Friday, January 22, 2016

I’ve gone dark and dangerous…a note about Parallels ヅ #storyorgy #promptstory

So, if you’ve been reading my new Story Orgy prompt story for 2016, you’ll notice that it isn’t the bubbly, light, and fluffy stuff I love writing. Oh sure, I’ve done a few more serious books—Judging Jude anyone? Oh, or the Chance at Forever series has a heavier topic mixed in with the laughs. But honestly, I excel at the romcom (romantic comedy).

Well, that’s what I’ve been told

But Parallels is different…it’s a story that came to me a couple years ago. I wrote some notes and put it on the back burner thinking it was too out there, too sci-fi’ish, too strange for me to write. But it was an awful lot of fun to think about writing.

Lately it’s been bouncing around in my head wanting a little more attention than I gave it. But still I fought the idea of actually sitting down and writing it – I mean everyone would call me out on the idea. I could hear it now, “That’s not a plausible story…” “You can’t write that in a readable way…” “No one will buy that plot…”

But I realized that wasn’t what everyone would tell me, it was what I kept telling myself.

Then one night I watched some older flicks—movies I enjoyed 15-20 years ago—and I couldn’t stop thinking about how out there the plots were. The stories weren’t plausible, the plots were completely just down right crazy.

And darn it – if they can do it why can’t I take off the training wheels and attempt it myself?

So yeah, I decided to go for it and write the weird book that floated around in my head for years.

And you know what? It is dark, and unapologetic, and completely fabulous.

Not to mention confusing – it will be a test for me to be able to put this story on page the way it plays out in my head. But I’ve been told many times that a thought I have will be difficult to write, and each time I’m proud to admit I took the challenge and did it, quite successfully some of the time even…lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I still plan to write my romcom and my fluff stories {Flyboy 2 is on the horizon sooner (or later) lol} – but I feel excited about trying different things also…and this is a seriously good story, if I tell it right. *crosses fingers*

So if you have read the first 3 chapters, I hope you’re intrigued and stick around for the rest…but if you haven’t, no better time to catch up like now. :)


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    1. YAY! I really am getting worked up over this a good, OMG I need to know how it plays out, sort of way. lol :) *hugs* Thanks for reading, Dianne. <3