Friday, December 2, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #7

Happy Friday everyone! 
Are you ready for the flashing to begin????

Today is a special superdy duper antho with the Story Orgy is released today from Breathless Press! Word Play contains five terrific stories - a little something for everyone!

So this Friday Flash Fiction is a number of talented authors getting together to describe a picture with just 100 words, not 101...not 99 - 100 hits the mark.

Enough idle chatter? Well if you say so...but I personally say I never can get enough...*smirks*

Okay *swings cover of keyhole to side and peeks through whispering* here are my goodies...

"I'm so damn horny!" Joey rolled onto her back and floated her legs in the air, tilting her head to look at her best friend.

Terry chuckled, "I know you aren't talking to me. Sorry sweetcheeks, you don't have the right plumbing."

"Yeah yeah yeah…right back atcha babe."

Terry propped up on his elbows and smirked. "I'm so damn horny!"

Joey laughed, "Well I know you aren't talking to me. Sorry handsome, you don't have the right plumbing."

She rolled off the bed and tapped his shoulder. "Come on, let's find you a man…"

He nodded. "And you a woman."


*lets cover of keyhole swings back into place* for the fun part - let us blog hop to the next yummy!


  1. Yep, they need to go find someone else and get that business taken care of.

  2. There's nothing like laying next to your best friend horny out of your mind, but can't scratch that itch because of their gender. LOL! But at least they have each other to help with the search for a bed buddy. Nice read.
    Oh, and congrats on your release. Here's wishing you many happy sales. :oD

  3. I agree with Yvonne. Both need to get their asses out there and find some relief. Congrats on the book release. I'll have to buy a copy.

  4. Oh! I used to have a girlfriend like that. We would masturbate and then go have drinks LOL. *ahem* Loved it, Havan!

  5. That was a great FFF Havan ;) the sexual tension... awesome

  6. VBBFs forever, and love hunting together will never be the same:) xo

  7. Nice take on this pic. I love the tone!

  8. Nice twist. It was funny and light. Gave a good picture of their friendship.

  9. talk about being in a bad position. lol I'm sure they will have no problem finding their satisfaction. nice FFF

  10. I hope they both find someone to satisfy their needs. I love the gender neutrality of their names. If they don't find someone, well there's always snuggling your best friend! ;) Nice one, Havan!

  11. Congratulations on the release! And I love this flash. The dialogue and dynamics between the characters is fantastic!