Friday, December 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #10

Merry pre-Christmas Friday everyone! 
Happy Holidays for whatever you may be celebrating!
*big smiles*

Did you see? Did you notice???  I'm in double digits! Yay me!!! *stops and crosses arms over chest* Not like that…and that's double letters not digits so ha! *heads desk* You know I'm talking to you…don't look all shy now…you scoped them out…nice aren't they? *winks* Anyway – I was talking about this being my lucky #10 FFF! *giggles*


Are you ready for the flashing to begin????

So this Friday Flash Fiction is a number of talented authors getting together to describe a picture with just 100 words, not 101...not 99 - 100 hits the mark.

Enough idle chatter? Well if you say so...but I personally say I never can get enough...*smirks*

Okay *pulls curtain back for a winter wonderland to appear before us* come on…tell me what you see…

"They waltzed around the open courtyard, loving life at that moment. Who cared if the snow falling melted to puddles as soon as it hit the ground, ruining their attire? This was worth the sacrifice. They had each other and no one could break their bond. He stopped and leaned toward her. She clutched at him. Their lips met for the first time."

Wade snatched the snow globe from his best friend, tilting it again. "That's what you see, Eric? That's beautiful."

Eric tilted Wade's face toward him and leaned in. "You're beautiful." Their lips met for the first time.


*lets curtain fall back into place and sighs happily* I agree…beautiful.

*grabs your hand and makes the leap giggling* now for the fun part—let's blog hop to the next yummy morsel awaiting our presence!


  1. Such a romantic you are!


  2. Great FFF. Loved the change at the end.

  3. *blows kisses* the softer side of Havan, shining through... <3

  4. This week is full of sweet. Normally I don't do syrupy, candy coated, chocolate filled, and dusted with powdered sugar, but I'm really liking this side of FFF.


  5. Aww, lovely post. Snow globe was the perfect imagery. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh, what an excellent FFF. Stunner, well done! Merry Christmas, Havan! ;-)

  7. Aw, that was lovely, l can just see this image in a snowglobe!

  8. Cute! Happy Holidays Havan. Cheers, JP

  9. Havan, I must admit - I'm like Katie, the sugary sweet usually doesn't do much for me, but everyone has done a super job with the FFF post this week. Your interpretation is so imaginative, with the two lovers and one of them describing his vision of the couple in the globe. Outstanding, I am duly impressed with the creativity. Muwah...

  10. Ohh how sweet and imaginative, Havan. Happy Holidays! :)