I have no shame…lmao.

Now that that 60k word monster is off to the editor (it should be releasing mid-November), I’m finishing up my fifth and final book in the Pulp Friction 2015 year – Under the Gun. This book wraps up Gun and Laurant’s tumultuous year and puts a pretty HEA on the King of Hearts series for PF15…that is, until the finale happens.

When the four of us (Laura Harner, Lee Brazil, Parker Williams and I) write together almost anything and everything is possible…*whistles Dixie*

So you see…I’ve been real busy, and I’m sorry I’m running so behind on the Story Orgy front…I’ll try to catch up when I can…and let’s hope it is soon.

Until then…I plan to keep on releasing sexy reads for you to enjoy. :)

*blows kisses* So until next time, thanks for checking in and being curious.


  1. You forgot Chance at Forever. Emery and Penn.... those two are awesome :)

    1. Oh yes, Chance at Forever is next on my list also...then that special non-Christmas book you and I have been batting around in the Parkerburg series...hmmmm ;)