Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm not a foodie, but I play one in my mind... #fortheloveofpumpkinbread

Okay – anyone who knows me or has read any of my guest blogs knows that I am not a foodie.
At all.
No buts about it.
No punch line to this joke.

That isn’t saying I don’t know how to cook – neither of my kiddos have died from malnutrition, trust me. In fact, the youngest brags to people that I cook fairly okay, to which I always deny because I don’t like to cook so why talk about when I do cook? lol

But I absolutely love Alton Brown – met him in person a looooooong time ago (oh yeah, he hugged me and smiled big for the camera…the beginning of many never-to-be-discussed-in-detail fantasies).

So over the holidays I did a Good Eats marathon from Netflix—
(let me take this moment to express my displeasure of Netflix’s very small and incomplete library of GE episodes…it broke my heart!)
—but one of the episodes stuck in my brain when we were disposing of certain holiday leftovers that we decided not to freeze.

There was half a loaf of pumpkin bread that either had to be eaten, frozen, or tossed that day. We were tossing other stuff for various reasons: cookies because my blood sugar couldn’t take another one for at least a week; apple pie because though we enjoy it, it isn’t a fave of ours to keep; magic bars because quite frankly frozen or not, if they are in the house I’m gonna eat them (think graham cracker crust, chocolate chips, toffee, butterscotch, pecans, coconut…oh yeah, I have no pride)… But we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw out the pumpkin bread.

I mean…it’s pumpkin…in loaf form!

And then I remembered the Good Eats episode I’d watched earlier in the month—American Classics V: A Pound of Cake. It was like my dear friend AB whispered in my ear (yes, I wish). After he made a delicious looking pound cake, he told about one of his favorite breakfast treats—freezing the pound cake in thick slices, taking it out in the morning and toasting it…much like you’d do with frozen waffles.

So I wondered…if he could do that with pound cake why not try it with pumpkin bread? So I proceeded to slice the remaining loaf into four thick slices, wrapped them, then froze them.

Today we pulled out two slices, toasted them, added just a small bit of butter and enjoyed.

Verdict: It’s a winner! In fact, next time I make pumpkin bread (*sighs* it will probably be October…so…far…away…) I’m making an extra loaf just for this purpose.

Tips: Make sure not to cut the slices thicker than your toaster can handle—one of my slices is going to be left out of the toaster fun…and that browned texture you get on the outside is part the deliciousness!

So I may not be a foodie in real life…but thanks to Netflix and my crush on AB I can play one on my blog. :)

Side note: I would've added some pics because I hear that’s what foodies do…but, um…yeah…here's a picture of Snoopy...
Side side note: If you like Good Eats you really need to check out Cutthroat Kitchen—who knew the sweet, funny, yummy man had such an evilicious streak?

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